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  1. When you've posted a lot of concepts, there's a decent chance there are a lot you'd like to revisit. Back before cellphones were smart, I'd posted a Saints third jersey, which was largely replacing the FDL on each sleeve with a striping pattern-logo hybrid, using a different block font, and adding purple and green. Those who commented largely felt it was a rather lazy effort at an alt, so I came back with a new pants/helmet stripe, and a green jersey with purple shoulders, as I was going for a Mardi Gras vibe. I occasionally post some of my concepts at Aussie rules forum Big Footy, and occasionally whatever reactions I get here have a funny tendency to elicit the opposite reaction down under. Dialup was acting up earlier, so I figured I'd take it and turn it into a full concept this time. Home and Away The aforementioned logo/stripe hybrid? Naturally, strings of Mardi Gras beads, largely modeled after the stripes on the Saints' original jerseys. Confession time...I was originally gonna use purple and green in the main set, but decided against it in the end, which is largely why the helmet/pants stripe looks like it does. Alternate Aint no rule against using a different stripe IIRC...and as you can see, an argyle-like pattern all over the jersey, an idea I had for a Pelicans concept I've yet to really work on. I was going to put it on the pants as well, but then it seemed like overkill.