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  1. A couple years back, I posted a few dual Notre Dame vs Army concepts to commemorate their game at Yankee Stadium, and for two of the three sets I'd used the old Army mule, as it fit the baseballish style I was going for better than the knight/A. I recall someone suggesting I base a concept off of the mule's blanket, though til now I hadn't gotten around to running with it. Anyways, the alt was done, figured I'd make a home/away set, so here goes... Helmet is old gold, rather than the light khaki-ish pale gold they wore for all but Army-Navy this year. I like the numbers they use right now, so I used the closest equivalent I have on me. The design is basically the late 60s Broncos style, though instead of sleeve numbers I opted for one of West Point's lesser-used logos (the knight helm side-view). And of course, this wouldn't be complete without unit insignias (10th Mountain and 1st Cavalry, respectively). Pants have a small A, kinda like the Saints (unintentional, I just really like that particular A). The roads are either a flat, pale gold or beige, take your pick. I was aiming for the former. Sue me, I get sick of white sometimes. And now the third... West Point on the front, with the old mule in between the T and P. Gray body and sleeves, gold lettering with black shadow (people find UCLA's jesreys legible most of the time, so why the hell not). Black yoke with two gold stripes just off the seams, mimicking the mule's blanket,complete with block A on each shoulder. Pants have the Athena helmet near the top of the stripes. Basically, one I largely made cus I wanted to see what it might look like. Rusted Lincolns accepted in this post.