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  1. 1904 FC Facebook
  2. We've touched on this in the domestic soccer thread, but I think this is now big enough that it deserves its own thread. Last year, the US Soccer Federation sanctioned two leagues as Division 2 - the NASL, which had been the only D2 league, and the USL, which had previously been D3. The NASL almost folded at this point, and was only spared when Rocco Commisso saved the Cosmos from going under at quite literally the last minute. That gave the NASL a stay of execution, but only a temporary one. Last month, the owner of the NASL's Miami FC partnered with the owner of the semi-pro Kingston Stockade FC, filing a claim with the Court of Arbitration for Sports in an attempt to force the USSF to institute promotion and relegation in US Soccer. Two days later, it came out that the USSF had rejected the NASL's application to retain D2 beyond this year. Now the NASL, led by the Cosmos, has filed an antitrust lawsuit against the USSF in a desperate attempt to keep its D2 status. At its heart, the lawsuit is intended to challenge the USSF's minimum requirements for a second-division league, including the number of teams in the league, the geographic distribution of teams (how many time zones are covered), market size of the cities represented, each stadium capacity, and the minimum financial requirements for team owners. Now, the irony is that the NASL helped USSF write those guidelines back in 2010 in a deliberate attempt to shut out the USL, but has never been able to meet them. The biggest problem is that they've fallen short on the number of clubs; according to the standards. By year six they were supposed to have twelve clubs. This is their seventh season but only have eight, and one of them is threatening to fold if more people don't start showing up. This is a huge mess, and threatens to derail a growing sport. There's some pretty good summaries of the issues from people in the know here and here. Thoughts?
  3. Team No. 1 -- Atlanta Silverbacks Founded: 1994 Current league: NPSL (amateur) Location: Doraville, Georgia Stadium: Silverbacks Park (5,000) Kit sponsor: Taco Mac (popular wings and beer) Twitter: @ATLSilverbacks
  4. Report: Carolina RailHawks to rebrand, announce bid for MLS
  5. Well, the Timbers are the MLS Champions for 2015, and that puts a capper on the 2015 domestic season. Time to talk about 2016! I'll get it started: Sports Illustrated is reporting (from a reporter for the Davis Enterprise) that the NASL will announce a San Francisco franchise next year. This is huge because the NASL desperately needs a West Coast team (or at least a WST team) to maintain their DII status. But... downtown San Francisco? Sounds excellent, but where?
  6. Looking around the interwebs, remembering some of the old NASL days, I remembered someone did caricatures of the logos. I found not one, but two
  7. Another summer, another soccer concept. Looked back through North Carolina's railroad history and included some of those design elements in the crest and secondary logo. All feedback is appreciated.
  8. A bunch of kits got revealed for the new NASL season and a couple more are on the way. Tampa Bay New York Cosmos Carolina
  9. And another soccer club rebrand – somehow I'm in the mood. This time I decided to give the NASL's Jacksonville Armada FC a new primary mark. I'm not the biggest fan of their current identity, especially not of that 1980s typo, but I also dislike that angular-shaped anchor with those wings attached to it. The whole mark looks like it could have been on a cover of some video game 25 or 30 years ago, but it was created and announced in 2014. I modified the color scheme a bit. Royal blue is gone while gold is now a little more saturated, less dirty. Pantone Cool Gray 2 C is just an accent color for the logo, like in their current mark. Current logo
  10. Let me give you some background Going into the 2015 MLS Season, the league was growing rapidly. At 21 teams, the best soccer league in the US was on pace to become the next great soccer league. The league wasn't done growing. David Beckham purchased a team in Miami, Florida to be the 22nd team starting in 2016. The Ft. Lauderdale Strikers immediately found it hard to draw against the Brit's shiny new team, especially with Portuguese superstar Christiano Ronaldo captaining the team. The league wanted a universally accepted number, and snatched Atlanta and San Antonio from the NASL to make the league have 24 teams. The commissioner said that would be it until there was a good enough reason to break the 24 limit. The MLS began to contend with the NBA and NHL with the start of Friday Night Kickoff, a weekly Friday night game in prime time on ESPN. Meanwhile, Michael Taylor graduated from Florida State with a degree in Sport Management. Working from the bottom of the NASL, he became commissioner of the struggling league when the commissioner stepped down when 3 of the flagship teams left in a small period. Taylor had a vision, to try all he can to fix the broken league, and shorten the gap between the bottom of the MLS to the top of the NASL. Hiring a world class scout, the league began running combines and drafting players from college that weren't drafted. A league wide initiative to help the sport grow, the league would pay a quarter of the tab for new stadiums. The league started to turn around thanks to strong sides such as the Tampa Bay Rowdies, New York Cosmos, and Minnesota United beating MLS sides in the US Open Cup. Bigger market teams in smaller leagues were snatched by the NASL, strengthening the league The US Men's national team won back to back World Cups in 2018 and 2022, with Canada making both tournaments. America, and Canada were soccer crazy. Every city wanted a team. More teams started popping up in the USL, which worked with the NASL in training players and building up US Soccer. Then in 2024, Taylor released a statement about how he was in talks with the MLS and USL commissioners to finally have a promotion/relegation system in place between the three leagues. His reasoning was due to the increased number of NASL teams beating the MLS sides, the number of NASL teams still trying to jump to the top, and the new light speed rail making traveling easier for smaller clubs. The MLS teams did not like the idea, and agreed to push the date of the tier system until 2030. The idea was so ground breaking, but tests and simulations proved that by then the gap between the bottom of the MLS/top of the NASL, and the bottom of the NASL/top of USL would be hardly anything. The new 3 leagues would merge in the winter of 2029. The leagues rebranded together to make one. The Soccer Championship, Soccer League One, and Soccer League Two were the league names, each league would have one table and 24 teams. The best 8 teams made the playoffs. Adidas couldn't control if non Adidas teams were in the MLS, so any maker could grab a team to create uniforms for. Nike snatched up the a big chunk of the teams, with Puma, Under Armor, and Warrior joining in. A new rule would be put in place where every team was entitled to scout youth talent within 25 miles of the stadium without fear of other teams stealing prospect. This will make home grown talent the future of the 72 teams. And here are the concepts So I made a 72 team system of concepts. A lot of teams are from current teams. In this world, the uniforms are similar to the current situation of kits. One thing I want to stress, I do not care what you think about what teams are where. I made the 72 teams and the system is in place. It's a matter of making them. I might ask for some team name help down the line. But i honestly don't care if "Indianapolis should be in the MLS". I'll release the teams whenever I finish them, in no real order. So be patient. I'll post the first few concepts in a little bit. Soccer Championship Atlanta Silverbacks Boston Revolution Chicago Fire Chivas San Diego Colorado Rapids Columbus Crew FC Dallas DC United Houston Dynamo Los Angeles Galaxy Miami FC Flamingos Montreal Impact New York City FC New York Red Bulls Orlando City Philadelphia Union Portland Timbers Real Salt Lake San Antonio Scorpions San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders Sporting Kansas City Toronto FC Vancouver Whitecaps League One 3 Rivers United FC Birmingham Buffalo Athletic California Athletic FC Carolina Railhawks Charlotte FC AFC Cleveland Detroit City Edmonton Drillers Indy Eleven Jacksonville Armada Las Vegas Quicksilvers Milwaukee Bavarians Minnesota United New York Cosmos Northern Virginia Cavalry Oklahoma City FC Ottawa Fury SC Phoenix Puerto Rico Islanders Richmond Kickers Rochester Rhinos AC St. Louis Tampa Bay Rowdies League Two Albuquerque FC Anaheim Blues ATX FC Baltimore FC Barons Calgary Owls Charleston Battery Connecticut Hearts Dayton Dutch Lions Halifax United Harrisburg City Kitsap Pumas Louisville Premier Memphis Rogues Nashville Metros New Orleans United FC Norfolk Omaha ONE FC Providence City Queen City SC San Francisco SC West Texas Wanderers Wilmington Hammerheads Winnipeg Bisons SC Rivalry Cups Football Manager Mod
  11. Hey guys, back again with a simpler version of a design I brought here when I first got here. Hoping it's better.
  12. I'm a fan of the local team, pretty new to graphic design, but I spent a ton of time with it, so hoping it turned out alright. The wildrose (also known as the arctic rose) is a symbol of the province, which would be a big middle finger to our provincial rivals of calgary, which are currently without a team. The rabbit is very popular with the local ultras, which they refer to as the "rally rabbit" - from a game early in the clubs history when the team was down 3 - 0 and a white rabbit ran onto the field(generally the rabbits are mostly brown by summer) and the team ended up rallying to win 4 - 3. I realise the font is also a bit "playful" but it is inspired by the city of edmonton logo that is on all of the city vehicles and entrance to the city. I realize that there are a lot of colours, but I couldn't have thought of a way to go without any of them. Heres the current logo for comparison: Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism! New to this site but it seems like a really good community
  13. Figured we might as well start one up, this is for really North American soccer only, no European stuff as there is an International Soccer thread for that.
  14. Old news but a search came up empty. Just a name mention in a sports thread. The NASL expansion team in Jacksonville has a name and logo. Jacksonville Armada FC. I could see it evolving to Jax Armada FC. Both sound great to me. Here is the logo.
  15. This is my third soccer concept, this time for a fantasy team in Honolulu... The team's name would be Pearl of Honolulu, inspired by other similar-sounding team names like Heart of Midlothian and Heart of Oak. I was about to call it Pearl of Oahu, but even though that sounded better to me, it made more sense for the team to represent either the city they play in, or the entire state. The colors I picked are sea green and black. I already made a home kit for this, but I'll wait to post it until I get some feedback. Thanks.
  16. I've decided to put all my soccer concepts into one thread. For starters, I'll repost the few concepts I've already done, and then put any new ones I make here as well. REAL SALT LAKE Home Change Third VIRGINIA CAVALRY FC Home Change Third EDIT I'm going to organize these concepts more by turning it into a project, a vision of what MLS should look like in the future. A few others have tried this, and now I will. The year is 20XX. MLS now controls the top two divisions of the American Soccer Pyramid, taking the NASL name. Each division will have 24 teams, making a total of 48. The top three of the D2 teams, called the Beta League, will be promoted to the top division, or the Alpha League. The last three of the Alpha League will be relegated to Beta status. Here's the team list. Teams with a * are ones I've already done. NASL Alpha West Division Los Angeles Aztecs* Los Angeles Galaxy* San Jose Earthquakes* Portland Timbers* Seattle Sounders FC* Vancouver Whitecaps FC* Real Salt Lake* Colorado Rapids* Dallas Cowboys SC Houston Dynamo* Minnesota Stars Sporting Kansas City* East Division Chicago Fire* Gateway Athletic (St. Louis)* Columbus Crew* DC United* Toronto FC* Montréal Impact* New England Revolution* New York Red Bulls* New York Cosmos* Philadelphia Union* Fort Lauderdale Strikers Atlanta Silverbacks NASL Beta West Division Edmonton Drillers Chicago Sting Alleghenny Athletic Assn. (Pittsburgh) Tulsa Roughnecks Pearl of Honolulu FC Arizona Las Vegas Eleven Deportivo San Diego* Calgary Aurora Bavarian SC (Milwaukee) San Antonio Scorpions Saskatoon Gold East Division Tampa Bay Rowdies Puerto Rico Islanders Ottawa Dominion Carolina Flight Crossroads FC* (Indianapolis) Rochester Lancers Cleveland Wanderers Terra Nova FC (St. John's, NF) The City Beautiful (Orlando) Brooklyn Italians* Spirit of Detroit Virginia Cavalry FC*
  17. Hey guys, This is a "rebranding" of the short lived San Francisco Golden Gate Gales. The team played one season in the NASL during the 1967 season. After searching through a couple old NASL logos, I saw this gem of a logo and thought it'd still be a great look for a NASL team. I thought the name was pretty cool too. I played with the color of the logo as well as got rid of a couple minor details (lining at bottom and soccer ball) Introducing, the San Francisco Gales!
  18. Hi everyone, I'm working on a concept for a Quebec city based soccer team and was looking for feedback. In theory, this team would play in NASL and would get a rivalry going with the new Ottawa Fury FC team and with the MLS' Montreal Impact. My concept is farely simple and based on the Paris Saint-Germain appelation and on the city's coat of arms. For any of you that failed their geography classes, the "Saint-Laurent" is the river that crosses the Province of Quebec. I wanted to use some blue as it's basically mandatory for any Quebec city sports team, and was debating between green or yellow as a secondary color. As you can see, I went with 2 tones of blue and with yellow, also using it for my clash kit. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Also consider that all of this was done using MSPaint. Thanks in advance, -LG-
  19. MLS has released their 2013 Season Schedule. A few tidbits from the article: The 2013 Season begins March 2 (earliest start ever!). The season will last 35 weeks and each club will play 34 matches, 17 at home and 17 away. Each club will play the same in-conference matches as out-of-conference matches. RIVARLY WEEK: Eight of the nine matches in Week 3 of the 35-week season will pit regional rivals against one another. More than 90% of matches will fall on the weekends or holidays, with none affecting FIFA World Cup Qualifying. The MLS Cup Final will again be hosted by the club with the better record. However, the Final will either be on December 7 or 8.
  20. Saathoff's Soccer Concepts This is the topic for all my soccer concepts. There will be multiple series included in the topic. Current Series: The Future of North American Soccer 2024 Table of Contents: North America Seattle Sounders FC Athletic Club of California - MLS Portland Timbers FC - MLS New York Cosmos - NASL Chivas USA - MLS Europe: West Ham United F.C. - English Premier League
  21. I just learned that the NASL's newest team, located in Loudoun County, Virginia, will be called the Cavalry. They also released a placeholder logo (I hope it's a placeholder,) which can be viewed at the mothership. Ironically, the placeholder was my main inspiration for this concept, with a horse rampant as the main element. The home kit: Their colors are chocolate and cream, which would give them a unique look in the NASL, and would be appropriate enough for a team called Cavalry. Mars Inc. is headquartered in NoVa, and I knew a candy logo would look great on an already delicious-looking jersey, so I chose M&M's as VCFC's sponsor. The change kit: Same as the home but the colors are switched around. The third kit: This one is based on Loudoun County's coat of arms, which provides another unique color scheme of red and teal-ish green. The back of the neck shows the county's motto: "I byde my tyme." So what do you guys think? C&C, please and thank you.
  22. Hi everyone. Just found this great community and have spent hours now going through some terrific concepts. I thought I would share my idea for Ottawa's new NASL team. My proposed name is Ottawa Confederation FC. The crest was thrown together rather quickly as I was more interested in the kit/colours concept. Comments would be greatly appreciated.
  23. When the Silverbacks announced that they would be holding a contest for their new logo, I was pretty hyped. I actually had this idea swimming around in my head for some time. Here's my idea for their new badge.. The colors are bright orange, the color of a peach, and navy blue. The mascot logo was hand-drawn my me. I was going for a vintage look, something that could become a classic. I think I drew the most inspiration from this old logo I found some time ago... It belongs to Barnsley FC, a team in the FL's Championship Division. Not sure if they're still using it anymore. Anyway, I need your most honest opinions about this, because I plan on submitting this on the contest. Thanks a lot!