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  1. Hello again. I recently made a different topic similar to this one about the possibility of Under Armour taking over the NBA, however now we learned that Nike is the frontrunner. I have made previous concepts, but I have revised some. I have not included the brand because it is just a concept not based on previous uniforms made by other manufacturers. Revised Bucks Uniforms with Current Logos/Colors I will post my updated Supersonics and Timberwolves concepts in the near future, and also an alternate for Portland, along with redesigns for the Clippers and Raptors (Huskies). Tell me what you think! Bucks Logos, Colors, and Wordmarks Bucks Away: Bucks Home: Bucks Alternate:
  2. While the Hawks brought "back" the "Pac," their uniforms still reek of a generic uniform and rebrand that has been pretty unpopular with fans. I've always been a proponent of the Hawks going all the way back to their 90s color scheme, but with the new logo and a slight rebrand this past year, I wanted to give them uniforms to match. For context: The Hawks not only unveiled the pac logo, but also have pretty much phased out the Hawk head and the full-body Hawk. However, the uniforms remain similar, with logo replacements being the only changes, and the court, to me, doesn't reflect their new identity. If you check out the team's website, social media, etc., there's been a new emphasis on red, with blue becoming much more of an accent. When I think of the old brand, I think of beveled lettering where navy blue and silver stand out, and piping that also brings the blue and silver into the forefront, with red as the accent. While the team has changed its image, the uniforms remain primarily white, navy, silver and red. So here's a change that reflects their new identity, which has focused on clean and simplistic presentation and A LOT OF RED.
  3. EDIT: Wrong thread. Woops. I've been swamped with life lately and have not really been able to commit to a concept series, but I got around to a doodle or two today. I wanted to try my hand at making the sleeved NBA jerseys applicable enough for standard home and away uniforms. I also decided to add sponsor patches to the jerseys. I've worked on a few other teams here as well, but won't commit to a series right now. I will share the updated team name/city/color palette graphic I made. I'll try to make additions in this thread in the future, but for now, here's the Hawks in red, black and gold!