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  1. It's soon to be a new day and age here in Dallas. We are rapidly approaching the end of the Dirk era and last season was the worst season for the Mavericks in 20 years. After a period that included 12 straight playoff appearances, 2 Southwest Titles, 2 Conference Championships and finally hoisting the Larry O' Brien with some revenge over the Miami Heat, it's time for the rebuild (whether Mark Cuban is willing to be fined to be so upfront about admitting it or not) With a new core of Dennis Smith, Jr , Harrison Barnes and Luka Dončić setting up the future for the Mavericks, now is a perfect time for the Dallas Mavericks to rebrand for the next chapter in our franchise's history The primary logo keeps the horse iconography but the horse is now holding his head high. This fixes the issue of the "emo horse" look for the current primary and distinguishes the team from other horse logos that are either charging forward (Denver Broncos) or have their head down midbuck (Boise State / 90s Detroit Pistons) The off center roundel wordmarking for the primary was inspired by the Boston Celtics and was done to give the primary logo a feeling of motion. Green returns as the primary color for the team at a slightly brighter green than from their inaugural season. The Navy used is the same shade as the current. The font, Melma Black, was chosen for its balance between solid shapes and slight western feeling. While I was tempted to modify the old M-hat logo, I wanted the secondary to use a capital D. The logo is inspired by 47Brand's hat which is too strong of a look to be left as an unofficial logo any longer. The new Association uniform brings the wordmark bold and out front. The Icon Uniform returns the Mavericks to a Green base team to unify them with their co-tenants at the AAC. Additionally using green as their primary dark uniform helps distinguish them from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The side striping takes inspiration from the logo of the jersey sponsor, American Airlines. Our current city uniform has "DAL" out front which is a name we never refer to ourselves by unless you're talking about Love Field. Of course, for obvious reasons, you can't put "Big D" in front of a NBA uniform. To compromise you have a modified version of the secondary logo alluding to this nickname. The striping for the logo and numbers take inspiration from the green neon lights in Downtown Dallas against the night sky. CC welcome
  2. !!!!SEE UPDATED VERSION HERE!!!! I tried to do a Mavs concept in the past, but it wasn't my best work. After some new ideas and reconsideration, I think I've finally got it. For this concept, I'm bringing back green, a Mavs original color. I did a simple recolor of their current logo, because I think it is a good looking logo that looks even better with my colors. I decided to whip up a new alternate logo featuring the state of Texas outline. I think the three Texas NBA teams really fail to put out a brand that says "Texas". Unless they've made an agreement to not use the Texas outline, I think this logo would be a fan favorite. Because Texans seem to love being from Texas more than anything. As for the uniforms, I kept them pretty plain for the most part. Home: Road: I took inspiration from the Mavs skyline alternate coming out next year to make my alternate. Alt: I'm not really sure if I like the fact that there is no uniform that says "Mavericks" on the front, but Dallas is a big market and marketing "Dallas" over "Mavericks" might be a smart move. I may introduce a sleeved silver uniform with "Mavs" on the front. Let me know what you think! Feel free to compare them to my previous try.
  3. Htown1141

    NBA Redesign

    So if you followed my last design, I was really having trouble with the logos that I made. In this new thread, I will create some new logos and not go in any certain order on creating the uniforms or logos First up: the Dallas Mavericks