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  1. Howdy Guy's so after reading the comments on the Road Runners new logo and needing a break from the problems of my own logo I decided to put together a way, in my eyes, the could fix the new logo. Let me know what you guys think! And also a jersey obviously based off of the current and Kachina Coyotes jerseys Let me know what you guys think!
  2. Howdy folks! I know everyones talking about this so I figured I'd throw in my 2 cents. So here's my take on everything we've heard about the Panthers new uniforms and logos. For my logo I took the 101st Air Born shield and applied my panther sketch to it, I like the product a lot. And for the jerseys: I like the red uni but not so much the white one. Let me know if you think anything can get better or change for the better to fix it.
  3. Howdy Guys. Today I've got a project of mine for you to look at. I'm rebranding the redwings and trying to bring their very classic very untouchable logo into the 21st century. I'm a redwings fan so this one hit close to home and I really wanted to do the logo justice while putting my own style in it. Let me know what you think! and for a Adidas take on the jerseys:
  4. Howdy Guys I'm working on a new Identity for the Bakersfield AHL team. I've got three main Ideas right now and Just wanted to get them up here to get some feedback and let you guys follow the process! First --- THE BAKERSFIELD CONDORS I feel like this is the fan favorite for the teams identity but not sure which direction to go. Up First --- THE BAKERSFIELD OILERS Bakersfield is known for it's oil so it seemed like a fitting title seeing as they're the oilers affiliate. Let me know what you guys think!
  5. Howdy Guys! I'm working on a new Primary logo for the grand rapids Griffins and I'm sort of stuck so I'm hoping to get past my block with the help of the community. So please comment and help me move this design forward! Version 1: For my first attempt at this logo I came up with this I was really happy with this untill I looked at it more and more. It looks cool and strong and powerful at first but the more and more I looked at it the less and less I though it looked like a Sports Logo and the more I thought it looked like a character from a TV show, just it looked more like a drawing than a Logo. Version 2: For version two I wanted to address the problem areas I had in the first attempt like the Feet and front legs and also make the lines bolder and thicker to give it more of a logo feel and came up with this While I do feel like this version looks more like a logo it lost a lot of the intensity that the first logo had and is just not as impressive all though it is much cleaner and simpler. I'm not saying I don't like this version I'm just not sure where to go from here. Let me know what you think I can do to move this bottom logo from okay/good to great/exceptional. BONUS: I also came up with these along the way. Maybe I can work it into a secondary or something
  6. For this series I wanted to do something that doesn't seem to get done a lot on the board. I know we see lots of pro level concepts so I decided to take a stab at the league I grew up playing hockey in. SCAHA (Southern California Amateur Hockey League) is more or less the southern conference of CAHA witch is the USA hockey governing body for all travel hockey in California. It's made up of Tier 1 and Tier 2 level clubs as well as A and B level clubs. For this series I'll be refreshing the following clubs: Anaheim Jr. Ducks Bakersfield Dragons Bay Harbor Redwings California Golden Bears California Heat California Titans California Wave Channel Island Riptide LA Hockey Club Los Angeles Jr. Kings OC Hockey Club Pasadena Maple Leafs SDIA Hockey Club San Diego Jr. Gulls Valencia Jr. Flyers Wildcats Hockey Club So that's my line up, some of these clubs have been around for a long time and it's stating to show. My goal for this series is to help give every team a look that will attract kids to want to play for them. Up First the SCAHA logo. The old logo isn't really much and looks awkward on banners and such so I tried to keep the spirit of the logo and just make it work a little better as a logo or a patch.
  7. Hey Guys! So this last march Disney did a March madness for all their rides and came out with logos for all of them. ( You can see them on the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Facebook pages) I'm a huge disney fan and wanted to take a stab at some of the team Identities they came up with. I think I'm going to try and do a logo from each land as well as a uniform for various sports. But Probably just hockey to be honest. As always C&C is always Greatly Appreciated!! First Up: The Tomorrowland Rockets
  8. Howdy Guys I'm working on this logo set for a team I've come up with, the Mexico City Aztecs. I've got a primary and a word mark but I'm open on suggestions on how to Improv them and I also want to come up with a secondary logo and I'm not sure where to go with that. Let me know how to Make this better guys! Also what I should do for a secondary maybe a version of the eagle on the Mexican Flag?
  9. So I'm working on a Seattle Metropolitans Update. I have an Idea of what I want for the Primary logo ( Below), and I plan to add a secondary and a word mark as well as jerseys! Hope you guys enjoy and Look forward to hearing your thoughts and Opinions. I'm torn between two color schemes as well as which logo to go with, let me know what direction to go and how to improve the logo! Maybe even what you would like to see in the secondary!
  10. Hey Guys I came up with this Detroit Tigers concept and I was hopping to work to make it better! Let me know what you think about it as is and what you think needs to be done to make it better. Let me Know!