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  1. As you may have already guessed from the title, this thread will have my attempts at making over some of the NCAA's worst logos. Think of this as "Extreme Makeover: Collegiate Logo Edition" and that's exactly what this thread will be. For each college or university of my choosing, I will design up to four logos. This will be on a weekly basis, and for this inaugural post, I will be making over the logos for the Savage Storm of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. First, here is a little info on the university: Name of College/University: Southeastern Oklahoma State University Nickname: Savage Storm Colors: Blue and Gold NCAA Division: II Conference: Great American Conference Location: Durant, Oklahoma Established: 1909 as Southeastern State Normal School Famous Alumni: Reba McEntire, Dennis Rodman, Brett Butler (the baseball player, not the comedic actress) Current Logo: Looking at this logo, it's obvious that the first thing that stood out was that it's a NFL ripoff, which is upsetting. Besides that, the blue and the black are close to each other, making for a cruddy logo. I originally was going to do another Oklahoma school, Oklahoma Panhandle State, for this first post, but I just couldn't figure out how to best execute my plan of attack for that school. I may come back to that school at some point in the future, but for now, let's look at what I did for the Savage Storm: The main mission with these logos was that I wanted this school to stand out so I took out the black and used their current color scheme of Pantone 2748 C (the blue) and Pantone 109 C (the gold) and made four logos. The logo in the upper-left is the primary logo, and it's a gold-outlined blue outline map of the state of Oklahoma which is then tilted, along with "SE" (as the school is sometimes known as in Oklahoma) written in gold lightning. The lower left logo is the secondary logo and consists of two tilted rectangles, one blue and one gold, with "SAVAGE" written in gold on the blue rectangle and "STORM" written in blue on the gold rectangle. The four lightning bolts (two gold with blue outlines on top, two blue with gold outlines on bottom) complete the logo design. The logo on the upper-right is a tertiary logo and consists of a blue tilted rectangle with "SOUTHEASTERN" written in gold, a thinner gold tilted rectangle with "OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY" written in blue, and six lightning bolts; three on top in gold with blue outlines, and three on bottom in blue with gold outlines. The last logo is extra and is meant for the football team's helmet (not exclusively). It is simply a tilted "SOSU" written in gold with blue outlines, along with a blue counter space in the "O" and a gold lightning bolt in the middle. How do you all think I did with this makeover? C&C is more than appreciated, not only with the logos, but with this thread idea. Also, you can submit the name of a NCAA school you think has a bad logo and I just might do that school in the coming weeks.