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  1. The end. When you mourn something special that you'll want to relive someday...when you know you can ride off into the sunset, on your own terms, with no regrets...when you pour one...when one book closes for good, and another opens its blank pages. Who knows, maybe I'll look back and think this book was so good, I might wanna crack it open again. We're here, and so are the Dodgers... Dem Bums wore pinstripes off and on before the advent of the script...couldn't think of a cap so I just used the iconic one. The Giants roam the Polo Grounds one more time... The home set utilizes the blank fronts that were common before the 30s, while the all black roads are a tribute to early Giants manager John McGraw, who liked to put his nine in all black for World Series trips. And the damn Yankees... Pinstripe-free whites, a la the early 1910s, and pinstriped roads with a Yankees script a la their classic dugout jackets. And with that, I'm out of the park for now...
  2. Once upon a time, the Hub City was home of the Red Stockings Beaneaters Doves Pilgrims Rustlers Braves Bees Braves. Both uniforms in the set are somewhat loosely based on the uniforms worn by 1914's Miracle Braves, though instead of the block B and completely red chief on the sleeve of the originals, I used the B from the Braves script and the more colorful Indian of the 40s. Also a B on each cap (the originals were logo-free), with the home cap's B being white trimmed in red to separate itself at least somewhat from the Red Sox. Yes, the blue-gray with red pinstripes actually happened. And was worn for more than one season. Mindblowing, I know. Up the road from Third Base to Huntington, they sang another victory song... The grays are a loose nod to the Huntington Avenue era, when there was a BA (the A being for American League) on the chest. The whites, meanwhile, are a nod to the first Red Sox uniform from 1908. Hey, what can I say, so I've posted a similar jersey before...why mess with a winning formula? Saturday will see the release of the NYC trio.
  3. The wait is over. Rivalry Classics resumes with a city I have something of a conceptual history with, of course I speak of the home of Rocky, stomping grounds of some odd green creature, the land of rough hockey and football players released for borderline inexplicable reasons. Before all of those, though, it was the home of one Connie Mack and his Philadelphia Athletics... The A's tended to have a pretty consistent look for the bulk of their run in Philly, usually donning a blackletter A on the left chest, with royal blue as their main color. The now-familiar Athletics script, indeed, didn't make its first appearance until the team's Philly swan song. The club's other enduring symbol, the white elephant, was famously adopted in defiance of derisive barbs from Mack's friend and rival John McGraw, and though the A's never wore a shirt pocket like the Browns and a few other teams did, I decided to go in that direction for the whites (if you want a straight reporduction, Dressed to the Nines knida already exists ). The road set is something of a peek to the future (I decided to push the time frame up from the 40s to the early 50s), as the A's would wear vests in Kansas City and Oakland, with the past in there for good measure, as they'd occasionally worn pinstripes off and on. When Boston and St. Louis went from having teams in each league to becoming one-team towns, the less-successful of the two had been the ones to ultimately bolt for greener pastures. In Philadelphia, however, it was the chronically underachieving Phillies who stayed in town, and the A's' issues had as much to do with this as the Phils' newfound success. In any event, here go the Phillies... A good amount of the Phillies' sartorial history has seen them with a P on the chest, so here it goes with the Whiz Kids P. The shortened city name, PHILA, is far more associated with the Sixers, but the Phillies wore Phila grays early in the 1900s. Decided to have a collar on the grays for good measure. I'd considered reviving the old William Penn logo as a sleeve patch, before deciding I hadn't given myself enough time to put forth the necessary effort. I'll let you know one thing: the two remaining sets are done. I simply plan to wait a few days before releasing Boston, and then a bit after that the NYC Three-way.
  4. It took me a while to figure out what to do with the Brewers, but ultimately, I give you the Brewers vs. the White Sox, as only I will. Honestly, basing things on the 80s Brewers is somewhat passe. Luckily, Gothamite's involved with the Borchert Field blog, which is about the old American Association Brewers, upon which both uniforms here are based. The Brews' traditional look for most of their existence was a block M at home, and either the same M or MILWAUKEE on the road, only donning tops that read "Brewers" for the first time in the early 40s (as opposed to the modern Brewers, who've never worn anything but BREWERS on their home whites), and the particular uniform I based the home off of had distinctively thick blue piping paired with a red M (which I sort of invoke with the gold M). The all navy road is loosely based on a one-season road set worn in the early 40s that'd been introduced by one Bill Veeck (though that jersey read Brewers, not Milwaukee). The main liberty I took here was the use of the Barrel Man as a sleeve patch, despite the fact that neither the Brews nor the Brew Crew* were big on patches until relatively recently. *Kinda like how the PCL and ML Angels are distinguished from each other by their pet names (Seraphs and Halos, respectively) so too are the AA and ML Brewers (Brews and Brew Crew, respectively) I got more suggestions for the Sox than I knew what to do with (not naming name ). Not a part of the suggestion box was the use of the flying sock on the home set's cap. The silver script and numbers, however, were among the suggestions (and I decided to use silver pinstripes for the hell of it). As were the shorts that I was gonna do anyway. The road is an 80s composite, with the Batterman on the cap and the SOX lettering from the beach blanket jerseys in navy with red trim, a nod to the more sedate late 80s set (with its quirk, the pants number, represented here as well). The Remaining List (no particular order): Canada (Blue Jays vs Expos-90s) Texas (Astros vs Rangers-2000s) St. Louis (Cardinals vs Browns-40s) Philly (Phillies vs A's-30s or 40s) NYC (Dodgers vs Giants vs Yankees-mid 50s) Beantown (Red Sox vs Braves-late 1940s) I-94 (Brewers vs White Sox-1997)
  5. Once upon a time, St. Louis had two MLB teams. The problem was, though, that big league baseball was growing to the point that there was only room in town for one team. I take you back to the mid 40s, when a man with one leg and a mind filled to the brim with ideas ahead of their time was trying to ensure the last team standing under the Arch would be wearing brown. His vision of the club ruling a city's baseball scene would come to pass, just not how he envisioned it, exactly. Browns On the tan roads, it didn't show up as well as I hoped it would, but I used double pinstripes. On the home whites, I used a brown-trimmed front pocket, similar to one found on a 1900s uniform. The older styled SL distinguishes the cap from the STL nowadays linked to the Cards. I'd originally had the Browns shield on the left sleeve, but decided to replace it with the Health patch, given the time period I was going for. Cardinals Like my more modern effort a few months back, figured I'd aim for something one could imagine the 1940s Cards wearing for a special occasion. The Remaining List: Canada (Blue Jays vs Expos-90s) Texas (Astros vs Rangers-2000s) St. Louis (Cardinals vs Browns-40s) Philly (Phillies vs A's-30s or 40s) NYC (Dodgers vs Giants vs Yankees-mid 50s) Beantown (Red Sox vs Braves-late 1940s) I-94 (Brewers vs White Sox-1997)
  6. About a month ago or so, I'd posted a Cubs/White Sox rivalry set that was pretty well received, and I'd said I had a few other city and state rivalries in mind. I was initially considering going the flag route again, though decided against it, as things would've looked FAR more awkward than when I went that route with the Chicago clubs: the Mets already wear the colors of the NYC flag, and if I'd based anything on the Queens flag, then you're talking about replacing orange with yellow and red. And on the Yanks' side...the Bronx flag is blue and orange., no. Just no. So I took a couple approaches here...for the Mets, both uniforms are hybrid fauxbacks that prominently take inspiration from 1916, among other years. The home whites have a checkered pattern, a la the 1916 Dodgers, with the large N Y on the chest emblematic of the 1900s Giants, along with a contrasting placket with METS written on it diagonally, which was briefly worn by the Dodgers a few years before the checkered unis. Though I figure blue numbers would've shown up fine, I felt orange numbers would show up better. For the grays, I used the other bizarre NYC uniform choice of '16, the Giants' violet plaid, right down to a temporary color change to violet/black. Don't worry, it'd only be for two days The chief difference from '16 is a semi-intentional anachronism, the mid-80s New York script (I thought about using the 93-94 script, but I figure Mets fans would rather not ever see that one again) that serves as the Dodger nod. I might post an orange/blue version of the road later, but then I've kept the plaid violet before (on a version I'd posted years ago, modernized for the San Francisco era) and I very well might again. For the Yanks, like I said that one time I posted an alt-historical road alt for em, I think they could do vests justice, so both uniforms are sleeveless. The home uniform largely maintains the familiar look, but with a touch of championship gold. The cap NY is gold, the pinstripes are gold, and the jersey NY and numbers have a gold outline. The road grays are an obvious departure from the normal fare: a lot of folks hate pinstriped grays, but I figured it made at least a bit of sense...and a confession, originally I had a block YANKEES across the chest, as a nod to Murder's Row (the Yanks' grays read YANKEES for a few years in the late 20s before reverting to NEW YORK). The hat & bat script I went with...I know I ripped off the Braves in that regard, but damn if it don't look good. I know one thing, every now and then I give a brief thought to resurrecting something I did when I first stumbled upon the logo community: Turn Ahead the Clock...and then I realize I'll likely never need to truly revisit that era. Kinda like how even though almost nobody runs the pure Run & Shoot anymore, its concepts are everywhere. Just thinking in print, a little bit.
  7. One team has had one of baseball's most colorful uniform histories. The other is currently under the impression that it is a college team. I give you the Lone Star Series, 20 minutes into the past First, the Astros This is basically the 70s & 80s Rainbow Guts in black, brick and sand for the home set, and the 80s-93 Rainbow sleeves for the road. Even decided to echo their use of the lightest gray ever, and later cream, for the roads by using a lighter sand as the base color. Now, the Rangers Honestly, most of the good ideas I've ever had for the Rangers, I've already used. So here, I break out the 90s star and slap it on the left chest like a badge. The grays, I thought about what to do until I chose a decidedly 1900s direction: a big TX, one letter on each side of the chest. And not much else. Speak on it. Might as well make a list so you know what to Canada (Blue Jays vs Expos-90s) Texas (Astros vs Rangers-2000s) St. Louis (Cardinals vs Browns-40s) Philly (Phillies vs A's-30s or 40s) NYC (Dodgers vs Giants vs Yankees-50s) Beantown (Red Sox vs Braves-30s or 40s) I-94 (Brewers vs White Sox-70s...or 80s..or early 90s. Not sure yet.)
  8. Well, it's mid-June, and I'm a man of my word, so the Rivalry Series' spinoff begins. And as I'd told yall I'd do, I kick things off with the two Canadian teams, going back to 94 to do so. Les Amours...Les Expos...Les Miserables... I saw a variant of the pinwheel cap with powder blue front panels at a while back, and had thought about using a similar cap in a concept for a while, so I made the road cap the way it is. Ultimately, the double sleeve piping is a small nod to the Royals. The only other quirk I could think of including was the contrasting placket with four fleurs-de-lis dotting it. Blue Jays Taking coco's suggestion, I based this set off the old baseball Maple Leafs (before anyone nitpicks about it, yes, I know of the current baseball Leafs), and decided to try incorporating the Jays' trademark split into both the script and the T-bars. This will either be a stroke of genius or proof of why you rarely see split scripts. Something I came across in my research before ultimately leaving to the side for now was a sleeve patch the Leafs used, of an old time ballplayer with a mustache that makes Rollie Fingers' handlebars look like stubble, and I figure if I take a normal stab at the Jays, I might find a way to at least evoke that stache.
  9. I'll tell you what...series usually aren't my thing. True, there are those I've taken on myself, or been the guest star in, that I remember fondly. The best series I'd ever done before now, though, was a complete accident. I don't mean that I hijacked somebody else's thread (I have sort of "competitively" collaborated a couple times, and honestly would be willing to do so again at some point), I mean that back then, I'd honestly only intended to post a Montreal Maroons concept, and it wound up turning into a dead NHL teams series. The MLB Rivalry Series' end is here, and that's where my thoughts took me, because when I'd posted them back in October, I had absolutely no inkling that I'd be making a decently sized series at all. That said, here we without further ado, I give you the Miami Marlins. The home whites are based on the vests that the Marlins wore from 1993-2002. I'll be frank, I've long found it ironic that Loria made such a big deal about ditching teal, only for the current colors to include a teal blue. For a while, I toyed with the idea of orange pinstripes (as I know orange has never been used as an MLB pinstripe color), but figured this was the best way to go. The roads are all black, with a racing stripe reminiscent of the ABA's Floridians. And now the Tampa Bay Rays. It took me a while to figure out what to do with the Rays...and then I realized it was time to get rowdie. The home whites use the original purple/yellow/green/blue/black scheme, while the roads use a Tampa Bay script and the ray of light on the cap. Their common theme is the striped sleeves, which are two tone blue on the grays, but multicolored on the whites, which was inspired by soccer's Tampa Bay Rowdies. Well...there will be a spinoff mini-series that'll be titled differently, as I won't consider them part of the main series...but as far as the MLB Rivalry Series, this is the end. I hope it was awesome.
  10. I gotta stop this habit of unintentional hiatuses...anyway, the MLB Rivalry Series is back off the DL, and taking on a border battle of semi-epic proportions...leading off, the Milwaukee Brewers The homes...I've been considering making a modernized (read: semi-traditional) version of the Brew's TATC jersey for a few years now. Never considered using the current script for the simple fact that it wouldn't work even if I tried. The road set...I'd considered simply going with a straight fauxback akin to the RL pinstripes, but decided in the end to modify it with Marquette style stripes. And now...the Minnesota Twins The road set, much like their 87-09 grays, have pinstripes. Unlike that set, these pins alternate between navy and red. I thought about reviving the ASG cap for at least the home whites, but decided on this red-front number instead. The home whites are completely based on the uniforms donned by the Handshake Guys: Paul's STP taking center stage on the left chest, with Minny's M on the right sleeve for good measure. Have your say.
  11. I'll admit, I was stuck on this one for a while...but here goes the Ohio duo, starting with the red legged. The home set...I'd mentioned a few sets ago that I'd be dipping into my TATC roots...and like that guy who don't like mens no more, I...HAVE...DELIVERED. Figured I'd give em red pants, as a nod to the uniform the Reds wore when they hosted the big leagues' first night game. The main highlight, of course, is Mr. Redlegs wearing a jersey...of himself wearing a jersey...of himself wearing a jersey. The road set, meanwhile, is another one that took inspiration from basketball, the Jerry Lucas-Oscar Robertson era Cincinnati Royals to be specific (before the home set I'd decided on, I was considering a Bob Huggins era Cincinnati hoops-inspired set) Going forward without Chief Wahoo was what held this set up...I finally put together a feather C I was satisfied enough with to trot out. Much as I like Chief Wahoo...and loathe the block C...I figured this would be a good opportunity to test out an attempt at the best of both worlds, thus this feather C that's on the caps and left sleeves. Another basketball-inspired set here, in this case the 70s Cavs. Brought the old Cleveland script back...and for anyone who wants to harp about the cap C not matching the script's C, when the hell has the Cubs' C ever matched any of their Chicago scripts? Or the Reds' C for that matter? A small note, I'd considered using tan in this set...but then remembered the Twins adding gold. Damn you Twins.
  12. Previous rivalry sets: Crosstown (Cubs vs White Sox), Subway (Yankees vs Mets), Freeway (Angels vs Dodgers) Originally, this was gonna be Dodgers vs. Giants. Then I got the brilliant suggestion of Giants-A's, so I went in that direction instead. Giants...for once as far as these rivalry uniforms go, I went with consistency...and I figured the last time I based a baseball uniform on a local basketball team, it'd been very well received, so let's bring the greatest uniform in hardwood history to the diamond. Complete with a slightly modified trolley car. Because Hunter Pence eats Fruit Loops with chopsticks. A's...I figure one thing, the old Oakland Oaks were going to provide most of the inspiration of this set, and I quickly latched onto the acorn and the Old English O, and a jersey the Oaks wore in the early 40s, as far as I could tell. The home white has the A's acorn on the front, green raglan sleeves and gold T-bar striping, while the road is a green-gray with green T-bars and the English O on the front. The thick gold stripe on the socks is meant to stand in for the gold sanitaries. Bonus: Dodgers (vs Giants) all honesty, basing the home whites off of the LA flag colors was, in retrospect, not exactly a MENSA level decision. If I'd done the Freeway set first, I'd have never made the home uniform. Probably should've just gone with a white version of the roads, as its zigzag pattern is also inspired by the LA flag. I dunno, maybe subconsciously I still have the occasional "WTF man! Are you high?" concept in me.
  13. The end is near, but for now, the saga here go the Cards and Royals. Royals The home set is based on the KC Monarchs, and the royal bull on the sleeve is my own work (as despite their usual imagery, the Royals got their name from the American Royal horse show/livestock show/rodeo). Decided to go the vest route for the road...thought a UCLA-ish look was worth trying. Cardinals Decided to go for the Gateway Arch on each sleeve, and put together a modernized slugger bird. The bird's on the front of the home whites, the grays use the STL. While the Cards' normal cap is used with the whites, a gray cap with the slugger bird and red piping goes with the roads.
  14. This is, barring insanity, gonna be the only set in the series featuring two teams from the same league. That they play in different divisions despite sharing a state, and thus only play each other a handful of times a year, also helped in my decision. It's kinda like a faux interleague home and home nowadays, now that I think about it. Anyway, here go the Phillies Maroon and powder blue...the cap has the Liberty Bell, and the road blues are basically the 70s roads with a modified version of the current P. The home set, meanwhile, I decided to make it a baseball version of the 70s Eagles, which is my reason for the extra wide pants stripe. And now the Pirates The home whites took inspiration from three different decades, even if it only looks like two. In 1913 and '14, the Pirates' jerseys had a P on either side of the uppermost button, something that hadn't been used before and hasn't been seen since...In 1940 and '41, the Bucs, rather than use Pirates, Pittsburgh, or P on their fronts, featured a pirate on the left chest...and from 1977 to 1979, another rare bird made its lone appearance on a big league uniform when the Pirates introduced two-colored pinstripes. Combine all that, and you have this set's home whites, though instead of the 40s/80s-early 90s pirate, I decided to go with the 70s smiling pirate. The roads are gold vests with black pants, and the vests use pillbox stripes across the chest, over which I placed the 90s Pittsburgh script. Of course, both caps are a modified version of the 70s pillbox caps.
  15. It's been a while since my last concept, so I figure the time was right to roll this duo out. Orioles That I've forgone road grays hasn't been too unusual. That I've junked home whites, though...for starters, the same black pants are worn for both home and road unis. The home jersey mimicks an oriole's torso, with an orange chest and the rest is black. Kinda like the various BP jerseys with the odd paneling and contrasting backs, but simpler and better conceived IMO. Thick sleeve striping is modeled after the 60s Orioles' stirrups, and unusually for the O's, the front uses predominantly white lettering. The all black road set is based on the 1901 Orioles, though I figured I'd replace the O actually worn with a B. The right sleeve is adorned with the classic swinging oriole, and the Lord Baltimore flag (the gold/black portions of the Maryland flag) provides the sublimated torso/sleeve pattern. Nationals If anyone remembers that one time the Red Sox hosted the Cubs, and Boston came out in uniforms that literally only had back numbers, the home uniform here references that same era...the Walter Johnson era, to be more specific. Hybrid of the 1910 Senators (the contrasting placket) and 20s Nats (W's on sleeves and pinstripes) with the current team's red instead of navy, this being more of a tribute uniform than a true throwback. The roadie takes inspiration from the 50s Senators' "3D" home uniforms, though as the curly W doesn't look good with the shadow style that the 50s jersey used, I went with the DC insetad. On each sleeve are three stars above two red stripes, taken from the Washington D.C. flag. As you can see, the numbers got the same treatment as the DC. Far as the near future goes, I am going forward with likely the only intraleague rivalry of the bunch, in the Pirates are done, but I haven't really started on the Phils yet. After that, I have a few good Cards-Royals ideas, I wanna flesh those out a bit more.
  16. I've done the Crosstown Classic...and there was clamoring for Dodgers-Giants. I've done the Subway Series...and there was clamoring for Dodgers-Giants. Now comes...Dodgers-Angels. And there will probably still be clamoring for Dodgers-Giants until I give you Dodgers-Giants. Poor Rangers and Astros. While you wait a bit longer for the rivalry set you actually wanna see, here goes a pair I think you'll like anyway. Leading off, the Halos... Initially, I was going to use what became the road design as the home whites, but then I figured this would be a good occasion to represent Orange County. I'd thought about putting together an OC as the cap logo, much like how the Ducks had an OC on one shoulder for their Stadium Series jersey, but in the end decided against it in favor of the normal cap, only with orange replacing red. The jersey is loosely based on the 95-96 California Angels alt, a personal favorite. The road uniform, which I otherwise would've also used as the home design, uses shoulder stripes, a loose cross of the 80s Angels BP jerseys and the late 50s PCL Angels, and traced the script from one I came across at Liebe, Montreal's I think (as I had a hell of a time finding pics of the jersey I was basing everything off of). and now, dem Bums For anyone wanting me to get on with it already and release Dodgers-Giants, for that series, the Dodgers are done already, I still need to work on the Giants...but I have a sinking feeling you'll wish this had been the set they faced the Giants in. Anyway, both of these unis are based on stuff the Hollywood Stars wore, if you couldn't figure out by the logo...the road is all blue with distinct sleeve striping I've only ever seen on that one Hollywood uniform. Turns out that jersey had the number over a star on the back, which I decided to allude to with essentially a watermark star here. As I needed a third color, powder blue makes a cameo appearance. The home whites...yes, they are basically a Dodgerfied version of the original shorts uniform, the one the Stars wore in the early 50s: crewneck tee instead of a button-down jersey, and pinstriped shorts despite the jersey lacking them.