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  1. After a long year of school, I finally have summer break and coming back with new concepts for you. I can't wait to get back in the game with a little more experience with my graphic design class. So here we go.
  2. I'm making my return to concepts after a long break. I just gave the logo a little more style...kind of, but it lead to a multiple of things including three different uniforms. Its very different from what they've done in the past, but i still tried to incorporate old stuff including the blue bolt and number on the helmet from the old LA days.
  3. Doing my Los Angeles Chargers, I really wanted to pick up my NFL Redesign concepts from a year back. I might have some of the same things but, with all of the recent changes, alot of my concepts have changed a little bit to new NFL looks. So I'll fix up the chargers before I post them hear, so I'll start off with Arizona.
  4. Title describes it all. Hoping to get some good C&C and put this into my NHL Redesign
  5. My High School has a tradition where the senior captain design the home uniforms for the next season. Figuring I'll be a captain for my senior year I'll be designing the uniforms, and all my friends know uniform designing as a hobby of mine so if I'm not a captain the captains will make me the designer. So here is what last years uniforms looked like... And i don't have pictures but here is the ugliness they decided as the helmet for this year. So when me and my friends on JV were laughing at how stupid the Uniforms are we decided to take a solid 2 years (were sophomores) to perfect our uniforms. Heres some Mock Ups including a throwback look and a modern "UB" look
  6. So after finishing my NFL Redesign i thought it was time to do my next big project. Ladies and Gentlemen i bring you my NHL Redesign. Lets start this one off right. Anaheim Ducks Less Traditional hockey jersey look. Goalie Duck logo back. Mallard duck colors. Classic Anaheim swish. Anaheim Ducks
  7. Em very new to doing drawings, and this took about 12 hours to do. This is actually me it was taken at a JV football game when pushed my way into the end-zone, its one of my favorite picture ever. Its got the heart of Depew Football my high school, my physical type of playing style and the leaves changing color in the background. I didn't get all of it but for me to get out of my comfort zone and not do a normal concept I think i put great effort into this. Original Drawing
  8. As my 2 year NFL Redesign comes to end finally I'm going to do a rather small project before I take on the NHL. Ready or not here come my NLL Redesign. First up from my home town of BanditLand, the Buffalo Bandits.
  9. I rebooted my old concept were i used the city flag as the biggest part to design the uniform. Inspired by olympic teams, i bring to you, NFL Flag Redesign Reboot. Remaining Teams Houston Locomotives Indianapolis Racers Jacksonville Ranchers Tennesse Rockers Kansas City Speed Denver Mountainmen San Deigo Enforcers Oakland Greens Philadelphia Anchors Dallas Sheriffs Washington Eagles New Jersey Stallions Detriot Monarchs Chicago Jazz Green Bay Lakers Minnesota Bobcats New Orleans Frenchmen Tampa Bay Smoke Charlotte Miners Atlanta ? St. Louis Ducks San Franisco ? Arizona Pheniox Seattle Emeralds BUFFALO STORM NEW YORK BRAVES
  10. My attempt to Jaguar the logo, or make it more realalistic
  11. Each team will get one home on away a limit of 3 helmets and one alternate if i chose to. Teams 1. St. John Fisher 2. Buffalo State 3. Salisbury 4. Utica College 5. SUNY Brockport 6.Ithaca 7. Hartwick 8. Alfred 9. Frostburg State 10. Morrisville 11. SUNY Cortland St. John Fisher