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  1. In this series I will be re-branding all 32 NFL Team's uniforms with either Nike (Mach Speed, Pro Combat, Vapor Untouchable), Adidas (Techfit 2016), or Under Armour (Diablo). Nike/Jordan Carolina Panthers New York Jets Adidas Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minnesota Vikings New Orleans Saints Under Armour Las Vegas Raiders Atlanta Falcons Leave comments and requests of what team with what brand/template you want.
  2. A bit of an idea based off of kimball's topics. Just somewhere to put your favorites.
  3. There didn't seem to be a companion thread to "Best NFL uniforms", so here we are. I will start: I like the big logo and the chrome facemasks, but those numbers...the orange outline is neat when you notice it but what a mess of a uniform: This combo would be okay if not for the awful wordmark on the pants: Bortles himself doesn't like these:
  4. NFC NFC South New Orleans Saints:New Orleans keeps a classy look, and possibly gets classier. I've never liked how plain the Saints jerseys are, nor have I liked the way the pants stripes don't match the helmet stripes. This Saints design brings some continuity to the look. The jerseys are inspired by the throwbacks the Saints have worn recently, and the number font has been changed to better echo the identity. The white numbers and white pants are a nod to the Archie Manning era, as well. Home and Road Alternates Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta has a generic template to begin with, which was made worse when NC State and Russell Athletic copied it. The alternate red uniforms being the primaries has been a gimmick for too long, since 2004, and the unity of the overall design has not been there since the black jerseys and black pants were ditched. This uniform set brings back the home and road looks that were intended in 2003 when the new uniforms were unveiled. Also, silver pants are an addition as an alternate to resurrect the road look from the Dan Reeves era--arguably one of the best Falcons looks ever. Home and Road Alternates Tampa Bay Buccaneers: These Buccaneers threads bring an entirely new attitude to the team. Instead of resorting back to creamsicle, I decided to keep one of the best color schemes in sport and try to enhance it. Tampa Bay's uniforms have been very plain and vanilla since being introduced in 97. I wanted to really bring out the orange accents in the jersey, as well as make a more intimidating uniform. I made a custom number font that is based on the practice-jersey font the team used to wear. I also want to warn--the alternates are not for the light-hearted. Home and Road Alternates Carolina Panthers:k Panthers are black, and I wanted to make that an emphasis. I also really liked the concept helmet that floated around for a while of the oversized logo on a solid black lid, so that's what you get here! The number font is custom to add some character, and the jerseys are intended to be progressions of the current design. I also changed the shade of blue from electric to a more Carolina blue. Home and Road Alternates
  5. Merry Christmas everyone! NFC will be up soon! National Football League 2013 Redesign: The AFC Part one of this project includes redesigns for all 16 AFC teams in the NFL. Some concepts are very tame, while others are hopefully something you've never seen before. I remastered my concepts onto Andrew Harrington's template, and used the svg. helmet template that is available at the Logo Asylum forums, so please, go to those places if you want a template. You will see all of my personal taste here. I dig jersey yokes. Sometimes tradition bugs me and sometimes I have to have it, it just depends on the team. I also tried my hand at a few subtle logo redesigns. That does not mean I'm claiming the designs as my work, as many of the logo tweaks are off unused logos, or are alterations. All in all, I tried to be as creative and clean as possible with each of these. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them! AFC East Toronto Bills: Yes, I moved the Bills across the border to Toronto. Instead of trying to perfect the classic look they have now, I wanted to try to make the color scheme introduced in 2002 of navy, royal blue, scarlet and nickel, actually work. Because this is the first Canadien football team in the NFL, I wanted to give them a very CFL vibe. The Bills red streamer is echoed in the logo, sleeve and pants. This is the first blue lid for the Bills as well. Home and Road Alternates Miami Dolphins: Navy blue is out in Miami. Dolphins fans will get a little '72 vibe with these uniforms, which feature a simpler logo, which is intended to be less cartoony and also give a subtle retro feel. The cuff stripes are moved to the sleeves to be more pronounced, and the number font is now classic block. The designated home uniform is all-white, while the road features the aqua britches. Alternate clash jerseys are included as well. Home and Road Alternate Clash New England Patriots: This new get up for the Pats includes an element from just about every era of Foxboro football. The new helmet nods to the original Boston Patriots, and includes a new hat logo that goes along with Flying Elvis. The jerseys let the streamer from Elvis do the sleeve work, while the pants design terminates from a flag into the stripe design that is seen in the socks and sleeves. An alternate red jersey is now in the mix. Also, don't miss out on the return of the spangled banner jerseys. Home and Road Alternates New York Jets: These Jets uniforms are designed specifically for the style they've worn through the years, making the jersey cut issues disappear. The custom sleeve design is intended to create the loop-illusion with truncated striping, which also is a stylization of the new logo. The new JETS crest is a combination of the old script logo and the oval. Overall, it's an updated look. Home and Road Alternates AFC South Houston Texans: For the first time in team history, the Texans will have redesigned uniforms. The sleeves and pants designs are abstractions of the Texans logo, featuring the star and a banner type pattern that represents the Texas flag, to some extent. These uniforms simply scream Texas. Home and Road Alternates Jacksonville Jaguars: I'm sure most fans were underwhelmed with the Jaguars' last redesign, as it took away a great identity and left a generic and cheap looking design. The old number font and color scheme returns, and the uniform style is a progression of the current piping. The teal-flake black helmet is kept, but the Jaguar logo on the helmet is now much larger. These uniforms make gold a focus, once again, and balance the color scheme. Home and Road Alternates Indianpolis Colts: The Andrew Luck era is issued in with new uniforms that feature a darker blue and a simple update of the jerseys. The sleeves now include the Colts logo. Blue pants are also an added option, and the facemask has been changed to blue to make for a more complete look. Home and Road Alternates Tennessee Titans: The Music City's NFL team will finally have a little bit of flare in the uniforms. The sleeve design has been updated to mock the flames in the Titans logo. Red is now included in the overall color scheme, and while the jersey style is simply updated, the pants have been changed from traditional stripes to a design that complements the overall look. Home and Road Alternates **Update **Update No. 2 AFC West San Diego Chargers: Navy blue is out of the Chargers color scheme. This new uniform set focuses on a variation of the classic powder blue and yellow. The new helmet includes numerals, which is a style of the older uniforms. Also, yellow pants are a special addition that will make for, once again, one of the more unique looks in pro sports. This uniform is simpler and more vibrant. Home and Road Alternate Denver Broncos: Denver gets an update to the swoosh unis. I returned the primary jersey to blue because of preference. The new uniforms feature a modernization of the 1997 uniforms that became trademark for the team's look. The logo on the helmet is now larger. The logo is also now in the sleeves. The side panels are on this presentation are widened ever so slightly to be more visible for the sake of the concept. Home and Road Alternates Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City has one of the best NFL uniforms in my opinion, and that includes the logo on the helmet. I didn't touch much here. The sleeve and sock patterns are now stylized into a Native American pattern, while, from a distance, keeping sync with the current look. You will notice the addition of a wordmark as well. Home and Road Los Angeles Raiders: The Raiders move back to Los Angeles to satisfy the masses. With the move comes different uniforms for one of the few times in team history. The new jerseys feature a stripe that not only mimics a sword, but also is a nod to the USC Trojans uniforms. Wordmarks and trim are added to spice up the look a bit, too. And, the facemask is now black. Home and Road **Update AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers new uniforms will feature an addition of grey trim to implement the notion that they are, in fact, the "Steel" ers. The sleeve stripe is simplified to solve the jersey cut problem, and the wordmark is added onto the jersey front. Home and Road Cincinnati Bengals: This could be the most progressive design in the series. Whenever I see Bengals concepts I see a return to the design from the 90s. I wanted to try something different and carry on the whackiest uniform in the NFL to new heights. The helmet now is designed to mesh with a black-orange-white color scheme, and ultimately make the Bengals look more like actual Bengal tigers. I've always actually liked the way the Bengals colors work with eachother, including the white in the jerseys, but it just isn't done with purpose in the current set. Home and Road Alternates Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens get an update that includes the inevitable implementation of the Maryland flag into the design. The sleeves feature sublimated flag features. The gold is now more vegas gold. Sock stripes help rid of the leotard look that has haunted NFL viewers for years, and the pants get a fresh set of stripes as well. Home and Road Alternates Cleveland Browns: Finally, the Browns helmet gets a logo. Also, you will notice is very brown. I wanted the new helmet to kind of give off an old, leather helmet vibe. The logo is also on the pants stripes as well. Not much changes in the jerseys, but the pants stripe on the whites are reversed back to the more sensical order. The orange britches are back too. Home and Road Alternates **Update