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  1. I live in the town of Fort Smith, Arkansas. When I was 9 (this is in 2012, for anyone keeping track), I decided to create a fictional basketball league made up of teams from different places around and near town. After a couple of years of just imagining everything, I made a schedule for the 2014-15 season and played the games in my backyard, making up a score and playing the last two minutes or so of each game. This has continued, with the 2017-18 season starting on December 15 (or 8, I can't remember). Using the crude tools of my trusty OpenOffice 3.4.1 Drawing, I've created uniforms for all 16 teams, which I will showcase in this series. When I made my first schedule, I assigned each team a number, just for convenience's sake. I've come to associate those teams closely with their numbers, which has caused a little weirdness when the league expanded to 16 teams for 2017-18. I'll be showing uniforms in numerical order. Other than division, there's no real rhyme or reason to the number values. EASTERN DIVISION 1. Colton Drive Cardinals (finished) 2. Rogers Hornets 3. Barling Jaguars 4. Chaffee Crossing Bears 5. Fort Chaffee Colonels 6. Van Buren Pointers 7. Zero Street Rockets 8. Heather Moor Eagles WESTERN DIVISION 9. Phoenix Firebirds 10. Mulberry Heat 11. Roland Lightning 12. Old Greenwood Bulldogs 13. Campus Lions 14. Towson Marshals 15. Jenny Lind Panthers 16. Fianna Warriors With all that done, on to the Cardinals! COLTON DRIVE CARDINALS Of the seven original teams in the league, the Cardinals are one of two to have made the playoffs all five seasons they've been in the league. That run is highlighted by the 2013-14 championship, in seven games over Mulberry. The Cardinals have floundered a little bit since, bombing out in the division semifinals or finals. However, they are led by possibly the most fearsome starting five in the league, PG Justin Kraemer, SG Chris Houghton, PF Kaden Griffith, SF Paul Hardy, and C Denard Jennings. This team is one of the prime contenders in the league. (Because it's inevitable that someone will ask "Why does every team have somebody wearing number 1?", I'll explain. The NOBs are of characters from the 1996 PC game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Yeah, I'm old school, especially for someone born in 2003. ) The uniforms take some obvious cues from the Celtics. The vertically arched wordmark is heck to create on OpenOffice, so this is the only team it's used for. Also, BFBS. Not because I like it, but because they would probably have it IRL.
  2. When I was about 8 or 9, I doodled up what I thought Clemson would look like if they embraced modernity (and BFBS). Hopefully, that does not happen soon (and I think it's never going to happen). But that didn't stop me from recreating those doodles (from memory, I couldn't find the original) using the rudimentary tools of OpenOffice 3.4.1 Drawing. I have neither the programs or the knowledge of using them to create really polished stuff, so this is as good as I have. I doubt you will enjoy, but neither did I. All uniform pieces can be mixed and matched. EDIT: Oh crud, I forgot purple pants. BBL