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  1. It's been almost a full year since I completed my NHL crossover series and over 10 months since I last posted a concept series of any kind... until now, that is! It's time to wrap up the crossover series with the NBA. This was a little more difficult than the previous two as the NBA requires a basketball to be a part of at least one logo. Most teams have a ball in their primary logo, so I had to either edit the original logo, or in one particular case, go with a brand new logo. Not all of these will be direct crossovers as I focused on what made the best football uniform and not so much making an exact crossover, so you may see some elements from each team's past. I'll start the series with each team's home and road uniforms and, depending on reception, will post alternates and maybe even defunct teams at the end. Without further ado, here is the Atlantic Division, starting with the Boston Celtics: Pretty straight-forward. A classic team deserves a classic uniform set. To add a modern twist, I added metallic helmet decals, similarly to the University of Texas' helmets. Gold-infused and BFBS alternate uniforms coming soon. Brooklyn Nets: In reality, the Football Nets wouldn't be named the Nets. They'd probably be the Americans, but I decided to run with it. I used the script from the team's early years in New York and applied it to the helmets. The B-Shield logo makes a return to the chest. Each stripe features a sublimated herringbone pattern similar to their court. Gray and fauxback alternate uniforms coming soon. New York Knicks: The subway token logo makes a comeback as the team's primary logo. Like the Nets, the Football Knicks would likely have a different name. The Knicks have a pretty clean identity and one of the best color schemes in the league. The silver helmet and pants help the colors pop even more. Orange alternate and throwback uniforms coming soon. Philadelphia 76ers: "76" appears on both sides of the helmet. Thirteen stars adorn the jersey and pants, with three on each sleeve, three on the left side of the pants, and four on the right. The helmet stripe mimics the pants and jersey striping with (roughly) 13 stars. Red alternate uniform coming soon. Toronto Raptors: Decided to go back in time and revamp the raptor from the previous generation and use him as the primary logo, which appears on the helmet. Other than the logos, the uniforms are based on the current threads from the side panels used as the sleeve stripes, and the T-shorts stripe translated to the pants. Black and Drake-inspired alternate uniforms coming soon. Tomorrow's batch of teams will come from the Pacific Division. As always, comments, critiques, and constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!