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  1. Hello. Alright, so this is my last summer before I go off to college, and it's unlikely I'll have much free time to do any more projects for the concepts forum. But I do have time this summer for one final series. I've always wanted to do my own imaginary sports league. Raysox's Yakball was the most in-depth and detailed new sport thread we've had here. There were a few copycats, but none of them felt very well thought-out. I've had an idea for this new sport in my head for quite sometime, but I never really went anywhere with it. The idea is a team sport using paddles/racquets. We have tennis, squash, racquetball, and any number of variants, but no true team sports. What I want to create here is a face-paced team sport that is (as far as I know) unlike any other. I'll include my full synopsis, rules, etc in spoiler tags below. Here's a brief explanation: The sport is called bounceball. 6 players per team each have a paddle, and play both offense and defense, with no goalkeepers. The goal is just that, to score a goal by getting a 5" rubber ball into the goal using their paddle. The game is played on a hockey rink-sized court with indoor soccer-like goals. The court is angled rather than rounded. The court is "sunk" into the ground beneath the crowd about 10 feet. This means there is a 10' wall surrounding the entire court, with see-through netting above that (like a hockey rink). This is meant to encourage passes/shots off the walls. Like basketball there are 2-pt and 3-pt lines. There is no clock. The first team to score 15 points wins. Here's a rough example of what a bounceball court would look like: Basic Rules Equipment Objective Gameplay Officiating Fouls, Violations, and Suspensions Penalty Shots For those of you that read through all that, this will help you get a better idea of the court: And that about covers it. Now about the league. Originally I had wanted the sport to be called paddleball, but it turns out there already exists a sport with that name (you wouldn't believe how many unknown sports there are). So I decided upon bounceball. After all, that's what the sport is all about, the bounce of the ball. There will be 8 teams in the league to start out with. Obviously this whole project isn't going to be 100% realistic, but it makes sense for a new sport to start out small. Also, I will be creating entirely original identities for every team, and I wouldn't be able to complete 30-32 teams in time. I've come up with 20 potential markets for NBF teams. I plan on using cities that don't have more than 2 other teams in the Big 4 sports leagues. NBF TEAMS Omaha Pioneers Las Vegas Flyers Virginia Captains Austin Jackalopes Milwaukee Hops Portland Axemen Buffalo Blizzards Memphis Kings The rest is up for debate. I don't want this thread to start out as a name-the-team contest, but I am open to suggestions. If I come up with any more ideas I'll post them above. Right now I'm just looking for comments/criticism on the sport in general. I'm almost done with Omaha, so I will probably post it in a couple days.
  2. Now, obviously Quidditch is the fictional sport from Harry Potter, is played on flying broomsticks, etc. Buuuuut… Muggle Quidditch is not played on flying brooms, and holds a lot of popularity on some college campuses. What it really needs, I thought, is to be brought to the masses. Make it a sport that everybody can play and everybody can love, and that can fill up some empty arena dates in the spring/summer/fall when there is no basketball or hockey. Make it something everyone will want to watch. I worked out an indoor ‘pitch’ for the game, and the rules. I’m not much of an artist but I do plan to do some team concepts nonetheless, and what I hope for is a group project where anyone who wants to could submit their own ‘Arena Quidditch’ team. A community project, basically. As far as rules go, many are taken straight from the International Quidditch Association. They have the idea, but what I’ve done is moved the game indoors, and turned the game from a campus lark to something that could become a major sport. *please suspend your disbelief* Now, the Arena Quidditch Association is an international sport structure that maintains the rules of the indoor game, and organizes the game into levels and leagues, much like FIFA would for association football (soccer). There are two major top-flight leagues, one in North America and one in Europe. Like soccer, there are lower leagues and a promotion-relegation system, so that any group can attempt to become the best in the world. Each year, there would be an international tournament of the top teams from each league (including lower leagues), so that even squads who haven’t made it to the apex of the sport can still get some face time with an international audience. Arena Quidditch Association rules: The pitch: Attacking Zone Goal Hoops (centres are 36", 54" and 72" off the pitch, inner diameter of 42" each) Summary: Because the game of Muggle Quidditch first began on college campuses in the United States and Canada, the sport is most popular in college towns and among the younger demographic. However, due to the game’s associations to British literature and JK Rowling’s descriptions of Wizard Quidditch teams in the books, many (but certainly not all) teams will follow soccer naming traditions (United, City, QC, or simply a location name). The general uniform worn by Muggle Quidditch players is shorts, a short-sleeved shirt and a cape. The full robes seem overkill if you’re not able to have them trailing in the wind while flying, but if anyone has any suggestions for whether that should be considered the standard apparel for Arena Quidditch, I’d love to hear your input. That is one thing I certainly haven’t decided. Teams could be placed in any small- medium- or large-sized city or borough, as long as there is an appropriate arena available. Team names can be local, regional, etc, derived from something magical or not, a Potter reference or not, etc. Think original!