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  1. Alright guys I've been working on this series pretty hard for the past couple days and haven't had too much time for anything else so I hope you guys like the work. The first team I'll be doing is the hotly debated colorado avalanche. Some people have differing opinions as to where the avalanche should take their look. I feel a combo of both the old and new would work best so that's what I attempted here. First thing I did was try to simplify the current logo by eliminating the circle from the background, reducing the amount of outlines and clean up the avalanche. I also added a similar looking mountain top design like the new avs logo and I straightened out the bottom edge. The striping pattern is a further attempt to try to include more colorado/denver flag items into the look, so i took the denver flag pattern and made it into the waist stripes which I think works as a nice way to bring back the classic mountain pattern while incorporating colorado branding which is apparently popular with the fans. The color scheme I used is just the new blue from the third jersey with the red from the colorado flag, which I think helps create some more contrast between the two colors as opposed to what we have with the current third. I also got rid of black outside from the puck in the logos which I think most people want to see.
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