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  1. Omaha Transcontinental FC is a Major League Soccer team, located in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha is known as being a sports city (it is known as the "amateur sports capital of the world"), however, currently it has no professional sports teams. Any team that would be located there would have a high probability for success. The name "Transcontinental" comes from the fact that Omaha was the starting point for the First Transcontinental Railroad across the United States. Omaha is home to the headquarters of the Union Pacific Railroad, the largest railroad company in the United States, and has a strong association with the railroads and trains in general. Additionally, Omaha is home to many very wealthy people, so that would provide opportunities for local investment and ownership. Badge Description: A 3-pointed shield, with two crossed lines to appear as railroad tracks, with a golden spike (which was used at the symbolic completion of the Transcontinental Railroad), and a soccer ball. Uniforms Description: Features the team's colors (gold on black for home, black on gold for away), with a set of parallel lines running diagonally across the torso (to represent railroad tracks), fading off to the bottom corner. The jersey sponsor is the Union Pacific Railroad. Logo on Backgrounds Promotional Poster Description: Features the Omaha skyline and the club's badge, with the hashtag #HellOnCleats. When the Transcontinental Railroad was built, the moving "town" that followed the workers was known as "Hell On Wheels". From that, the phrase "Hell on Cleats" comes (soccer players wear cleats). Stadium Union Pacific Stadium (would be a new stadium, total capacity: 62,000) Would be shared with the NFL Expansion team, the Omaha Engineers (Concept: . I know on there it says "Locomotives", but the concept, logo, and uniforms would stay the same, the name would just be changed to "Engineers".). The capacity would probably be reduced for soccer, probably only keeping the lower 3 tiers and end seating open.
  2. Once again; this would not end up being used by the school. They have tooooo much invested in Herbie looking guys. But I tried to think of some mascots that fit the name, region, and aren't human. Because let's face it, it won't be long until all human mascots will offend someone. My 2 options here are: Raccoon- They are always raiding the corn fields, cribs, and silos. They are from the animal family Musteloidea so they fit in the BIG10. They have peopleish hands so to get to the corn they actually husk it. They are un-used in D1. Drawback- many farmers hate them. Scarecrow- They are associated with fields/corn fields. Human-ish so it's not as far of a move from Herbie. They are un-used in D1. They are often stuffed with corn husks. Drawback- seem to be either too creepy or too friendly. Here are the looks: Raccoon: Not sure about the eyes A B Scarecrow: Let me know what you think. If you think they should just have a Herbie, then explain why in a way that is not "because that's what they've always had".
  3. Hey guys! I've been seeing a lot of amazing works come through my Twitter feed, and it really struck me that I need to always be refining my techniques. So I put this together this weekend in probably a couple hours time. What do you think?
  4. Hey CCSLC'ers, I suppose the concepts section is the best place to post this, even though it's audio and not design work like most of what gets put up here. You may be aware that Nebraska uses the song "Sirius" (Alan Parsons Project) as part of their entrance before games. Yes, it's a bit of a dated tune, but Nebraska started using it a few decades ago so it's become tradition. You may recognize it as the theme the the Chicago Bulls used in the Jordan-Pippen era, and from the research I've done, it's a bit inconclusive as to whether NU or the Bulls started using it first. Anyway, this is my attempt at remixing the tunnel entrance music. Note, I didn't actually remix the underlying "Sirius" tune - it's the Pretty Lights version - but I did compile all the audio clips and leveling to make this a uniquely "Husker" version of the song. This is a semi-ongoing project as I update the version every few years with current audio clips and new playcalls (see: 2013 Hail Mary against Northwestern). Take a listen and I welcome your feedback. Apologies in advance to fans of Oklahoma, Mizzou and Colorado - your teams are on the receiving end of some of these highlight playcalls.
  5. The Nebraska Tourism Commission has recently changed their official slogan to "Nebraska Nice". (story here) I'm not sure if we even had a "slogan" per se before, but if you were to ask around, I'd bet most people would say that it's "The Good Life". Again, I don't know if this was ever an official slogan of the Tourism Commission, but it can be found on every road sign entering the state and any number of state souvenirs. I had heard that they were considering changing it a while ago, but I just now found out what they came up with: Nebraska Nice. My initial reaction was that it's absolutely terrible, but after thinking about it for a while, I came to think's still horrible. Nebraska Nice? It's bad for a number of reasons. The grammar is a bit confusing. Which word is the adjective? What's nice about Nebraska? Is Nebraska a form of nice? Are there different types of nice for each state? Or is supposed to be read like a caveman? Iowa Bad. Nebraska Nice. Or is it a statement? "Nebraska [is] nice." The main tourism site reads "Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice." across the top. This makes their vision a little more clear. It appears "nice" in this instance is meant to mean a state of mind. The general kindness of Nebraska residents and the slowed-down lifestyle of the state. Fair enough. I'm still not sold on the new slogan. In the American English vernacular, "nice" can have a few different connotations. It can be used to describe both the overwhelming spectacularity of something (damn, that is a nice car) or used to downplay something or use it simply for lack of a better word. I'll echo the statements of a woman in the article I linked to above: it just plays into the stereotype of Nebraska being, just... nice. Pretty boring for the most part, but nice. While I can't argue against that statement, I don't think it's the best decision for a tourism slogan. I was relieved to find out that "The Good Life" slogan that is found throughout the state is not going anywhere. Hopefully, the Nice slogan will only be used on the website and other tourism brochures/booklets, and that I can live with. But that didn't stop me from wanting to try my hand at giving "The Good Life" a facelift. The current signs are a bit dated, as you will see below. They feature a variety of graphics including a cowboy/horse, the Capitol Building, and Chimney Rock, among other things. All of these are placed in front of either a yellow or orange sun. They also all read "Home of Arbor Day" across the bottom. Which, is great and all, but it just seems like an odd thing to have on every sign entering the state. Ideally, I would want Nebraska to have a consistent design on every state entrance sign, similar to Colorado. Green metal signs along the highway/interstate are played out, and I love the idea of Nebraska having wooden, hand-painted signs. I will post a mock-up of a wooden sign later, but for now, let's get to the logo. I wanted the logo to have one main iconic feature, which in this case is the N. It also features a cornrow design, for obvious reasons. I want the logo to have a sort of retro-modern look: something that looks like it's been around a while, and could also be used for years in the future. I haven't settled on one singular logo, but I have quite a few variants of the same thing. I also mocked up what it would look like on a green roadside sign, and I will work on a wooden sign design in the near future. Please feel free to post your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks for checking this out.
  6. What started as a Twitter joke has now become reality. If you're unfamiliar, some jokester created @FauxPelini as a tongue-in-cheek parody of NU coach Bo Pelini. A large part of the gag is photoshopped images of "Pelini" holding various cats, and typically wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. The actual coach Pelini has tweeted a few times back and forth with his alter ego and mentioned it in press conferences. But things got brought to a new level when Pelini led the Huskers on the field for Saturday's spring game carrying a cat. More:
  7. Hello all, I don't post here much anymore, just mostly scroll and read. But I found something I think is worth sharing and that might be of interest to fellow sports nerds. I'd seen this article shared on Facebook a few times and decided to take a look today. It's a very interesting piece on the disappearance of small town football in the state of Nebraska. It doesn't sound like the most exciting topic, but I wanted to share this with those of you that come from bigger high school backgrounds and maybe don't understand the scale of just how small a small school can be. I myself live in a small town in Nebraska (pop ~1,000), but even I didn't fully realize the scale of things when it gets down to the lower classes of high school football. My school is average size for our area, at around 400 students in K-12. Most Nebraska schools have your standard 11-man teams, and quite a few play 8-man. Then there are 15 schools that play 6-man. This story follows one of the 6-man teams in the state, playing their final games ever before merging with another nearby school. Anyway, I just thought I'd share this and try to give people perspective on how small of a scale some schools operate in Nebraska. The link is below:
  8. Nebraska basketball has never been much to talk about, but the university is in the midst of massive upgrades to Pinnacle Bank Arena where the hoops teams play, as well as several other sports like volleyball. They just unveiled the new floor design, which I like. I love the simplicity of the two-tone wood, and the state silhouette at center court is a nice touch.
  9. Last year, Nebraska unveiled alternate uniforms against Wisconsin. Initially, the fan base reacted negatively since Nebraska has always clung to a traditional look, but eventually most warmed to the idea of an alternate uniform once a season as a way to attract recruits. Below is what the team actually wore: One of the biggest gripes was BFBS, but personally I enjoyed seeing the black lids and even the black stripes. But what I did not enjoy was that black was added essentially at the expense of white. Nebraska has used a red/white combination for over a century and aside from a key line around the numbers and player name, this uniform is devoid of white completely. Below is my attempt at a concept that addresses this problem. I've kept the black numbers with white key lines, but swapped the giant "Chest N" and front number to resemble a more traditional jersey look. I kept the black lid, but added a consistent stripe pattern that goes across sleeves and pants as well. As a "concept," this is nothing earth-shattering but it hopefully is a look that Nebraska could rock without upsetting too much of the fan base. Thoughts?