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  1. Hi everyone, For my latest project, I wanted to do address the overabundance of blue & red teams across Major League Baseball. For inspiration, I figured I'd look at the colors of other local teams to create some regional visual unity, similar to the way that all Pittsburgh teams use black and gold. Note that some teams will be using throwback colors of local teams, such as the first team below. We start today with the Texas Rangers in the San Antonio Spurs' fiesta colors. Thanks to @Victormrey for the suggestion! RANGERS HOME RANGERS ROAD RANGERS HOME ALT 1 RANGERS HOME ALT 2 RANGERS HOME ALT 3 RANGERS ROAD ALT C&C appreciated! Another team will be up soon.
  2. Hi everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy during this strange, uncertain time. Since I've had more time on my hands than usual, I decided to revisit an extensive MLB project I began a while back. The premise is simple: What if each MLB team (except, of course, the Yankees) began adopting alternate uniforms starting in the 1960s? Rather than just choose an arbitrary year, I decided on 1963 as my specific starting point as that was the year the Kansas City Athletics introduced their solid green and gold uniforms. Some designs will be inspired by teams' era-appropriate batting practice jerseys, while others will be completely original. Also, teams with co-dominant colors (such as the Pirates and their black and gold) will get multiple alternates, one for each color. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but if I neglect to include a particular look from any team's post-1963 history--no matter how brief--please do not hesitate to point it out. I briefly considered posting teams by era, but given how convoluted that would become (some teams might introduce an alternate in the '70s and wear it for 20 years, while others might have one for only two or three seasons in the '60s, for instance) I ultimately decided to just go team by team in alphabetical order. Since the D-Backs were born in the era of alternates, we'll start instead with the Braves. C&C appreciated! BRAVES HOME ALT (1966-71) BRAVES ROAD ALT (1966-71) BRAVES HOME/ROAD ALT (1972-75) BRAVES HOME ALT (1976-86) BRAVES ROAD ALT (1976-86) BRAVES HOME ALT (2000s)* *The Braves introduce a gold home alt in the 2000/2010s because why not? I think it looks cool. I didn't do any late '80s-early 2000s alternates as they would look more or less the same as their current alternates. C&C appreciated!
  3. Welcome, everybody, to this brand new series! I can't wait to get going on this thing, and I just think it's super cool y'all are checking this out. Since I first posted my very first few concepts on here on a few months ago, I feel I've learned a lot, and hopefully you all see that improvement as this series unfolds. I'll try my very best to keep updates daily. Below is the order in which I will be posting all 30 MLB teams: AL West - - Seattle Mariners (Ver. 2) - Oakland Athletics - Houston Astros (Houston Colt .45s) - Los Angeles Angels (Revamped Alts) - Texas Rangers NL West - - Los Angeles Dodgers - San Francisco Giants (San Francisco Seals) - Arizona Diamondbacks - San Diego Padres - Colorado Rockies AL Central - - Cleveland Indians - Kansas City Royals - Chicago White Sox - Detroit Tigers - Minnesota Twins NL Central - - Pittsburgh Pirates - Cincinnati Reds - St. Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers - Chicago Cubs AL East - - Boston Red Sox - New York Yankees - Baltimore Orioles - Tampa Bay Rays (Expos/Montreal rebrand) - Toronto Blue Jays NL East - - Philadelphia Phillies - New York Mets - Atlanta Braves - Washington Nationals (Senators rebrand) - Miami Marlins Each team will get four uniform options, including a home, road, and two alternate jerseys. For most teams, I will be avoiding adding throwbacks as their alts, but teams with classic looks like the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Yanks might end up with one as a fourth uniform option. some changes will be very small, others will be complete overhauls of team identities. And hopefully you'll like what I do to your favorite team's look. Anyway, that's enough talking. Let's get this thing started! As always, constructive criticism is encouraged. Enjoy!
  4. Hey everyone, A while back I started a discussion in the General Sports Logos forum on which MLB teams could most use redesigns and new color schemes. It sparked the idea that a few teams with older/outdated designs could look to local college baseball teams for design inspiration. For this mini series, I'll be focusing on a small group of teams, maybe four or five. Let's start today with the Angels! ANGELS HOME: ANGELS ROAD: ANGELS HOME ALT: ANGELS HOME/ROAD ALT: For the Angels, I've used the Trojans of the University of Southern California as inspiration. The Halos adopt a deep crimson red and athletic gold scheme, a color combo I've long felt would work well for them. The cursive "Angels" script is a tweak of the original Lakers script from the early '60s. No unnecessary outlines or drop shadows. Just keep it simple. I've also brought back the early "CA" monogram. C&C appreciated! The Rangers are next.
  5. Another Miami Marlins rebrand thread... I'll start by saying I'm not the biggest fan of the new logo in general and I was just getting used to their "look" after years of warming up to it. Any way, this lead me to create my version of some Miami Marlins logos. I'm not too sure how far I'm going to take this project as it was just purely fun for me to lay these out but I thought I'd get some criticism and feedback on where I'm at so far. The colors used are a mix of the old teal, and the now old orange..I doubt they're exact but inspired by anyway. The way I have these presented is in no particular order or hierarchy. They still need some refinement of course and I want to go back and explore more dynamic typography options although I don't mind the clean, bold look. Let me know what you think!
  6. In my opinion, one of the best looks in baseball is an off-white home uniform. Because of this, I really liked the Cool Base Ivory fashion jerseys that were introduced a few years ago, despite not being a fan of every design. I recently stumbled upon '47 Brand's Two Tone Clean Up caps which were also off-white and featured retro team logos. I figured these caps would look good paired with uniform designs inspired by the Cool Base jerseys, which gave me the idea for this series. I took some creative liberty here and there (for instance, I was definitely not going to use the "cracked out" Tiger logo) and ended up pretty happy with the results. This will be a quick series, so I'll be positing each division at once. Let's start with the AL East! ORIOLES: RED SOX: YANKEES: RAYS: BLUE JAYS: C&C appreciated. AL Central is up next!
  7. Here's some stuff I've made in the week I got back to school (my computer got stolen and nothing in my house can run illustrator well, so I made all of this stuff on the school computer in Ai). This will probably be used for an upcoming baseball series, as I already have a few teams done. Tell me whatcha think! CARDINALS: Here are the variations of an update for that old Cardinals primary logo (1956-1966) and alt (1967-1997) with the bird swingin' a bat that goes better with the current birdset. PADRES: I didn't realize this, and I'm sure this might not have dawned on some people, BUT THIS IS A SPANISH MISSION TOWER, NOT A UNIVERSITY LOGO I created some variations of coloring for those people that like brown for some reason <roasted></roasted>, one with brown/orange/gold, one with brown/gold, and one with navy/gold. I'm trying to figure out what to do for partial logos, but those'll come when the rest of the teams are rolled out hopefully by next year C&C appreciated
  8. So, now that I got the Miami Marlins off my chest, I figured I should tweak the other teams that have been bothering me too. Nothing bothered me as much as the Marlins, but it doesn't take much to aggravate me...sadly. The next team I wanted to put a paint brush to was San Diego. Like most, I feel they should be going back to the brown and yellow colors. I on the other hand want to put more emphasis on the brown and keep the yellow to a minimum. I have no issue with their current word scripts and uniform style, I just feel the brown and yellow would look better. So with that in mind, here is my version of the Padres. The away has a grey that has very slight orange tint to it, just to give it some warmth with the brown and yellow. Then there is the Home alternate. The big trend of having the logo over the heart/left side is not missed on the Padres. I'm currently working on a brown top alternate for the road as well as a new main logo that will combine a few era's logos with the swinging friar as the center piece. How does that look? C+C appreciated.
  9. So, I recently became aware the of the Miami Marlins batting practice logo, and let me just say, I'm a huge fan. Such a big fan that I would like to see it become their full time logo, which is the direction I went in with this concept. I used Brandon Moore's excellent Nike template, which I first became aware of through the Neat-O Gang, and completely eliminated all the extraneous colors from their color scheme, focusing on just orange and sky blue. Home- As with all the jerseys, I used a blue hat and helmet with orange brim and blue socks. The main accent pattern is a simple two toned stripe on the sleeve's edge and the side of the pants, and the #OB stays similar to their current with 3D effect, because you know, Miami. Away- Identical design as the home. Alternate 1- This is the alternate I envision as being their main alternate, worn both at home and on the road. Still very similar to the previous two, with white numbers with orange shadow. Alternate 2- I don't really like when teams have two similar alternates, such as the Marlins do, so I shook up the Orange jersey with the recolored M on the left breast, blue sleeves, and the Flag of Miami as a sleeve patch. I would envision this as being only worn at home, with it having a "Miami Pride" kind of theme. What do you think of this new look for the Miami Marlins? Upgrade, Downgrade, still meh? C&C appreciated as always, thanks!
  10. Hey everyone, For a while I've enjoyed to think about what kind of changes I would make to uniforms across MLB, just being into design as I am. I've always wanted to make a thread of my own here after seeing so many great ones, but never thought I had the computer skills, nor did I really think hand-drawns would show up great online. After my Twins concept though, I got to thinking and decided to at least try to flesh it out into an entire MLB-wide series. Things are probably gonna slow down quite a bit from me once school starts back up, but at least this is worth starting. This series is just gonna be my fixes to things across each of the uniforms, I'm gonna save major redesigns for maybe a future series... So here it goes starting off, naturally, with the Arizona Diamondbacks: Logos -Brick red, Black, and Teal are now the main colors. It's a good time for Arizona to move on to a more modern scheme. -The teal has been adjusted a bit, it's a little greener to look more like a color inspired by Native Navajo jewelry rather than Tron electric blue. -Caps are both the A logo, just because I'm personally not a fan of the D snake. -Both caps have the diamond snakeskin pattern on the brim to still achieve the two-tone look. -Sand-ish colors are still present in the identity, as the home is now cream, and the away is full-on the sand color. Uniforms -I like the way the 'D-backs' wordmark looks, besides the fact that it says 'D-backs'. I had to compromise and put the 'A' on the home. -The diamond pattern is on the back of all jerseys, which makes sense for a team named the Diamondbacks. -No pattern on the pants. It isn't really necessary. -I decided to keep the cut piping, but cut it at an angle on the jerseys, like the pants. The colors are also now teal/red/teal on the jerseys because I feel that looks more Arizona and less Tron. -As said before, the away is now sand. I didn't hate the concept of dark gray, just didn't think it fit the team, especially with teal. -Snake patch is on all jerseys. -Both alternates can be home and road. -Some may not like this, but all accessory elements are interchangeable. Things like hats, belts, and socks can be worn in different combinations with different jerseys. So, of course, let me know what you all think! All comments/criticisms welcome!
  11. Not a bad logo for the most part, I love how the Marlin is incorporated into a star. Only complaint is slapping the sponsored Master Card logo on it. I guess in this day and age we better get used to corporate logos on everything - on NBA jerseys. Sure it will happen on NFL, NHL, and MLB jerseys soon.
  12. Like most people, I think the Miami Marlins rebrand is pretty close to a hot mess. They ditched a look that was solid and worked for them and favored a look that made them look like a cheap version of the SF Giants. Now, while I think the execution of the rebrand was done horribly, I do think there are elements and some concepts that do work. They needed to blend the old with the new. So I took elements of the new and blended it into the past to, I hope, make a stronger brand. Let's start with the hat/main logo. I simplified the art deco style of the M so that it basically makes 2 Ms (for Miami and Marlins) and ditched the jumping fish. The fish always threw the hat logo into a lopsided logo that it seemed cleaner to simplify. Uniforms needed a focus on simplicity and going with the old Teal/Black/Silver color scheme. I've also added Burnt Orange, the orange they've favored in the rebrand, for a little accent color in the pipping. This is the Home and Away uniforms: I created an alternate throwback uniform that uses the old word mark and the jumping fish logo. I really embrace the teal and bring back the pinstripes. And finally, I decided to go crazy. I've created an alternate uniform in which I call "UM Pride" because Marlins Park is built on the site of the old Orange Bowl, which was home to the University of Miami Hurricanes. This is the one chance to have the Burnt Orange to get a bit more prominence. So what do you think? I wanted to get some opinions/feedback before I finish the project.
  13. *MODS: Move this to "unused logos and uniforms" if you deem it necessary.* Admittedly, this is kind of speculative, but there is some logic to it. First off, did any of you have 1993 Donruss MLB cards? Their design was to have a bar with the player's name and position running across the bottom of the card, with a faux-3D diamond-shaped box in the bottom left containing the team's logo. The bar was one team color and the box was the other. They were very accurate in this regard: the Mariners were navy and teal, the Brewers were blue and yellow, the Tigers were navy and orange, the Red Sox were red and navy, the Rockies were purple and gray, etc. Anyway, the Marlins were teal and orange, similar to the Miami Dolphins, as illustrated by this card of Jeff Conine. Neither the Rockies nor the Marlins had black as one of the colors, although other teams (such as the Pirates) did, so it wasn't an issue of being unable to produce the 3D effect with black. The Rockies have always had silver/gray as a tertiary color, but the Marlins (pre-rebrand) never used orange. Was this an original plan that was scrapped shortly before the start of their inaugural season? Does anyone else know about this? Or was it perhaps just chosen by Donruss because of its resemblance to the nearby Dolphins, with black not yet officially a Marlins color? Or could it have been a mistake, albeit the only one that I have been able to find from that set? Just curious.
  14. Decided to tackle a concept logo for the 2017 MLB All Star Game which will be in Miami. Had some ideas to make it glitzy with an over the top Miami-style. But eventually led to a simpler clean logo.
  15. I'll tell you what...series usually aren't my thing. True, there are those I've taken on myself, or been the guest star in, that I remember fondly. The best series I'd ever done before now, though, was a complete accident. I don't mean that I hijacked somebody else's thread (I have sort of "competitively" collaborated a couple times, and honestly would be willing to do so again at some point), I mean that back then, I'd honestly only intended to post a Montreal Maroons concept, and it wound up turning into a dead NHL teams series. The MLB Rivalry Series' end is here, and that's where my thoughts took me, because when I'd posted them back in October, I had absolutely no inkling that I'd be making a decently sized series at all. That said, here we without further ado, I give you the Miami Marlins. The home whites are based on the vests that the Marlins wore from 1993-2002. I'll be frank, I've long found it ironic that Loria made such a big deal about ditching teal, only for the current colors to include a teal blue. For a while, I toyed with the idea of orange pinstripes (as I know orange has never been used as an MLB pinstripe color), but figured this was the best way to go. The roads are all black, with a racing stripe reminiscent of the ABA's Floridians. And now the Tampa Bay Rays. It took me a while to figure out what to do with the Rays...and then I realized it was time to get rowdie. The home whites use the original purple/yellow/green/blue/black scheme, while the roads use a Tampa Bay script and the ray of light on the cap. Their common theme is the striped sleeves, which are two tone blue on the grays, but multicolored on the whites, which was inspired by soccer's Tampa Bay Rowdies. Well...there will be a spinoff mini-series that'll be titled differently, as I won't consider them part of the main series...but as far as the MLB Rivalry Series, this is the end. I hope it was awesome.
  16. I know I said I would shut up, but I have an honest question, and I would like an honest answer. I saw on the twitter feed on the main site that the person who was gonna throw out the first pitch was wearing a tropical blue marlins jersey. I would like to know if the marlins have ever worn these, or if they ever will? And also, do they have a blue cap to match?
  17. Here is a Miami Marlins concept I whipped up. I honestly like their jersey wordmarks and cap logo, but I feel like all the extra colors are unnecessary, and I know I'm not the only member on the boards who feels that way. I am a big fan of the red-orange shade they use, but I don't for the care use of black even though they have used it since their inception in 1993. So what I did was clean up the wordmarks by removing the marlin on them, and cleaned up the colors to just two: Their orange I mentioned earlier, and teal. Except in this case I darkened up their teal to a shade similar to the Philadelphia Eagles (actually a smidge lighter), I think that shade really sets off the orange that much more. I however, did keep the marlin on the cap, as I think that looks way better then having the marlin appear multiple times on the entire jersey set (wordmarks, sleeve patch, cap logo). I also tried a new number font that matches the wordmark, and used the New Orleans Saints' NOB for the Marlins, I feel it fits very well with the whole concept. Cap logos (Top is away, bottom is home): Home: Away: Home Alternate: Away Alternate: Personally, I think removing the extra colors and ditching black for teal, basically all the unnecessary gaudiness really makes the Marlins set an easy fix. What do you guys think?