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  1. Overview: Here is the second jersey redesign concept ive done. As we all know, mardi gras colors are an iconic color combination signature of New Orleans. There has been sort of a debate over the years about whether or not the team should rebrand to these colors. although i cant really pick a side, i feel like it was only right to at least make a concept. i of course am an amateur designer (i made all this on my phone) so please excuse the roughness. for this concept. I was inspired by the three identities that basketball in New Orleans has had. There's design elements from the New Orleans Jazz, Hornets, and of course Pelicans. And obviously, as a whole this concept was inspired by the city of New Orleans and Mardi Gras. i was also inspired by a lot of other concepts ive seen on the internet as i did some research. The Association and Icon Uniforms: For these jerseys i started off with a subtle fleur de lis pattern as the first layer of the jerseys. it's pretty subtle because i didnt want the jerseys to be overly busy so you might have to look closely. on top comes the biggest design element which are the multicolored pinstripes (callback to the new oreleans hornets days.) the pinstripes i made resemble mardi gras beads. and lastly goes the wordmark and numbers. I made the first and last letters a little taller to represent the bridges of new orleans (but honestly i just did it because it looked cool.) Also added a tricolor collar which has been a popular design choice for the pelicans over the years. For the shorts it's pretty simple it just matches the jerseys but i threw in this little secondary logo i sorta made (ill get to that later) The Statement Uniform: I was crossed between making a green or a gold jersey, but i really wanted a jersey to emphasize the unity of the mardi gras colors. so instead i opted for a midnight indigo color inspired by the 2022 city edition jerseys. to represent the nightlife of the city and provide fans with a much more slick and wearable color. and with this color it leaves room for design elements that feature all three colors of mardi gras together and not separated. as you can see i did that by usinga repeating mardi gras pattern on the collar, arm holes, waistband, and shorts trim. (which actually resembles mardi gras king cake now that i think about it) I used the popular NOLA wordmark from the 2021 city edition jerseys (they resemble a flock of birds formation if you couldn't tell) then i gave that wordmark and numbers a tri color outline. on the side of the jersey goes three different colored fleur de lis. and on the shorts is a big pelican silhouette logo. again, i really wanted to emphasize the unity of mardi gras colors on this jerseys since the other two jerseys dont really do that outside their collars and shorts trim. The Logos: All i really did was just recolor the current logos. I came up with the idea of two-toned wings because i wanted to keep a balance of green and gold. same idea goes for the two toned outlines that all the logos have (the pelicans came up with that not me.) for the main logo i adjusted the bottom letters to use the official pelicans font (and added some shadow for it to stick out.) unfortunately i couldnt do the same for the other logos that have letters due to spacing issues. also if you're wondering where that 6th logo is from it was from the 2014 new orleans all star game. i of course recolored it and cut off the big star part of the logo. The Main Court: I wanted to keep the core design of the current team that im sure we all recognize. So with that all i really did was just recolor the court. I made the base color of the court purple and the wordmarks yellow. i wanted to involve green so i added a green frame design (similar design to the new orleans jazz court) Used the fleur de lis logo at center court to really just embody the city since this is the main court. also a small touch i did was add some shadow to the baseline wordmarks to help them stick out a bit more. (fun fact ive posted this same design a bunch of times already all over the internet over the past several years so forgive me if you've seen this same design for the hundredth already lol.) The Statement Court: The pelicans have never had an alternate court before so i thought it would be cool to make one. Especially since the statement jersey i made is a whole different color from the main two. (i've also used this same concept for the 2022 city edition jerseys you can find that in my court concepts thread.) But anyways, i wanted to go a more traditional route with this court (ironically for an alternate court.) solid dark base color all throughout. solid yellow wordmarking. an just the main logo at center court with secondary logos in the arc. the special design element here is the tricolor paint area which like the statement jerseys, emphasizes the unity of the mardi gras colors. Conclusion: So yup i guess that's everything. I might make some edits after i post this but generally speaking i think i got everything i wanted covered. Also i have no idea how the colors translate to everone else's screens because viewing this from my laptop looks much different from my phone, so theres that lol. But yea let me know what you guys think, thank you everyone seeing this for your time.
  2. I want The too teams to go back to basic and rename and change logos
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