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  1. I've made no secret of my distaste for the Brewers' new logo and uniforms. I'm hoping that the club will do with their 50th Anniversary set what they did for their 25th Anniversary set, which is make some tweaks after a couple years. With that in mind, I worked up some tweaks to the current set, and would be glad for your feedback. Nothing here is more radical than that 28th Anniversary makeover (with one notable exception we'll get to later), so I could see something like this actually happening. Template is courtesy of @rsaline, with my gratitude. The basic ground rules I set for myself: only minor changes to the typeface and logo(s). keep the color scheme. I really wanted to try and limit the scope to what the Brewers did in 1997. So, with all that said, here's the concept. The cap logo is consistent across all platforms, being a very slightly modified version of the classic logo. Certainly less modified than the current one that the owner let his kid trash. HOME UNIFORMS: I kept cream as the primary home, and pinstripes on white as an alternate. I don't think the Brewers are on a schedule anymore, but I liked the "On Fridays We Wear Pinstripes" campaign. The cream uniform eliminates the thick 70s sleeve striping in favor of taking the current pants stripes and applying it consistently to the jersey. This also ties in with the striping pattern on the current road uniforms. The sleeve patch is @ren69's gorgeous update of the Brewers' 1940s Barrelman logo. I think it works a little better as a sleeve patch than the swinging Barrelman, being more square and with fewer thin appendages. The pinstripes are clean and classic. The cap logo is repeated on the sleeves as an homage to the alternate uniform worn from 2006 through last season; the Brewers have never worn pinstripes with any other logo, so it certainly seems to fit. ROAD UNIFORMS: Again, I conformed the stripes on the road jersey. It really bothers me that none of the current jerseys have the same striping. The sleeve patch is carried over from the home creams, to create another consistent element in the two primary sets. I did consider re-coloring his uniform to gray, but decided to keep him in the home uniform. The road alternate is near-perfect (so long as I'm keeping the current scripts). All I did was swap out the sleeve patch for the Barrelman batting. And here's where we get creative. HOME/ROAD ALTERNATE: Although powder blue is overused in MLB right now, the Brewers certainly have a claim to it (even originating the #PowerBlue hashtag a couple seasons ago). This jersey could be worn on the road or at home, and incorporates the classic Milwaukee wordmark with the People's Flag of Milwaukee, symbol of the city. Well, whadd'ya think?
  2. Hello, it's my first time in a good while doing a logo series, but I thought I had some stuff worth sharing. This little series is based on the premise of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks deciding to expand on their sports holdings and launch expansion teams in various other leagues. I have dubbed this hypothetical enterprise the Deer Sports Empire. Currently, aside from the Bucks they own the Wisconsin Herd. I will be leaving the logos for those teams as is, partially because I really like them and partially because the idea is the owners are launching new teams with similar branding touches (colors, font, etc). I also will not be touching MLB or giving them an NFL team as there's no world where those things would happen. These are the teams and leagues I plan to do so far. A couple are already done or close to finished. As suggestions (hopefully) are made and new ideas come to me I may add to this list. If anyone has a team in a league they would like to see, feel free to make suggestions. I dont have uniform templates for all the different sports so I'm just focusing on uniforms right now. Posted Logos... WNBA: Milwaukee Does (Vers 2) ... Click here for Vers 1 MLS: Cream City SC (Vers 2) ... Click here for Vers 1 IFL: Milwaukee Staghorns --> Evolved from a swing-and-miss at a Mustangs Arena Football revival, which can be seen by scrolling through. NLL: Milwaukee Blaze MLR: Milwaukee White Harts NHL: Milwaukee Hunters
  3. Now that it would seem Padres fans were successful in their "Bring Back The Brown" campaign; might it be time for a similar fan-fronted movement for the Brewers regarding the uniforms most of their fans clearly want? How would one even go about starting such a campaign? I'm guessing a facebook group is a no-brainer. But I'm more interested in the nuances that made the San Diego fans' campaign so successful. At the very least, we can use this thread for discussions about the Brewers uniforms so as to not keep jacking other threads.
  4. My journey began about a year or two ago when sitting in my hunting blind. A neighbor walked onto my land. He was wearing a blaze orange jacket. That's when I got thinking. I imagined this football stadium packed to the brim of blaze orange jackets in the sunlight during a football game. I came up with the Milwaukee Blazers. I began to read up on the football history in Milwaukee. From Packer football at County Stadium to the third AFL's Milwaukee Chiefs and the NFL's Milwaukee Badgers. But one thing caught hold of me. In 1965,Marvin Fishman, the original owner of the Bucks, tried to obtain an expansion team from the AFL. But Vince Lombardi signed a lease to keep playing various Packer games at County Stadium until 1976. But what if Milwaukee had gotten an AFL team? I imagine they would have been called the Whitetails or something until the 80s or so when the state made blaze orange or some kinda of orange or pink mandatory to wear during gun season. "But what about the Bucks?" you ask. The Bucks original name was going to be the Robins due to a name the team poll but was changed because they felt Bucks was more fitting. The now Bucks would be the Robins. My odyssey through the creation of the Milwaukee Blazers franchise ends in the present day. But not the way it started. Miller Park can't hold a football field, but it can hold a football pitch. three football matches have been played at Miller Park, the latest being F.C. Pachuca vs Club Leon. I said to myself,"If Yankee Stadium can have an MLS club why, can't Miller Park." The finished project looks like this. The logo puts the buck head in front of the tricolor of brown, orange, and white to mimic the german flag because of Milwaukee's big german influence. The Orange is the Primary while the Brown is the secondary and the white is the clash or warm weather kit. That's my journey through creating a present day football team, alt history team, and a football club. Hope you enjoy.
  5. NicDB

    FC Wisconsin

    This is a very rough sketch of a project I hope to complete over the weekend. It started as my proposal for the new USL D3 club slated to start play in Madison, but they obviously wanted a Madison-centric identity. So I tweaked it to make it a bit more focused on Milwaukee, but in such a way that people throughout the state could support the club with pride. The badge draws from both the Milwaukee city and Wisconsin state flags. I plan to experiment with a few different color combos, but will lean heavily towards blue, gold, and possibly powder blue and/or white. The badge features two barley sprigs arranged in a laurel wreath; a nod to the region's most famous adult beverage which is enjoyed by many a soccer fan. The 1848 has a dual meaning. It is the year Wisconsin joined the union and the year Milwaukee saw its first significant wave of immigrants, the Forty-Eighters from Bavaria. The Forty-Eighters were imstrumental in shaping Milwaukee's early sporting culture, of which remants can still be found throughout the city (Most famously, the "discus man" logo outside Turner Hall in Downtown MKE).
  6. As a Jazz fan who's not a huge fan of the current design (minus the City Edition jersey), I figured I would try my hand at redesigning the team. Changing the colors to dark purple, teal, and copper, the team resurrects a snowflake logo. The Association uniform is off-white, the Icon uniform purple, the Statement uniform teal, and the new City Edition uniform a gradient going from pewter blue to dark blue. C&C welcome!
  7. The Bucks haven't been good for a very long time and are irrelevant to some, but I still love this team and their old school logos and uniforms… I've always wondered what the logo on their shorts in old pictures actually looked like and recently found these. The white one's from '68-69, their inaugural year and the green shorts and shooting shirt are from '72-73.
  8. I've had a big lack of inspiration for a while, but I decided to force myself to make something. That resulted in the following Milwaukee Admirals concept. I tried to add more of a military vibe, and added yellow since the team always has a Milwaukee Brewers patch on their jersey somewhere. I wanted to make a set of jerseys with the admiral stripes on the cuffs, but I couldn't figure out how to incorporate it best on the home jersey. The differences in these jersey sets are all in the arms. Set 1: Set 2: Set 3: Which one do you like best? Do the jerseys look good? Let me know!
  9. I'm not the biggest NBA fan, but I root for the Milwaukee Bucks. I loved the Bucks' rebrand from a few years ago, but I didn't really like the alternate jersey. I think that it was a little sloppy and too busy. As I've started to do more basketball concepts lately, I wanted to redesign the Bucks' alternate jersey. I was thinking of just making another black version, but I wanted to be open to other options. I started thinking more about the city nicknames alternate jerseys. I think some of them, like Charlotte's are a little weird, but they have amazing potential. Milwaukee is known as the Cream City due to the color of the bricks of many of the historical buildings around the city. I wanted to make a Bucks jersey based around this nickname. My goals for the uniform was to keep it as crisp and clean as possible. I wanted something that spoke to Milwaukee's traditional, industrial and working class attitude while still being modern and cutting edge. I also wanted to incorporate elements of the color scheme that I thought aren't used enough, namely the cream, blue, and black. Here is what I came up with. The most noticable thing about the uniform is the cream base. This was something I was wanting to see on the home uniform, but it didn't happen. The cream is complemented with the arching "Cream City" script on the jersey, with the number between the two words. This old-school design element hearkens back to the tradition of Milwaukee. The blue and black stripe is found on the upper half of the jersey and also on the bottom of the shorts. I didn't want to make anything too busy on the sides of the uniform, less is more in this situation. A green stripe is found on the bottom of the shorts, with the Bucks logo above it. Overall, the pulls both from the traditionalist past and the future, similar to what the Bucks' redesign did. Let me know what you think!
  10. This is a project I've actually had for awhile. I decided to take the Brewers current logos and put them with the old Brewers colors. I only used Microsoft paint for this so yes it is a little low quality on some of the logos. Feedback appreciated!
  11. This fall Jordan and Marquette released Marquette's 100th Anniversary uniforms for use in the 2016-17 season. The uniforms take a lot of different elements from Marquette Basketball history and combine them together into one jersey. I like a lot of things about the uniform, but the thing I missed the most was the iconic rainbow striping on the sides of the uniforms. The new Jordan uniforms also are two-colored uniforms, making them look kind of bland at times. However, I think that Jordan cleaned up a lot of aspects of Marquette's look that were a little unorganized and wild on the previous set. There isn't any unnecessary piping or anything that really makes it too over complicated. I wanted to create a concept to combine these two jerseys while keeping the simple, pulled together, historic look. I kept all of the uniforms following pretty much the same template, just switching colors from uniform to uniform. First, for the home and away jerseys. The main change is the reappearance of the rainbow stripe. Both jerseys feature the same throwback numbering and lettering used on the current uniforms. The ventilation holes forming the pattern of the famous bumblebee jerseys stays as well. The home set features navy trim, and the gold, navy, and white rainbow striping with a gray segment on the jerseys. The away uniforms switch out navy striping for championship blue and gray for dark navy. I wanted to keep these two looks crisp and completely traditional. Now, for the alternate jerseys. These uniforms use the same template as the other two uniforms. The only change is on the yellow jersey, where "Marquette" is replaced by "Golden Eagles". Marquette has never done anything like this in their history, but I wanted to try something different with these. The only difference on the championship blue set is a navy outline around the gold lettering and patches. Overall, the jerseys bring back the rainbow striping without being too busy. I think I struck the right balance between the past two uniforms. All C&C is appreciated! Curious to hear how I did.
  12. The new Milwaukee Bucks owners Wes Edens and Marc Lasry had a meet-and-greet with fans at a Milwaukee sports bar on Thursday night to watch the Thunder, Spurs game and also gave fans the opportunity to ask questions to the new owners. On Friday I was listening to the Bill Michaels Show (Wisconsin state-wide sports radio show) and he had a caller who went to the meet-and-greet. The caller asked one of the new owners if he like the current Bucks colors and if he would ever change them. The new owner said he didn't like the current colors (green, red) and is thinking about changing them (didn't say what colors they would switch to or say anything about a logo change). The new owner said the the process to change colors would take about a year. Bill asked his listeners what colors they would change them to. Some said go back to purple, some said hunters green with blaze orange, some said camo colors (green, brown), and someone said tan/gold and black (similar to the Saints). I know this isn't official or even reported from a "reliable" source but I thought was interesting. Give your idea for their colors if you think you got a better idea. If you want to listen to the caller on the show here's a link of the podcast (start at 21:50): More on the meet-and-greet: Update(5/30/2014): From Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ( Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry said Friday in a radio interview that he and co-owner Wesley Edens are strongly considering a change in the team's traditional jersey colors of red and green. Lasry did not say what a new color scheme would be but said, "We're definitely looking at doing that (making a change). It does need a little bit of help." Lasry also said in the 1250 WSSP interview that he is upset there is not more Bucks gear available around the city. "The thing that pisses me off is there's no gear," he said. "I wanted to get stuff for friends back home (in New York). I went yesterday to the Bradley Center to get gear. "There are a lot of things we need to do. You're going to see a whole bunch of changes." Update (3/30/2015): WED 4/1/2015 Halftime vs Chicago Bulls Looks like Wed will answer questions regarding Bucks' color speculation. Sidenote: orange teaser had nothing to do w/arena or sponsorship. — Frank Madden (@brewhoop) March 30, 2015 Update (4/1/2015): Orange was April Fools' Day joke Update (4/8/2015): New Milwaukee Bucks Arena Renderings By Populous Update (4/13/2015): New Logos Unveiled
  13. Sorry to those who saw my earlier posts – I promise this is the last time I will post this, but I was advised to start my own forum. A while back this image was posted in a UniWatch article, but taken down about 30 minutes later. In it, you can see a number of small uniform templates. Most of them have the adidas and NBA logos on the front, which would imply that they are for merchandising and not necessarily on court uniforms. There is one template that looks like it could be legit, so based on that, I made this mock-up, which I think is pretty close to the new jerseys.
  14. Hey everyone, i want to start this off by saying I really don't like the Bucks' current identity, especially considering how good I think they have looked in the past. Im also a huge fan of the new Hornets rebrand, and after seeing it I was inspired to attempt to do for the Bucks what was done for the Hornets. So heres what I came up with, C&C appreciated. Ful project available HERE I also created a mascot logo, which again was heavily inspired by the Hornets brand. My goal was to modernize Bango just as Hugo was. These logos would just be used on apparel. Here are the uniforms, the Alt. could be worn at home or on the road. And lastly heres the court Thanks, let me know what you think.
  15. In this thread, we've seen all the permutations of the Milwaukee Bucks' classic looks. From the traditional look of the championship era to the Irish Rainbow, the Bucks never really had a bad look. After hearing about old Bucks players trying to buy the team from Herb Kohl before the team packs up for Kansas City or Seattle, I thought it was time to show off a new direction the team could take their look that not only pays tribute to the 70's/80's, but also cleans up that look for modern standards (much like the Utah Jazz/Washington Wizards redesigns in recent years). Like my Sonics update, this is a preview for an upcoming concept series, a sense of the general direction in which the series will go (rooting the NBA in between the 70's/80's aesthetic and the zaniness of the 90's to produce an NBA that looks far less homogeneous than it does now). Logo Sheet: The primary and secondary logos are Ren69's gorgeous updates of the original Bango art, the font is from that original logo, and the tertiary/insignia shows off the new Irish Rainbow pattern, which replaces white with lime. Court: Essentially, it's an update of the classic Mecca Arena court, with the angled patterns and the "Milwaukee" markers in the baseline. Of course, Bango is now at the center of the court, and the updated Irish Rainbow pattern has been implanted in the keys. Standard Uniforms: Basically, these merge the second Irish Rainbow set with the third one. It uses the script, panel layout, v-neck, and number font of the second set of Irish Raibows, while it has the mixed hem, arm, and collar piping of the third set. The number font is also the proper Sand-Knit varsity font (as still used by the Celtics and Spurs), referencing the team's past with Milwaukee-based Sand-Knit and avoiding the anemic Knicks-style varsity block that the Sixers and Jazz adopted (Would it kill them to use outlines?). The color balance on the home uniform has also changed, reflecting more the third Irish Rainbow uniforms and the modern look. Of course, this means the colors are flipped on the road. The standing Bango has also been added to the shorts. Alternates: The alternates are simple enough. The red alt is an attempt to recreate the current red alt, albeit on the new template and in the old lettering/number font, and the green alt is a throwback to this road uniform (with Ren69 providing the shorts logo). C+C is more than appreciated.
  16. Bucks are unveiling new court design inspired by the old MECCA floor tonight
  17. One of my favorite parts of sports aesthetics (and design in general) are script logos. Also, when it comes to baseball (and other applicable sports like basketball), I like it when teams have their city/location name on their away jerseys and their team names on their homes. There are some teams that historically haven't followed this pattern like the Phillies and the Milwaukee Braves and therefore no such location name scripts exist. So I like to try and create scripts that match the home scripts for conceptual away jerseys. Bellow are a few examples. Milwaukee Braves: Durham Bulls: Improvements, changes, etc.? Let me know what you think.
  18. There's been a lot of talk at the PantherU forum about soccer, Milwaukee's most storied program, adopting a permanent (and hopefully timeless) look, which got me to thinking what would be a good look for all of the Horizon League soccer teams. Cleveland State: CSU's teams are known as the Vikings, which should make this design fairly obvious. Detroit: I took the Greco trim from the Titans' logo and did some horizontal pinstriping with it. Green Bay: One of the more difficult ones here, but I decided to go with a hybrid of the Packers throwbacks, and the kits the USMNT's 2004 kits. Milwaukee: This one is based on the soccer jersey that Pounce the Panther wears. Apparently it's based on a long-time look the Panther soccer team had, which, in true UWM fashion, they abandoned upon making it a permanent part of their mascot's look. Oakland: Probably the most radical of the bunch. The pattern is based on their logo. UIC: Obviously based on the Chicago flag. If it were up to me, the Flames would swap their current blue for the sky blue of the actual flag, and use that for the basis for their identity. One of the stars on the flag even signifies the Great Chicago Fire, for which the Flames were named. Valparaiso: A downward-facing chevron (V-shape) seemed appropriate for a school whose name starts with V. Wright State: An ascending sash seemed appropriate for a school named after the Wright Brothers.
  19. I have a blank road jersey from 1998 like this (although this photo is of Marquis Grissom's jersey). I'm trying to figure out which player to put on it, considering the entire team pretty much sucked. I was thinking maybe Cal Eldred since he was one of the longer tenured players on the team, and Jeff Cirillo went on to be a fan favorite. Thoughts? Here is the team roster that year. Who should I do? # Pitchers Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 52 Bobby Chouinard 6-01 188 Right Right 1972-05-01 58 Valerio de los Santos 6-02 180 Left Left 1972-10-06 21 Cal Eldred 6-04 235 Right Right 1967-11-24 40 Chad Fox 6-03 175 Right Right 1970-09-03 53 Rod Henderson 6-04 195 Right Right 1971-03-11 43 Joe Hudson 6-01 175 Right Right 1970-09-29 43 Doug Jones 6-02 195 Right Right 1957-06-24 14 Jeff Juden 6-08 265 Right Right 1971-01-19 42 Scott Karl 6-02 195 Left Left 1971-08-09 41 Jose Mercedes 6-01 180 Right Right 1971-03-05 57 Greg Mullins 5-10 160 Left Left 1971-12-13 28 Mike Myers 6-03 200 Left Left 1969-06-26 31 Bronswell Patrick 6-01 237 Right Right 1970-09-16 39 Eric Plunk 6-05 217 Right Right 1963-09-03 46 Bill Pulsipher 6-03 210 Left Left 1973-10-09 47 Al Reyes 6-01 195 Right Right 1971-04-10 52 Rafael Roque 6-04 189 Left Left 1972-01-01 89 Travis Smith 5-10 170 Right Right 1972-11-07 46 Paul Wagner 6-01 202 Right Right 1967-11-14 49 David Weathers 6-03 205 Right Right 1969-09-25 27 Bob Wickman 6-01 240 Right Right 1969-02-06 48 Brad Woodall 6-00 175 Left Both 1969-06-25 37 Steve Woodard 6-04 225 Right Left 1975-05-15 # Catchers Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 25 Brian Banks 6-03 200 Right Both 1970-09-28 33 Bobby Hughes 6-04 229 Right Right 1971-03-10 23 Marcus Jensen 6-04 195 Right Both 1972-12-14 16 Jesse Levis 5-09 180 Right Left 1968-04-14 22 Mike Matheny 6-03 205 Right Right 1970-09-22 # Infielders Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 11 Ronnie Belliard 5-10 214 Right Right 1975-04-07 26 Jeff Cirillo 6-02 190 Right Right 1969-09-23 30 Bob Hamelin 6-00 235 Left Left 1967-11-29 32 John Jaha 6-01 205 Right Right 1966-05-27 8 Mark Loretta 6-00 175 Right Right 1971-08-14 7 Dave Nilsson 6-03 215 Right Left 1969-12-14 2 Jose Valentin 5-10 175 Right Both 1969-10-12 1 Fernando Vina 5-09 170 Right Left 1969-04-16 # Outfielders Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 20 Jeromy Burnitz 6-00 190 Right Left 1969-04-15 9 Marquis Grissom 5-11 190 Right Right 1967-04-17 24 Darrin Jackson 6-00 185 Right Right 1962-08-22 5 Geoff Jenkins 6-01 204 Right Left 1974-07-21 50 Greg Martinez 5-10 168 Right Both 1972-01-27 10 Marc Newfield 6-04 205 Right Right 1972-10-19 39 Eric Owens 6-01 185 Right Right 1971-02-03
  20. what do you think of my Milwaukee Bucks alternate uniform
  21. JMurr

    C&C on this logo

    So if you have viewed my posts in the past you know that I am working on a concept league of some sort. I am not an artist but am trying my hand at this as a hobby. I am working on building a whole history for the league dating back to 1889. I am also asking for advice C&C on the logos as I put them together. Below is what I have to start with for a team named the Milwaukee Monsters. Following this original post I will post the teams history. This is their logo for the period of time when they were known as the Milwaukee Monsters (1894-1895). Keep this in mind when giving your C&C. I am aware that if it were from that date it would be more saturated, I will put it into some program and apply some effects before I present it as a finished product. Thanks everyone.
  22. This concept was inspired by the rumors that ownership of the U.S. Cellular Arena (nee, The MECCA) will be transferred from the Wisconsin Center District to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee athletic department (one state instuitution to another). It's basically the famous Robert Indiana-designed floor (which was still in place when the Panthers first called the MECCA home) in the Panthers colors. I figured that while a "blackwood" court would certianly be bold, it's also quite tame compared to some of the stuff we've seen over the past couple years (Oregon, FIU, etc.). (Please ignore the crappy markings on the template... I didn't notice it until after I'd started)
  23. Thought I'd give the Horizon League some representation in the Yakball scene! 1. Milwaukee Panthers I ALMOST made this my entry into the Yakball tournament, but remembering Parkside's Division II, I went with them instead. Nonetheless, here it is! You may notice that I used illwauk's LOVELY "M" logo originally from here (with his permission of course) prominently-I just think it works on so many levels and they should REALLY get ahold of him to make it their mark. For the regular uniform, I was inspired by my favorite OHL team of yesteryear, the St. Michael's Majors. If they can carry a classic look with just the "M" on the chest, why can't the Panthers? For the clash, I simply reversed the logo placements as well as the colors. All C/C is appreciated. Next up will be the Green Bay Phoenix!