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  1. Put together a western style template to use as a CFB schedule lockscreen. I'll take requests, but for now I only have the template set up for a regular, 12 game CFB season. Please don't ask me to make one for your favorite MLB squad with their 9,423 games per season or basketball, hockey, whatever. Even a 16-game NFL slate will get a bit cramped on a phone screen, so for now I'm keeping it to 2016 CFB schedules. Obviously the stylistic elements lend themselves well to western / farm / rural types of teams. In other words, Maryland wasn't my first choice to make a rustic lockscreen for, but I have no objection to making one for the Terps if barnwood and crabcakes are your thing.
  2. ---UPDATE--- I've added templates for Baseball and Basketball. Sorry Hockey fans, no center ice just yet. ------------------------------ To request a lockscreen, please include the following: 1. The team AND the sport, if it's a college. Obviously the Lakers are a basketball team, but Kansas Basketball vs. Football vs. Baseball - you get the idea. 2. The logo you want used (Stanford "S" vs. Stanford Tree, etc) , and preferably a link to a high-res version. 3. The color you want as the gradient in the background. ------------------------------ Got bored with my current lockscreen and decided to create a better looking one. After creating the image, I realized it was fairly simple to plug in additional logos/colors, so I'll be taking requests. Aside from Nebraska, I also did Ohio State, Oregon, Auburn and Virginia Tech. So far, I've only done this for college teams but I suppose NFL teams would work, too, since there's a 50 Yard Line in the logo. And that also sort of rules out MLB, NBA, etc. Feel free to add requests to the thread. I don't always have a ton of time available for design, but I'll post more as I can create them. Also - yes, I realize the resolution isn't magnificent when viewing on a full sized monitor, but when you put this onto a 3-4" screen it looks a lot better. Ohio State, Oregon, VT and Auburn: