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  1. The title speaks for itself. There are a lot of (some intentionally) ludicrous MiLB identities, but many are really sharp and have stood the test of time. This list can include teams that are now defunct. The original Zephyrs had a great uniform and name. Greg Seher designed a really nice set for a New Orleans Zephyrs expansion team with Mardi Gras colors on his blog but has since taken it down. The Jordan-era Birmingham Barons had a really classy identity. Add a dash of red and you're golden: The Hawaii Islanders had some wonderful uniforms over the years, but this one from the '90s might be my favorite: The Salt Lake Bees have a strong identity, albeit a bit derivative of the Pirates. Just put 'em in pinstripes and I think you'd avoid a lot of those comparisons. What are some other MiLB identities that you feel could hold their own in the Majors?
  2. MiLB has unveiled the on-field identities for its expanded “Copa de la Diversión” Hispanic-themed event. They run the gamut from "awesome" to "profoundly stupid". Might have to pick up one of those Brooklyn Jefes caps. Love the crown/bridge mashup.
  3. Not the spoilt children, the sausage. Well, heck. Here’s a one-off cap I’ll buy. Maybe those two t-shirts, too. An anthropomorphic brat in a Tyrolean hat? I’m in.
  4. Link for those interested in entering the contest.
  5. So, I was browsing through the minor league baseball logo files and I came across a few that are in desperate need of a refreshing or... much more than that. One of the worst logos in my opinion was the Tri-City Dust Devils of the Northwest League whose main emblem is rudimentary at best. I also felt their design as a whole was dated, so i really wanted to take them on. I don't know if I'll work on a few more teams for this alongside my Updates & Overhauls thread, I'll just have to play it by ear, But I will be posting uniforms for the Devils. So, here is my take on the Tri-City Dust Devils: C&C is appreciated, Thx!
  6. Eastern League All-Star Game
  7. Alright, so recently two teams have released new uniforms in the MiLB world. I love seeing new minor league uniforms but recently it feels as if these teams choose terrible logos/designs for their hats and they don't pair them wisely. That's why I took the liberty of doing a quick fix for the Bowling Green Hot Rods. I think all they jerseys are perfect so I just fixed the hats. What I fixed: Home: I changed the logo on the hat from Navy blue w/ Orange trim to White BG with Navy trim and orange trim Away: I simply took the hat paired with the alternate uniform and moved it to away because it fits better with the grey Alternate: I took the logo off the orange away hat and replaced it with the new hot rod and moved it to the alternate uniform BP: I put the logo from the away hat onto the BP hat.
  8. What are your favorite Minor League Logos? Here are mine (by class): Triple A: Reno Aces Cap logo- Double A: Arkansas Travelers Batting Practice Cap logo- Class A Advanced: Daytona Tortugas Alternate/Cap logo- Class A: Asheville Tourists Alternate/Cap logo- Class A Short: Brooklyn Cyclones Cap logo- Common themes in my choices are 3/5 logos have a bat in them (I don't know why I like that so much). The other two have very classic feels to them. What are your favorite logos?
  9. Hey guys, this is a kind of old concept I made for a minor league baseball team, but I never posted here. Im not really looking for critiques that much, but I figured some people may be interested to see it. The concept is based off of the La Brea tar pits and the saber tooth tigers that were trapped in them. The full project can be seen HERE.
  10. This is another attempt to make a new sports league. I created this League because there are no Minor League Baseball teams in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, or in Manitoba, Canada. Here is the League logo. Well there are the Omaha Storm Chasers in Nebraska. But there is only one Minor League team.
  11. Hey guys, So this is officially my first actual post on here, been lurking these boards for a while but never really had the time to contribute as much as I'd like to and post any of my concepts, so here we go! This is a little something I've been working on as a "minor league" baseball style concept. The team is called the "Embats" and is based on a mythical bat species that ignites wildfires with a flap of it's wings. I'd appreciate your critiques as well as suggestions on how I can give this little guy more of a "flaming" look, other than just the flame in his eyes. The centre image "A" is my original logo, "B" & "C" have different ears, whilst "D" & "E" have different hair. So far I'm leaning towards option "E" Looking forward to your suggestions and comments.