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  1. With the college football season coming to a close, fans start to look back on the season as a whole and talk about what needs to be improved. Of course, this generally applies to on-field performance, but the same principle can be applied to uniforms. Some teams already have theirs perfected. Some have a good base and just need to build off of it. Others need a complete rebrand. None of the three FBS teams in Mississippi have reached that stage of perfection yet, but none are at stage zero, either. Mississippi State’s 2016 pants and road jerseys are as close to perfection as possible, but they need to update the home jerseys to be consistent. Ole Miss has a pretty classic look, but color inconsistencies, some of which can’t be fixed without deviating from tradition, are prominent. Southern Miss is farthest from a great look, but they have a solid foundation and some great throwbacks that they should build off of. ------------------------------------ 1. Mississippi State The last few seasons, Mississippi State’s football uniform changes have followed a pattern of two steps forward, one step back. This past season, they added , a road jersey with no black outlines, and a silver helmet that fit well with rest of set. However, they kept the maroon jersey with black outlines, got rid of the matte maroon helmet, and wore a head-scratching black jersey with a templated Adidas design- Louisville wore the exact same one. What needs changing in 2017: I. Make the maroon jerseys match the white jerseys. Remove the black outlines on the numbers and put white-gray-white stripes on the sleeves, matching those on the maroon pants. Granted, I would have gone with gray-white-gray, but it looks like they’ve settled on w-g-w, presumably to retain two white stripes on the sleeve. II. Bring back matte maroon helmets. The biggest disappointment of 2016 was the lack of matte maroon helmets. They were replaced by the silver helmets, which admittedly worked in their own right. However, the matte maroons were the Bulldogs’ best helmets. I’d like to keep both the matte maroon and silver helmets, but if one has to go, let it be silver. III. Make the gray pants match the white and maroon pants. By far the most minor change needed, the gray pants just need to be updated to match the format of the other two. Remove the M-State logo from on top of the stripe on the left side and put one on the front left. IV. Add gray alternates instead of black. State has a silver helmet and gray pants. A gray jersey, with stripes matching the gray pants, only makes sense. It would look so much better than the string of black alternates do. IF they were to go back to a black jersey though, it should match the other jerseys, with white-maroon-white or silver-maroon-silver stripes. More like the 2015 version than 2016. Helmets for Mississippi State: Primary Uniforms for Mississippi State: Alternate Home Combos for Mississippi State: Alternate Road Combos for Mississippi State: Alternate Gray combos for Mississippi State:
  2. I did a series of NCAA baseball concepts this time last year; I did the entire SEC as well as many other NCAA baseball programs. You can see that thread here: This year, I will revisit the SEC concepts on hopefully improve on them. The first two I've done are Mississippi State and Arkansas, both of which I am very happy with. -- Mississippi State has the potential for a great baseball uniform set. They look good as it is, but a few simple tweaks and they could have a classic, untouchable look. Here, I've introduced a new, consistent number font. That same font has been applied to the "Mississippi State" wordmark and has been used to create a new "Bulldogs" wordmark. A Mississippi patch has been added to the sleeve of each jersey. The white and maroon jerseys remain with the modified wordmark and number font. The pinstripe and maroon MS jerseys also remain, with the only change being the updated number font. The "Bulldogs" wordmark is applied to the cream jersey and to a new gray away jersey. These changes, I believe, would unify Mississippi State's baseball brand. Adidas would be allowed to introduce two crazy alternates a year, for use in the SEC tournament only. I based Arkansas on their Nike rebrand from this past summer. The classic A logo stays, and the new Razorback logo has been added to the sleeve as a patch. The number font has been updated; the new slanted wordmarks seem tailor-made for baseball.
  3. Many Mississippi State fans clamor for the Slanted MSU logo, various versions of which were worn from the late 70s to 2003. Nike owns the version worn from 1996-2003, but an updated version of the previous logo (1985-1995) would be plausible. This logo was constructed using the university's custom font, which can be found on Fonts By Conrad as "Starkville". Under this concept, it would be worn on the helmet on homecoming and on road Egg Bowls.
  4. Many know the story of the slanted “MSU” logo that Nike owns, not allowing Mississippi State to use it to this day. A new logo set was created in 2009 and is in use currently. Mississippi State is in a contract with Adidas until 2020, so this is strictly conceptual, but I put this together today to show what Nike might do if it got Mississippi State back. The design is based on the DWS 100 unis from this year, which themselves are based on MSU’s Nike unis of the late 1990s. Black is removed from the uniforms, something I hope happens with the current uniforms. Gray is added in place of it, and as a result, the sleeve stripes mirror Kansas State’s. A similar striping pattern adorns the pants and white helmet. The slanted “MSU” logo is added back to the helmets; three different designs are used. The first is a maroon helmet with a regular, shiny finish and a white facemask. It would be worn only with the maroon jerseys. The second is a maroon helmet with a matte finish and a white facemask. It would be worn only with the white jerseys. The final helmet would be white, with a maroon facemask and maroon double stripe. It would be worn only with the white pants, but with both jerseys. Also posted on