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  1. Greeting's all! I recently posted a concept that I enjoyed creating for updating the Green Bay Packers logo, as it was in 1961 (that thread and design can be viewed here). I have decided that I want to keep going and try my hand at some other logos from the past, whether they be defunct teams or logos no longer in use by current existing franchises. The goal will be to update the designs, ideally with minimal changes to the basic design concept. The first logo of this expanded series is going to be the Racine Legion, who played in the NFL from 1922-1924 (the team had returned in 1926 but under a new name). Starting out at least most of these will likely be Midwest/Great Lakes region teams as those are ones I know best starting off. I did take a bit more liberty to add onto this logo than I did the '61 Packers update. This was based partially on the simplicity of the original logo, and in part because- had the team endured- it would have had 100 years for the logo to evolve beyond a simple letter and lines. That said, all of the additions drew inspiration from aspects of the team's roots and identity. The shield in the center was inspired by the idea of a Roman Legionnaire's shield, while the idea of adding the wreath and star behind it came from imagery associated with the American Legion, whom the Legion were named after. Aside from inverting the color from Maroon to White, I kept the original R logo as-is and front and center in the new look. While not in the original logo, the team did use gold in its uniforms based on pics I found online so here I added it to the logo itself. It also again reminds me of imagery of Roman Legionnaires so it works on that front also. C & C is always welcome, but I hope you all enjoy! EDIT: I thought it would be good to put a list of teams I have plans on updating. If there's a team logo you'd like to see updated that's not on the list feel free to share! Done: Green Bay Packers (1961) - In the other linked thread. Racine Legion Toledo Maroons Chicago Cardinals (with later revision) Dayton Triangles Akron Pros Milwaukee Badgers Duluth Eskimos (also a rebrand as the Duluth Nevers) Detroit Heralds Los Angeles Rams (1950) What if? NBC Sunday Night Football Lineup Does anyone want to see me do a Phase 2 of this series with helmets, or are there any other teams you'd like to see done? If so let me know!
  2. This is what the Los Angeles Rams should’ve gone with for their new and current uniforms: Home: Away: Home Alternate: Away Alternate:
  3. The Rams have returned to LA, and with a new city, comes the need for a new identity. The lackluster branding that we have now has motivated me to rebrand the Rams towards a new style that the fans would appreciate. (Apologizes for the links, can't find a way to upload it directly as my attachment room is full and the "upload via URL" option doesn't work with the link) First up is the new Ram logo. The old St. Louis logo was the best Ram logo the Rams had during their team history, standing the test of time for over 15 years. To orient the logo to the new LA fanbase, and to distance themselves from their stint in St. Louis, a dodger-like "LA" is implemented into the Ram, with the cartoonish eyes and mouth being eliminated to give the logo a more sleek, mature look. The navy blue is replaced with the team's royal blue that was utilized during their final years in LA. https://m.imgur.com/xQYUxxE Next up is the wordmark. The font choices and the layout of the logo are intended to pay homage to the Rams' classic Los Angeles wordmark, shown below. https://m.imgur.com/2SENVTz https://m.imgur.com/ZvoGEOE Feedback is appreciated. Thanks! (I may work on uniforms and further improvements/applications of the logos...stay tuned)
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