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  1. The year is 1983. Warren Burgess had thought about this for quite some time, not fully convinced it would work. But it is in this very precise moment when stars finally look aligned. * * * Major League Football (MLF) is a professional American football league organization led by Warren Burgess and established in 1983. It is scheduled to be played in the autumn/winter, taking the hole left by the now defunct National Football League (NFL), which folded in 1982 due to legal issues and disputes between owners. Six franchises (yet to be unveiled) will take part in the inaugural season. Conceived in 1979 by Kentucky businessman Warren Burgess, who saw the first cracks and problems appearing around the NFL, he took the chance to start building his own profesional organization. Burgess developed "The Warren Plan"—a blueprint for the MLF based upon securing NFL-caliber stadiums in top and iconic markets, securing a national TV broadcast contract, and controlling spending—and found investors willing to buy in. The original franchise owners and founders of the MLF have promised to abide by the general guidelines set out by Warren's plan, and everything is set to kickoff during this next month of September. With just a few months to the date and surprisingly no leaks by none of the owners, it is expected for the MLF to unveil its franchises during the next few days in order to get everything ready for the start of its first new season later. * * * Welcome everybody to this stupid and crazy world! After giving it some thought and expending hours, days, weeks, months and definitely years reading the forum and some other related websites (cough * Uni Watch * cough) I've decided to develop a fictional American football league in which I'll be taking care of the off-field business related with franchise creation, branding, etc... leaving the on-field stuff to some simulator I hope to find during the next few days (tips and ideas appreciated, whether if it's a game, a spreadsheet, etc...) to sim the games, get stats, and all that. As you can see, I'm a master of Wiki-copying-and-editing, and this is your fake Major League Football, all courtesy of Mr. Warren Burgess (95% of doing this is using randomly generated names, which for some reason I find mesmerizing, call me crazy). I could have opted to develop an alternative AFL, USFL, or any other historical league timeline, but I thought this was much more stupid and therefore it ended up winning. So, basically, think of a world in which the NFL (for some reason I don't really know) disappears in 1983 leaving the door open for the MLF to take over the pro-AF panorama, and that no player from the NFL at that time wants to play for any MLF teams, so we will see a whole new world of Quarterback and Cornerback stars developing from zero in a completely fake universe of randomly generated characters, which is great to build unbiased storylines. Although I sold you the MLF as something already set to be unveiled, the truth is that Mr. Burgess is not that sure everything is completely closed (not even franchises' locations and team names, mind you!) so the door is open for ideas and thoughts about where the MLF may go in its first season. As a virtual MLF-multi-franchise-owner I have my plans, though, so don't get upset if I end up with something completely different to what you propose! * * * Football is, after all, a wonderful way to get rid of your aggressions without going to jail for it. – Heywood Hale Broun