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  1. Hi, I've been working on my 2026 World cup logo. I've decide to only show this version. Here it is. ps: I don't know if I have to say it but the right one is my final version.
  2. Hello concepts board! For this new project, I have collaborated with @XenonDesigns on redesigning a Division II NCAA school in my former state of New Mexico, the Eastern New Mexico University Greyhounds. So here we go with the reveal of the redesign. ALL CREDIT to @XenonDesigns for the logo. Mainly the point of this logo to give the same logo a more modern look. Now here is the secondary logo. The zia is still a big part of the old primary logo, but Xenon decided to remove that from the primary and make it a secondary. And now here are the soccer kits, also courtesy of @XenonDesigns. (I will be doing work in this series, I will release the basketball and football uniforms in a couple of days.) HOME SOCCER KIT: AWAY SOCCER KIT: Like I mentioned above, the basketball and football uniforms that I will make will be released in the next couple of days. But for now, all critiquing goes to Xenon. Thanks guys!
  3. This is a concept for a fictional NHL Team. Figured I place it in Mexico City just cause.... More details on my behance page. Feel free to critique!
  4. Concept basketball league. Anyone can upload teams until i feel we have enough teams. start off with just a logo or logo package. Teams can be anywhere in North America.
  5. Hey guys, I have a few redesigns for the States and was debating whether or not to put it in the Concepts thread even though its not sports. I'll put it here for now and see how the feedback is - if there even is any. Living in Ontario, we have had pretty much the same license plates since the 70's, maybe longer. Seeing plates from the States, well it seems some change every year instead of just using a Registration Sticker. For my redesign, I will have a maximum of 2 plate options per state - with the exception of California - There will be 3 plates shown of each design; a Vanity (personalized), Normal (3 numbers and 3 letters regardless of how said state spells theirs out) and Blank. Some plates may be restricted to the number of letters - 6 being the minimum, but most will have an 8 letter limit. I'm trying to make these plates look good enough to last 10 years. I am not doing separate plates for Trucks. If it looks like a truck, it's a Truck, no need to make a different one because it's a "commercial" vehicle. I will not make Government/Veteran/Alumni plates. Since I am not American, I am interested in any sort of feedback especially on your home state. I will do my best to avoid stereotypes or anything that may be offensive. Enjoy. Edit (April 29): This will now be a worldwide License plate redesign thread. I will make each plate in the standard North American form of 6in x 12in, so please, don't tell me how the shape won't fit your country's plate location. The list below will be edited soon for the upcoming regions. United States: Canada: Australia: Mexico: Tamaria (Imaginary Country):
  6. Hi! I'm new to this forum, I've posted some stuff in other places and I want to start something here. I realised here that series is something done very often and since I'm from Mexico I thought the local league would be a good idea. I will be posting kits, new concepts of team's crests and a new idea for the Liga Bancomer MX logo. Sorry for my english, indeed. I will start with the new concept of the Liga Bancomer MX logo. Feedback would be amazing;)
  7. Hi, I was hired by a uniforms company to design uniforms for professional baseball teams here in Mexico, my first approved work were the Mexican jerseys for the 2015 Caribbean Series played in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Here are the designs I made. Hope you guys like them! Due to the great response I will be updating soon with more projects I have been working on in both the two biggest professional leagues in Mexico. (Liga Mexicana de Béisbol -Summer League- and Liga Mexicana del Pacífico - Winter League-)
  8. For my first set of concepts Im going to redesign the kits for liga mx. First kit is club atlas. C&C much appreciated
  9. Mexico made it to the Elite 8 in Raysox's Creamer Concept World Cup. I am stunned. That isn't me trying to be humble; that's me being legitimately surprised. I thought it was going to tank even as I submitted it. I was fairly confident the kits looked OK, but the crest is where I fell short, if you ask me. Despite Mexico getting out of the Round of 16 for the first time in six World Cups, I'm looking to figure out what worked for you and what didn't. Anyway, below is the official entry. Have at it. All C&C is welcome and appreciated. Here is Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación (or FMF, or FEMEXFUT). The more I looked at and researched Mexico and its crest, the more I came to appreciate it and all that was included in it. One thing I knew had to stay was the golden eagle, the national symbol of Mexico. Inspiration for the kits came from a portion of the original crest I left out: the Aztecs. The waves (part of the Aztec symbol for "stone") on the home kit symbolize the stone on which Tenochtitlan was founded (this is also present in the Mexican coat of arms). The black away kit returns, but has sublimated jaguar spots, harkening back to Aztec jaguar warriors.
  10. Would you like help with the Uniform, Logo, Font, Colors Concepts for Mayans Warriors football Team?