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  1. Hi again, everybody. After a summer break from sports designs, I have had an idea that I would like to develop little by little with your help, if that's okay with you. What would UEFA Champions League teams look like if their fans organized a minor league baseball? My intention is to take the twenty teams that have played in the UCL final since 1993 (first final in the Champions League format) and create a concept with each one according to the nickname of their fans. Not all teams have a nickname so I have had to invent some of them. And for others I still don't have a name. These are the teams chosen in alphabetical order and his nicknames (in parentheses the years they played final and in bold when they were champions): Ajax (1995,1996) De Godenzonen. Arsenal (2006) The Gunners. Atlético de Madrid (2014, 2016) Los Colchoneros. Barcelona (1994, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2015) Los Culés. Bayer Leverkusen (2002) ¿? Bayern München (1999, 2001, 2012, 2013, 2020) Die Roten. Borussia Dortmund (1997, 2013) Die Bienen. Chelsea (2008, 2012) The Blue Lions. Inter Milan (2010) Le Biscioni. Juventus (1996, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2015, 2017) Le Zebre. Liverpool (2005, 2007, 2018, 2019): The Livebirds. Manchester United (1999, 2008, 2009, 2011) The Red Devils. Milan (1993, 1994, 1995, 2003, 2005, 2007) ¿? Monaco (2004) ¿? Olympique Marseille (1993) ¿? Paris Saint-Germain (2020) ¿? Porto (2004) Os Dragóes. Real Madrid (1998, 2000, 2002, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018) Los Merengues. Tottenham (2019): The Spurs. Valencia (2000, 2001) Los Murciélagos. I want to make several clarifications: The nickname of Chelsea fans is The Blues and Liverpool fans are The Reds. I have modified it for this occasion because it seemed convenient to me. The Borussia Dortmund fans' nickname is Die Schwarzgelben (the black-yellows) and I thought it was also convenient to call them Die Bienen (the bees) because it made my job easier. I have only kept the nickname of the Bayern fans, Die Roten (the reds) because I had a very specific idea. I accept suggestions for the missing nicknames. Constructive comments and criticism are welcome. Thank you very much!
  2. Hello all, what I have is a stadium design that I have created in Google Sketchup! I've posted some other ones on here over the years, but I think I can say this is the most detailed stadium I have ever designed thus far. The stadium is set in Portland, but unfortunately, I couldn't quite figure out how to put real Portland buildings in the back (will keep trying). Here's some basic info on the Bing Stadium. Name: Bing Stadium (Named after Portland Mavericks founder Bing Russell) Capacity: (I estimated the total seat numbers after completion, but the numbers should be pretty accurate) Lower Seating: 8092 Upper Seating (Not including suites): 1040 Suite Seating: 320 Standing Room Only: ~500-1000 Total Fixed Seating: ~9452 Maximum Capacity ~10,000-11,000 Dimensions: LF - 330' CF - 411' RF - 315' As far as the standard goes, this is pretty on par with some of the larger AAA markets, which I think Portland mixes in with pretty well. Enough with the chit-chat, here come the pics! Here's a general view of the stadium, like I touched on above, I'm a little disappointed I couldn't throw in some Portland landscape around it, as I think it would've made it look a lot better. There will be some other close-ups, but from here you can get a gist of the general design of the stadium. I tried to go for an industrial look. so the concourse is mostly brick with some large windows (Camden Yards heavily influenced this choice). The roof is a metal material, and you'll see some more industrial designs throughout the shots. Becuase this stadium is in Portland (hypothetically), I tried to incorporate a lot of outdoorsy elements, which is the reason for a lot of the green spaces throughout the park (see parks 1 & 2). I didn't really do the research, but just off the top of my head, I don't believe any other stadium (major or minor league) has a rock wall (or anything similar) in their park, so I used that as a unique element that differentiates Bing Stadium and also fits the outdoors theme. I placed that on the side of the large building in center field, which is a multi-use facility (smaller team store, can rented out for events, etc.). The right field plaza is 25' above the playing surface, complete with a built-in bar so fans can stand/sit and watch the game from atop the right field wall. Here's a nice view from dead center, behind home plate reads "Welcome to Portland" (Sorry if that's a little hard to make out). From here you can see the full work of the support trusses for the overhang, which I think turned out nicely (not to toot my own horn!). Here's a view from slightly behind the above photo. As touched on in the top view photo, you can see the rockwall (on left) and the kids field, along with the pine trees that form a (natural looking) batters eye. Here we have another outfield view, this time from the left field corner, right near the entrance to Gate 2 (see top view). Not much new to see here, except it does show how the warehouse building runs down the first baseline a little better than some other views. Here's the view from the left field bleacher seats, which hold exactly 120 people (3 sections of 3 rows x 20 seats/row). Pretty decent views from down the line, drew some inspiration for these from the fountain seats at Kauffman. Here's the last outfield view from down the right field line. I put a decent sized building in this plaza area which has 1 concession stand, mens/womens restrooms, and several ticket offices. Another nice view of the backstop from here, as well as the shorter side of the lower bowl. Another thing to note (view coming shortly) are the two standing room areas above the suites in the upper deck. I would envision these as a higher access area (could be rented out as well) with nice views of the city behind (sorry!) and the field. Here's a view from the first base deck that I just touched on above. You can also see the scoreboard (fairly simplistic), the berm, and the left field bleacher seating. Here's a view from the third baseline (section 121 to be specific). You can see the right field plaza pretty well from here (25' high), with the "Keep Portland Weird" text above the 10' padding. Here's one of the better all-encompassing views from right behind home plate. Pretty self-explanatory here, pretty good sightlines of the field, scoreboard, and outfield plaza. The other thing to take note of are the pine trees along the left field wall, create a nice field backdrop (in my opinion). A little backstory on these, I wanted to recreate something similar to the Kauffman Stadium fountains, but I felt like the water feature would be too similar in feel, and wouldn't fit the outdoor theme as well, so I went with a ton (maybe too many) of trees instead. To be blunt, this isn't a great view as far as seeing details go, but I wanted to show how the field would look from the batter's box, mostly just to show that I had created a decent batter's eye. Here's a view of the bullpen area. I drew heavy inspiration from Coors field on this one, and that inspiration kind of pushed the whole outfield aesthetic I went for. Small little detail to notice is the "PDX" text on the side of the building in RF, just another city pride element I tried to throw in there. I have plenty more renderings for y'all, but I don't want to bore you with a ton of images, so feel free to check out the following links to explore some more! Album: Sketchup Model: I spent a pretty decent amount of time and energy designing this for fun, so with that being said, I'd really love some C&C. I know I have come up with some of my own, so feel free to use the following as a jumping off point for any C&C: Building Down the 1st Baseline - I am absolutely in love with this building. I think that if it's a pre-existing structure that was built around (hypothetically) then it wouldn't be a problem, but I don't know if a building of that size is worth the money to construct just for the sake of design. Small Details - I concession stands, tables, etc. No excuses for that one, but since this just for fun, I neglected to throw those in there, which is on me. Trees and Bushes - I have a gut feeling that there may be too many of them or that they are too tall Overall, I am personally happy with how it turned out, but I'm anxious to hear the feedback, positive and negative (always looking to improve, so please leave some constructive C&C and ways I can improve!!). Thanks for the time to read through all of it!
  3. This is an as-yet incomplete series (usually I like to have everything fully done before presenting, but I'm getting some real writers block), of an NFL Development League. It's always shocked me that the NFL hasn't pursued some kind of minor league development system (and something better than NFL Europe), to send college players that aren't yet ready to replace seasoned veteran players. As players continue to play older and older, with long contracts and continuing success, why push them out? Enter the International Football League, an NFL-owned minor league where each team has an affiliate. The rules: The NFL is very conscious of its branding, so the IFL jerseys CANNOT look exactly like their parent club, it must be easily distinguishable in black and white photographs (edit: this is to prevent copycat teams like the NHL-AHL relationship, there must be enough that people can tell the difference without needing to do major research). Efforts should be taken to avoid having the jersey (the most popular merchandise) look exactly the same as the parent team jersey. Each team must have one and only one helmet. All other pieces can be mixed and matched (the home pants can be worn with the away jersey, for instance), but nothing else can be added. Every team must wear their parent club as a patch, and has a 3"x5" ad on the front. So, to start, the league logo. The trophy is top center And as a sneak preview overview, the map I've been using to organize. Not everything is the closest and most efficient, but I've been trying to keep a logic. Pittsburgh and Wheeling, WV, and Baltimore and Norfolk, VA, for instance, make perfect sense geographically. Some others have a logical link, like the New York teams taking the largest cities in Canada, Toronto and Montreal, because their large-city management should work on a minor league level as well - they're mentality-linked. Others have some kind of branding motive. I originally linked Chicago and Omaha, Nebraska, two very traditional football venues (one pro, one college) that believe in basic, unchanging looks. But studying Omaha's history, using the old Baltimore Bombers identity works SO WELL, with multiple Air Force bases, the factories that made B-29s, and the Enola Gay starting there. Adapting the Bombers' logo to Bears colors was wasting a good logo, but Tennessee fit very very well. So, Omaha and Tennessee are linked. Jacksonville is matched with Memphis because the Hound Dogs colors matched Jacksonville very well, so even though Birmingham is closer (on the way, in fact), Jacksonville is linked with Memphis. All blank cities are up for grabs, I don't have ideas for them yet, so I'm all for suggestions. Please please, suggestions.
  4. The Chicago Bulls announced today that the team has been granted the right to own and operate an NBA D-League club that will begin play in the 2016-17 season. The new team will play its home games at Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL. The team is running a "Name-The-Team" contest, with an interesting caveat– all team name suggestions must end in “Bulls”.
  5. I was making this for the HJC redesign contest they have going on. Unfortunately, I had a computer issue and missed the deadline. C&C welcomed
  6. Chicago Huskies concept is part of the fictional Great Lakes Hockey Association that also has my other concept for the league the Marathon Argos based in Marathon, Ontario. I plan on posting this to Hockeyjerseyconcepts. I altered the UConn Huskies logo to look more like my huskie Moxie's fur patterns and tones. She has more of a cream tone and not white that is why there is little to no white color in the concept. and the pawprint is based off of her own pawprint . There will be more designs of other teams coming possibly.
  7. I have been working on ideas for the NFL's minor league. It was originally named the IFL, but realizing that the idea was already taken, I switched to AFL. And it might confuse you when you ask why. The backstory is that in 1930, the AFL was founded as the IFL with 11 teams. The league was able to keep up with the NFL, as the IFL added more teams when their parent league did. Over time, the league became slowly unstable, and franchise relocations were at an all-time high. In 1970, just like the NFL merged with the AFL, the IFL merged with the AFL's minor league, the WFA, and the 2 leagues now went by the AFL name, with teams as far west as Portland, and as far south as Jacksonville. Today the league has 32 teams, just like the NFL. We have a preview of one of these teams right here. Now for each concept I post, I will be doing it by division, and will state their backstory. Now, presenting the Columbus Triangles, top farm team to the Denver Broncos, who will begin play this season. Columbus Triangles Although the modern Triangles were founded in 1960 as the Utah Trotters, who played until 2002, the roots of the team go back to 1929, when the original Columbus Triangles were formed as an independent farm team for the NFL's Dayton Triangles. In 1930, the Triangles joined the IFL, and even though their parent team became the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Triangles name and colors were kept. The team played for 56 seasons as the Triangles, and in 1984, they changed their name to the Columbus Redskins, to signify their new affiliation with Washington. In 1990, the Triangles moved to Sacramento, and that was the end of minor league football in Columbus, until the 2016 season comes, as the team will end up being revived after popular demand. Relocation History: Utah Trotters (WFA) (1960-1969) Utah Trotters (AFL) (1970-2002) Dayton Broncos (2003-2015) Columbus Triangles (2016-present)
  8. Had this idea for a four uniform set for the newly re-christened Greenville Swamp Rabbits. The Home Alternate is modeled after the New York Rangers being that is their NHL affiliate and that they have worn a Rangers inspired alternate in the Rangers colors but having the Road Warriors logos. I made the First Season patch with an alternate logo from the team. All logos are from either, or the Greenville Swamp Rabbits site. The sponsor logo is from the Bon Sonour healthsystems site. Any and all comments welcome to help me fix any issues that are there before i submit them to Hockeyjerseyconcepts
  9. This is a concept idea i had if the Aeros ever returned to the AHL. I made a whole new logo with an F-35 Lightning fighter jet instead of the bomber, but used the nose art from it. On the Vertical tail is the #9 in honor of Gordie Howe. The background with the star is to resemblle an Old West Sheriff's badge to represent Texas. The shoulder logo is to resemble a US military roundel found on fighter craft with a nod to the flag of Texas in the striping. Comment and critiques as always welcomed.
  10. So I've been working for the Louisiana IceGators for the past two years, and they've sort of outgrown their current primary so to speak. The green they're using now does not match their logo, and Yellow has been phased out completely, I'm just learning adobe illustrator and whipped these up, it's a primary and an alternate, I just want to know what y'all think, if I'm heading in the right direction or whatever. C&C welcomed.
  11. Hi guys - I was looking through the logos on the site and noticed a few comments under Beloit Snappers suggesting an update was required. So i took a run at it for a bit of fun. There's potential to create a few smaller components (cap logo, shoulder patch, word mark, etc.) from the base parts here. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  12. Hi guys, I have made this concept for the Jupiter Hammerheads. In the primary logo I wanted to cue that the logo was for a baseball team through the typography rather than putting an actual baseball. I Kept the typography to a classic baseball script. I thought it kept the feeling of fluidity that was present in the shark illustration. I also liked the idea of a cap logo that incorporated both the "J" and the "H" in the same letterform without looking out of place. I also wanted to pay homage to the history of the club so I kept the lighthouse in a secondary logo that can be used for an arm patch. I would love to get feedback thanks.
  13. For my first real baseball concept, I took a shot at my hometown team. The Rock Cats currently have very little continuity in their uniforms. They came out with a new home uniform 2-years ago and a new black alternate last season that looks like a batting practice jersey. So, heres what I came up with: For the most part, the home and road uniforms went unchanged with the exception of the number font on the home jersey and the wrodmark/number font on the road jersey. The current road uniform says "New Britain" in cursive. The current red alternate is a plain jersey with "Rock Cats" in more of a handwritten cursive font. So I used the home jersey wordmark with different coloring and added double piping. For the black alternate, I wanted to give it a traditional feel with the piping on the sleeves only with the "RC Claw" logo on the left chest and the player number on the right chest. The hats can be mixed & matched and I also added a white outline to the "RC Claw".
  14. I took things I worked on with my third jerseys and created a brand new Uniform set for the Chicago Wolves. Included are a home, road, alternate and St. Patrick's day themed. I want to use this for a HJC. Critiques very welcomed as always. The few things I kept the same was the Wolves head minus the stick and puck, the number style for the home and road uniforms. First the home, road, alt, St. Pats, crests and shoulder logos.
  15. Hey everyone I'd appreciate it if you would all take a look at my project. I'm part of a new independent professional baseball league. We'll be announcing franchises over the next several months and I'll share them in the 'Sports Logo' section, the first one has already been posted. We have a unique new and exciting approach to independent minor league baseball. I took the excerpt below from our website. "First off we are a Federation of 'Leagues' organized into 'Tiers'. The concept is very similar to affiliated MiLB where there are two leagues (International and Pacific Coast) at the AAA level. The Tiers are then divided into leagues. Leagues are geographically organized to reduce travel expenses. For example all Tier 2 teams in the eastern another of the country will play in one league and Tier 2 teams in the western section will play in another. Each League within a Tier will have slight differences (such as date of opening day etc.) to better fit into the local economies. Leagues are made up of teams. Teams play exclusively in their League from about Memorial Day to the beginning of August. After completing League play teams will battle for a Tier level championship. When reading the paragraph above you may have noticed the schedule only goes until the beginning of August. Following the conclusion of the Tier level championship’s teams will compete for the Federation Cup. Teams will be split into a two sided geographically based NCAA March Madness type double elimination bracket. Franchises in the upper Tiers and Tier Level Champions will receive byes until later rounds. Think about the excitement this creates! A lower Tier team with a player budget of $20,000 could have a Cinderella Story type run against franchises that spend over $50,000 on players." Additionally were proud to be working with Phyxius Performance Apparel. As uniform junkies, I suggest checking them out. There going to be the next Nike and Under Armour. I'd appreciate it if you would go check us and give us a like on Facebook at .
  16. Hey everyone I just posted about a new independent professional baseball league in the "Sports in General" forum. I'll be posting the branding and logos here for all you guys. I'm proud to show off Hamptons Professional Baseball Club as the first announced franchise. The HPBC has a truly unique branding concept and design. They are the first professional baseball club to not have a team 'nickname'. For example the Manchester United Football Club.
  17. I was able to get away from Oxford and back to the Coast for the weekend to a computer with my trusty ole Paint on it, so I came up with a concept for the team moving to Biloxi. The Biloxi Bacon. For those of you that do not know, Biloxi Bacon is a local term for one of the popular fish to catch called the Mullet. It will fit in with the already crazy names throughout Minor League Baseball like the Montgomery Biscuits, as well as give the Biloxi team a little local flavor and history. The Hat Alternate White Hat BP Hat Home Jersey with Sleeve Detail Road Grey Jersey with Sleeve Detail Alternate Navy Jersey Alternate Blue Jersey Logos and Wordmarks Thanks for taking the time to look at the concepts, sorry for the large sizes. C&C appreciated.
  18. Ever since the Peoria Chiefs became affiliated with the Cubs a few years ago, and re-branded to a fire chief instead of a Native American Chief, I have never been a fan of the new look. While It's not a bad look and is a creative take on the name, I have been wanting to see a return to the former Chiefs identity since they became affiliated with the Cardinals again this past season. First, I came up with a primary/cap logo. It is a stylized headdress in the shape of a capital C The alternate logo is an animated cardinal head, wearing feathers, which is heavily based on a logo used by the Chiefs during their most recent affiliation with the St. Louis Cardinals Next is the home and road uniform scripts, which use the Cardinals' font to tie the Chiefs identity to the parent club's. So, what does everyone think? I have a lot of time invested in this concept and I am always willing to make it better. Feel free to offer any C&C or any other input. Once I get all of the bugs worked out I will post the uniforms as the last part of this concept, Thanks.
  19. About a year ago after seeing several minor league baseball league concepts on these forums I started to create my own. I created the Southeastern Baseball Association, or SEBA for short. The first team I started was the Baton Rouge Bayou. For some reason I just loved the way the named rolled off the tongue. Check out the whole project here: Behance Edited to add uniform and cap images
  20. A while ago i came up with the name "Boulder Dash" and thought it would be appropriate for a MiLB team. i wasnt aware at the time, but i know now theres already a team named the Dash. But, i'm pretty proud of how this has turned out. whole project here:
  21. The Midwest Indoor Lacrosse Association, several of whose team logos have been more or less universally panned in this forum, has announced a name change to reflect their growing geographical footprint. They are now known as the Continental Indoor Lacrosse League. Here is their new logo (selected in a design contest): For the really curious, the other contest entries can be found on this page. A big upgrade from the old plain black MILA logo with its old plain text font, but I hope it spurs most of the individual teams to redesign their logos too. Most of them are either derivative or just plain ugly, or both.
  22. This is sort of an occasional thought I've had over the years (and sorry in advance if something like this is being discussed on a different topic) and it has to do with the idea of farm systems. I guess my main question why is it, after all these years, the only sport to successfully manage, maintain, and run a proper farm system for it's major league is baseball? Is a farm system good in all sports or is it better to have leagues scattered across the country so that many more cities can say they have a minor league, lets say basketball, team even if it's usually for around 5 years on average if that. If football is considered our most popular sport in this country why hasn't there been a proper farm system for the NFL ever? I know back in the hayday when the original USFL was around there was a party of owners and such that long-term wanted to turn the USFL into essentially NFL's farm league during the spring but of course Donald Trump had other plans. Personally I have an answer I wonder if anyone has thought of. What if back in its hayday, the AFL became the NFL's farm league? You wouldn't have to fill 32 teams with 56 man rosters, in terms of eye appeal 10,000 fans watching an arena football game is a much better atmosphere than having 10,000 fans for an outdoors game, and economically its cheaper to run a team playing in an arena with luxury boxes then a football stadium designed for a FCS college team (btw I'm just using 10,000 as a predictable average estimate seeing how little turnout their was in the USFL in certain markets). And in terms of basketball I guess I ask how long do you think it will take for the NBDL to have one team for every one NBA team (they're at 16 teams right now)?