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  1. As a kid, I once rented an NES game that had all 28 at the time NFL teams, and their helmet logos, and actual players. I forgot the name of that game (Tecmo Super Bowl) until college. Lately I’ve been learning more about Tecmo Super Bowl and found it interesting that they could manage to be as accurate as they were given the technological limitations of working in 8-bit programming, especially when the helmet was automatically the same color as the pants. I also find it interesting that approximately half the NFL teams have alternate uniforms in this game, presumably to avoid clashes. There really was a great deal of attention and effort put in. Anyway, I’m meaning for this thread to serve as a piggyback from this excellent thread on a Tecmo forum: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/52933-tecmo-super-bowl-uniforms-nes/ The Tecmo thread is good but leaves out a few alternates plus doesn’t show pictures of the various uniforms in action. Now we can play the game on our phones and computers and take screenshots, so I think it would be nice to visually catalogue the various uniforms used in this impressive game. I should be able to post a lot of them in the coming days if anyone can tell me what the preferred image-hosting site is these days. Also, if a mod wants to move this to a different forum, I don’t object. I'll show images of all the uniforms a given team wears in the game, and also give a brief description of the team itself in TSB. All uniforms are described as (helmet-jersey-pants). For instance, the Colts are white-blue-white.
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