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  1. Being pushed full-time from work to college and back to work, NationStates is for what I do most of my concepts these days. I'll skip the long explanation: Lisander is a nation running in NationStates, where we write tournaments with community generated results. It's a place somewhat akin to the late Sports Fan Fiction forum. However, as usual, no results or simulations here. I'm here to show and tell logos and uniform concepts. This topic, even if not exactly a series (I'll go back and forth here, probably moving from football to basketball before returning to football and maybe getting some other sports in the way) ,it's something done in the long term, without haste. Sometimes it may happen that I want to go back and try to correct something. I might try replacing a recolor with an original logo. But maybe I don't like what I've done so much that I go back to the old one. I'm not too worried about using clip-arts or bought logos, I might actually use clip-arts and generic block logos sometimes. Not every team is going to have a 100% original identity. It's not like that in reality and I don't see the problem in being like that in this project. Currently, most of the College Action there is centered in Football and Basketball. With the College Football having signups open, seemed to be the best moment to work in my own system. Around March, when the College Basketball get into action, I'd give it some work too. For now, I have two logos. First is the Coat of Arms of Liga Acadêmica Nacional (National Academic League), the NCAA counterpart in that nation, in both "heraldic" and "badge" form. While studying Heraldry, I learned the fact that Coats of Arms are not exactly drawings, but representations of a concept. That said, even if it's presented in the form of a badge that can fit better in a football jersey, it will keep being the same Coat of Arms, or as they say in heraldic lingo, "blazon". First, I thought in having the badge in a less-heraldic style, but it wouldn't look as nice as a badge. I'm still not sure where I'll use these exactly, but they're a nice start. Okay, now moving from Academics to Football proper. Following, the logos for College Football Division. Well, that's not the most original thing in the world. References to current College Football logo are too obvious to ignore, but I think it works decently for NationStates, where people usually don't do that kind of graphics. I was searching for that faux-3D style, to have jerseys something like this:
  2. Hey, hello again! Some of you will remind of my previous topics about my NationStates nation, Lisander. Resuming the story in four sentences, to avoid being hit by Banhammer (as Sports Fan Fiction years ago): NationStates is a role-playing game where each user creates (and controls) one (or more nations). My nation there is named Lisander. I'm active in the NS Sports forum, where people simulate and roleplay sports events between nations. I'm a graphic designer and a long time member of this forum, and I love to design stuff to the teams of my nation. Enough talk about the basic idea, let me explain the concept on this topic: We're having Olympics right now, also in NationStates. Some users (myself included) are writing lots of stuff about hundred of athletes and various sports, like Association Football, Basketball, Judo or Sailing. Being myself a graphic designer for the last 10 years in my life, I went to design a lot of stuff, but I've never participated in Olympics before, so there's a lot of stuff I could design this time. Now, to some concepts: Firstly, I bring the National Olympic Committee Logo. It's simple, coat-of-arms-esque and includes the Olympic Star, the NationStates equivalent to the Olympic Rings (that does not exist in that forum). I also designed a version of this logo with the Real Olympic Rings, just for fun.
  3. Long time no see, fellow readers and concept creators! Currently, when I'm not working, I can be found on NationStates, managing my nation, called Lisander. I may have posted some stuff from there before, but I'm not sure. For today, I have some Basketball-related stuff. Probably not in the best format to be presented (since I'm irretrievably lazy) and even with some clip-arts recolors and logo edits (Since I'm doing this just for fiction. If you don't like it, you always can ignore), I've been working in SuperLiga. Since Lisander is a somewhat European nation, I decided to go mostly FIBA-inspired. The League Logo League Map Some half-assed uniforms should be up next, probably later today or early tomorrow.
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