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  1. This is the latest iteration of a project that I've been working on for quite some time. I've never completely finished it, for one reason or another. Anyway, this is my vision of what the league could look like if it was Nike that had the exclusive contract with the league rather than Reebok followed by Adidas. The jersey template is based on pre-2014 Nike designs, so no flywire collars. Those look stupid. (No longer true as of the 2022 iteration of this project - the template is now based on the 2022 jerseys.) Following the real-life example of Nike and the NBA, every team will have four jerseys. However, they won't follow the same pattern as the NBA, i.e., teams can wear whichever jerseys they want whenever they want. The Nike NHL teams have one dark home jersey, one light road jersey, one dark alternate jersey and one light alternate jersey. Teams still wear dark colors at home and light colors on the road. Anyway, on with the show. NEW TEMPLATE Western Conference Pacific Division (5/8 primaries done, 0/8 alternates done, 2/? heritage done) Anaheim Ducks - PRIMARY Calgary Flames - HERITAGE Edmonton Oilers - PRIMARY HERITAGE Los Angeles Kings - PRIMARY San Jose Sharks Seattle Kraken - PRIMARY Vancouver Canucks - PRIMARY Vegas Golden Knights Central Division (6/8 primaries done, 2/8 alternates done, ?/? heritage done) Arizona Coyotes Chicago Blackhawks - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars - PRIMARY Minnesota Wild - PRIMARY Nashville Predators - PRIMARY ALTERNATE St. Louis Blues - PRIMARY Winnipeg Jets - PRIMARY Eastern Conference Metropolitan Division (8/8 primaries done, 1/8 alternates done, 1/? heritage done) Carolina Hurricanes - PRIMARY Columbus Blue Jackets - PRIMARY New Jersey Devils - PRIMARY New York Islanders - PRIMARY HERITAGE New York Rangers - PRIMARY Philadelphia Flyers - PRIMARY Pittsburgh Penguins - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Washington Capitals - PRIMARY Atlantic Division (8/8 primaries done, 2/8 alternates done, ?/? heritage done) Boston Bruins - PRIMARY Buffalo Sabres - PRIMARY Detroit Red Wings - PRIMARY Florida Panthers - PRIMARY Montreal Canadiens - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Ottawa Senators - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Tampa Bay Lightning - PRIMARY Toronto Maple Leafs - PRIMARY ORIGINAL TEMPLATE Western Conference Pacific Division (8/8 primaries done, 8/8 alternates done) Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes - PRIMARY PRIMARY REVISED ALTERNATE Calgary Flames - VINTAGE Edmonton Oilers Los Angeles Kings - PRIMARY ALTERNATE VINTAGE San Jose Sharks Vancouver Canucks - PRIMARY/ALTERNATE REVISED VINTAGE Vegas Golden Knights - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Central Division (7/7 primaries done, 7/7 alternates done) Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Dallas Stars - PRIMARY/ALTERNATE REVISED Minnesota Wild - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Nashville Predators - PRIMARY ALTERNATE St. Louis Blues - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Winnipeg Jets - PRIMARY ALTERNATE VINTAGE Eastern Conference Metropolitan Division (8/8 primaries done, 8/8 alternates done) Carolina Hurricanes - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Columbus Blue Jackets New Jersey Devils - PRIMARY ALTERNATE New York Islanders - PRIMARY ALTERNATE PRIMARY/ALTERNATE REVISED New York Rangers - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Philadelphia Flyers - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Pittsburgh Penguins Washington Capitals - VINTAGE Atlantic Division (8/8 primaries done, 8/8 alternates done) Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres - PRIMARY PRIMARY REVISED/ALTERNATE Detroit Red Wings - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Florida Panthers - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators - PRIMARY PRIMARY REVISED/ALTERNATE VINTAGE Tampa Bay Lightning - PRIMARY PRIMARY REVISED/ALTERNATE Toronto Maple Leafs - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Defunct Teams Atlanta Thrashers - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Hartford Whalers - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Quebec Nordiques - PRIMARY ALTERNATE World Cup of Hockey Canada - PRELIMINARY FINAL Czech Republic Finland Russia Sweden - PRELIMINARY FINAL United States - PRELIMINARY FINAL
  2. You know which jersey I love (and it’s not from my favorite NHL team in the Boston Bruins)? This blue jersey that the Washington Capitals wore from the late 90’s to the early 00’s.
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