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  1. Hey all, So I was doing a random search online for the New Jersey Nets old early 90s wordmark and I stumbled upon some conceptual logos for 1997 Nets Identity Change/Exploration Logos. I've never seen anyone talk about these. Does anyone know about them? They're all pretty horrible to me. FYI: If there's still a thread for unrealized logos, just add this post to it.
  2. For the 2020 MLB season, I decided to create some Nike MLB jersey concepts for Players' Weekend using the new Nike Baseball Jersey template. I wanted to create something unique with these jerseys. I used a lot of alternate colors and alternate logos on the jerseys, and made fauxbacks for some teams as well. If you are wondering why the Mets are black and pink, it is because when they were formed they were supposed to be black and pink. I'm not entirely happy with the Rockies, Rays, and Astros. For the Rockies I didn't really have any ideas for, while the Astros and Rays jerseys didn't come out as well as I thought they would. Thanks for viewing.
  3. Logo Concept - Boston Celtics The Boston Celtics have a pretty timeless logo so for an update I couldn’t do anything too crazy. I mostly made the line widths a little more even, made the lettering better spaced on the outer circle. The biggest changes are to the Celtic’s vest and tie which is no longer gold and/or carrying an unnecessary number of clovers all over it.
  4. Trying to play with something I always thought would work for the Bolts. I like the secondary they have now, but I just thought this could be a tertiary, or if they ever make the secondary the primary. I tried to do my own bevel...but I kinda got stuck. So I'm providing two examples, one with the unfinished bevel and one without. Its still a work in progress. Let me know what you think, any advice, changes that need to be made. Thanks.
  5. Some of you may remember I made a thread a while back with a logo concept for my high school. I felt the direction I went with this version was different enough to warrant its own thread. I want to get some professional eyes on this one, since I'm seriously considering calling up the school with this: Updated below (Click to enlarge) Here's the Behance with (most of) the rest of the project: (This was all from version one so its pretty outdated) As you can see, I went with a mountain lion approach, as that's something our school is more or less synonymous with. The lightning bolt on the back of the neck is a nod to our school's old nickname, the Denver Lutheran Lights; I want to keep that there for sure. I'm really trying to separate this from the University of Houston's cougar logo, so any help in that area will be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm not sure what to do with the eye at this point either. C&C is welcome!
  6. The Federal League existed from 1914 to 1915. It was, at one time a competitor of the American and National leagues. I thought it would be a fun exercise to design a modern logo for this league. I wanted to keep the same elements that are present in the other league's logos- balls, bats, eagle. The 3 stars at the bottom are meant to represent the 3 leagues. In addition to the logo, I've been designing team logos and uniforms for this league and posting them individually. I've been advised to keep them all in the same thread so I'll just add them to this thread. I apologize for any inconvenience...I'm new here...
  7. The Saskatoon Blades is a minor league team in a small league, but I still wanted to take a stab (not pun intended) at coming up with a new logo for them. Right now they use "Blade" to mean "ice skate blade" and I thought it would look tougher if it meant "sword." I am using their old colors of blue and yellow for more contrast than what they have now with dark blue/medium blue/grey.