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  1. Hey everyone, I know I haven't been able to be on this site as much recently, but school's caught up to me and I haven't had much time to make concepts. Nevertheless, I still wanted to just post these two quick touch-ups that didn't really fit anywhere else and see what you all think! Miami Marlins Logos -This is more of a revert to the Marlins' actual look than was in my tweak series, but I personally love the way the border of the 'M' looks in three colors. I just tried to make an effort to simplify and streamline its use a little bit across the board. -I decided to use the old teal from their time as the Florida Marlins to further distinguish from the Mets and the rest of baseball. -I tried to incorporate the tri-color outline into all of the letters for more consistency, as well as to allow this set to be a truly unique look. -For now, no 'Marlins' wordmark just because I don't think it would look as good with the tri-color border. Uniforms -The uniforms stay pretty similar to my tweak concept, but black is added to the middle of the piping of all the uniforms. -I also adjusted the number font because I found one that pretty perfectly matches the 'Miami' font. I used the same formula for the tri-color as is used in the wordmarks: yellow on the top, orange on the sides, and teal on the bottom. -I'm not too big a fan of how the away works into this set, so I'd personally imagine they just rotate between the alternates while on the road. I also made a dark gray uniform if you guys wanna see that. -Here is a better look at all the possible combinations: Minnesota Twins Logos -I had to admit to myself that if I'm still unsure whether or not I like the Twins uniforms after three seasons, then they probably don't currently have the best design. -I wanted to try to find a way to incorporate the dropshadows and the tan/gold and make it all work, but for this I'm settling with not using the dropshadows and utilizing an off-white/cream. -The primary now has a red border, and the T of both TC caps is now cream instead of there being an outline. Uniforms -I decided to go full off-white for the home, as I've realized how great the 60's throwback looks and how well it fits with Target Field. -The red alternate is now bordered with off-white, and the navy alternate has off-white as the color of the letters & numbers. -This set, like the Marlins, leaves me unsure with what to do with the regular road, as I feel the gray doesn't work well with the rest of the set. Maybe you all can help with some recommendations. Thanks everybody for looking, and I'd love to hear what you all think!
  2. Being a Twins fan, when the team revealed their new home jersey back before the 2015 season, I wasn't sure how to feel. I liked the idea of differentiating from other red and blue teams, and as nice as the pinstriped jerseys were, they seemed out-of-place when they weren't in the Metrodome to me. But although I liked the idea of adding gold, the execution I felt was somewhat poor, and it created a confused identity. So here is my proposed fix to the Twins to create a cohesive, unique identity. Logos -Primary is now the Minnesota-shaped logo. The roundel is too generic and common around baseball, and the Twins have something timeless and classic with this logo. -Wordmark on the primary is inverted to match the uniforms, and gold is now the dropshadow -I liked the use of gold in the 2014 All-Star Game logo a lot better, mostly because it is much lighter of a shade than the one used. The gold has been lightened to almost a cream-like color, much less noticeable on the white background (and closer to the actual color of the limestone backdrop at Target Field.) -Another good yet underrated part of the ASG was the use of light blue. Light blue has been added to the river in the primary, as well as a drop-shadow on road jerseys. -Navy and red are still the main colors, but gold is a home color that honors the old cream Metropolitan jerseys and the limestone, and light blue is an away color that honors the 70's aways and the Mississippi. Uniforms -The piping has been increased in size to a width similar to the Orioles, just so that the individual colors can stand out more and not blend in with each other. It also hearkens back a little bit more to the old 70's Twins uniforms. -Front numbers are added back to all jerseys to fill up a bit more space. -Numbers on road jersey are now navy to match. -'Twins' replaces the 'TC' on the red jersey, because it feels just a little too "BP jersey" as is. -The Minnesota logo is now a patch on all jerseys, not just the homes. -The tri-colored piping is consistent among all jerseys, not changing because of jersey color. -The drop-shadows are intended to be much less noticeable on the regular home and road jerseys compared to the alternates, just because that's what they are, alternates. -The navy alternate receives the most change for the sake of consistency. The wordmark is now white with a red outline, just because it's different and feels 'Twins' to me, I'm not sure why. Maybe because of this. Drop-shadow is light blue to match the regular road jersey. So hopefully, this would create a more streamlined identity for a team that seems to be a little in flux right now. What do you all think? All comments/criticisms are welcome.
  3. In honor of the Purple One, and inspired by the purple logo the Twins used on social media following his death, here's a quick concept for a "Purple Rain" Twins uniform. C&C appreciated.