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  1. (Updated) I have updated the main post so the finalized renderings are seen first. (Still debating over final numbers. Both based off current Eagles font, but modified) Here is the remainder of the blog for how the above were created. Look through and comment I will update the finals if suggestions and changes are warranted. **** ORIGINAL POST BELOW ***** Okay, I've heard lots of talk about modernizing a throwback classic Eagles uniform but haven't seen any good renderings for what the single vision is for this. So, I took the time and created a one. There is too much discussion to me about "Kelly Green". It's more than that. It's bringing back tradition and having an identity that the loyal fan base can relate to. Lots of Kelly Green advocates seem to just want the "old" back. And this annoys the Millennials who don't care about the past...preferring cool. I just want green back (not some hipster made up color) and would love to see a return of silver. To me, the Eagles' colors should be green, silver and white. Agree??? I feel these would be some of the best uniforms in football...home or away. Your input is appreciated to fine tune them. Notes: Green - Not Kelly (50/60s), and not as dark as 80's. Hopefully modernly in between (jersey would have modern shiny shoulder/chest) Silver - The silver has a slight green tint to make it unique (pants would be shiny material) No black - removed from wing logo (any black seen is outline of drawings only) Facemask - Gray, not shiny silver Concept - Closest is Vick era throwback 50's (with shoulder stripes everyone comments on), mixed with the 80's (without overdoing the stripes), and utilizing modern helmet wing and materials
  2. I guess it's that time again -- looking forward to the uniform and logo changes in the NBA for the upcoming 2016-17 season ... THE LAST YEAR OF ADIDAS! As has been twirling around Twitter, UniWatch and the mothership (thanks to Conrad) ... the "rumored" or "semi-confirmed" changes for 16-17 include Sacramento, Utah and Detroit. Not sure if this graphic confirms a change in the Celtics' primary logo? But, I'll post it here for speculation ...
  3. I guess it's fine. It loses the identity of tying in to the urban legend of "The Lake Erie Monster". I like the uniforms.
  4. Welp, since we're starting to hear rumors of the Clippers' new logo, potential new Bucks logo, etc., etc. I figure it's time to give its' own space.
  5. A few months ago I did a Phoenix Suns rebrand concept. Over the course of the last twelve or so hours I refined the concept, created some new logos and uniforms and built a template to go with any logo design I do moving forward. So onward to my rebrand proposal for the Phoenix Suns As with last time the Primary logo is a basketball on sunburst. The sun is a giant ball of nuclear energy. That cannot be contained so putting it in a box like Phoenix's current primary seems ridiculous. Purple was a requested add from the last thread and it finds itself on the basketball and lettering to add weight. The orange used is more red than previous to help distinguish from the gold. The last go around the secondary and partial logos were just the primary more and more stripped down. This go round we actually have different marks. The S-Sun will go on the short legs of the uniforms while the PHX-Sun goes on the back of the waistband. The new Script logo I think is my biggest improvement from the previous mark. It was originally much more simple (just Phoenix as written with Suns in Orange with no outline with the Sunball over the O in Phoenix) but I happened on the idea for a thicker outline and spoked edges while designing the jersey wordmarks and carried it back over to the script logo. Uniform designs and wordmarks will go up later but here's the main logo sets for my Suns redesign? How do we feel?
  6. I have been reading this forum for years but have never actually posted anything until now. I am a high school coach in Ohio and i was looking for some advice on our uniforms. I was wondering what you guys think of our current ones (pictures to come below) and if we do upgrade within the next few years what changes would make these uniforms look better! Thanks!
  7. It seems like in the last week, everyone has taken a shot a "fixing" the new Tampa Bay uniform. So, I figured, what the hell, I'll take my shot. First, let me be clear... given some sort of "magic wand" my first choice would be to wish it away into the cornfield and make it never was. Their old uniform was awfully close to perfect... not completely but it didn't need much. I don't like the new logo, don't like the new helmet, don't like the new pewter, I despise the uniforms, and I believe they've given themselves the worst font I can remember. That said, if I'm going to do this, I want to work, at least somewhat, with what's there. So I decided to give myself the problem of keeping the new helmet, sleeve logos, and colors, and just try to fix the actual uniform. Here's my attempt...
  8. This is the first concept ive made in Paint Shop Pro. I made a few in Paint before, but this is way different. I heard a rumor that Denver is getting new unis, so I decided to try and make one.I will post an away and an alternate or two sometime, but first I want your opinion on how to improve it. Thanks.