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  1. With my college hockey season winding down, I find that I once again have time to post stuff on here again. I've started a bunch of projects, but haven't had the time to get them on here until now. I've got a super massive project coming soon, but I wanted to get this one up and going before I consider starting that one. Enough with that though, lets dive in. I am aware Under Armour will be getting the MLB in 2019, replacing Majestic and Nike, but I really haven't done a baseball redesign series to date (i'm not considering my Pinstriping the MLB a "redesign series"). So I thought I'd give it a go. Now traditionalists be warned. This won't be a run of the mill white/grey/color uniform set for each team. Some teams will stay traditional in that sense, others will be a little off the board. Expect some colored pants. Sleeve stripes will be bigger for most, if not all teams. Traditions will be upheld for some. But that is enough my talking, I'll let the concepts do that instead. I'm going in alphabetical order of teams, starting in the AL. I don't really have a lot of complaints with the current state of Baltimore's uniforms. Hence why there isn't a whole lot changed. I did scrap the grey uniforms in this case. -Hats/Batting Helmets - I really really really am a sucker for white panel hats. However I am not a huge fan of the cartoon oriole on the front of the hat so I changed it to the O's logo. Black hat stays pretty much the same. But on the batting helmets I used the cartoon oriole. The O's logo just didn't look right on it. BP hat is orange with the cartoon on it, and it could be snuck into the rotation of hats. -Jerseys - Again, not much is different from what is currently used. Orange jersey becomes the new road jersey, and now has the Baltimore script on the chest. Black jersey gains some white detailing and is the new alternate. BP jersey I will have fun with for all the teams. Most teams will have a logo instead of script on them and will have more modern striping. In this case, two BP jerseys for the Orioles, both have the cartoon Oriole and truncated racing stripes. Also, just to be more modern, I added a chest number. -Pants - White pants only for the Orioles. I knocked around the idea of orange or black pants but found it didn't suit the look. Plus I didn't think they'd want to look like oranges running across the field since they've tried that before. C&C welcome as always!
  2. Hello all, I am starting a MLB project. My NBA alternate universe will continue, but I will do this alongside it. The team completion order is in the spoiler: With that, here is the first team: the Baltimore Orioles! #1 BALTIMORE ORIOLES HOME AWAY HOME ORANGE ALT HOME/AWAY BLACK ALT BATTING PRACTICE All in all, this is a pretty simple set. The '60s scripts make a return, and the O's will rock the front panels - all of their caps (excluding BP) have a front panel. All caps have the 'B' in the 'Baltimore' script that I used. I took great inspiration from a Orioles concept from 2009 (a lot of my inspiration will come from here, as this is one of my favorite threads on these boards) with the checkered striping, as I like the uniqueness of it. I am also using a new BP template: mainly primary color, secondary color sleeves, and side panels (team's choice). While I didn't put a unique design in the side panels for Baltimore, I might for, say, the Yankees, which (if I do it) will have pinstripes in the side panels. I also started using a template for my designs, which will hopefully make them better. C&C is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hey guys, I made an alternate uniform for every AL team and I will make NL ones soon. These are just rough drafts but I thought I'd post them anyway. Here is the AL West first. Tell me what you think!
  4. I've been doing tweaks on the Indians uniforms so I've decided I'll tweak the other teams in the MLB including logos. I'll start with the AL East and work my way through the league. I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think. AL EAST: Baltimore Orioles For the O's primary home and away uniforms, I went with their script coloring from the 90's during the Cal Ripken Jr. Era and added the black piping. I honestly think the black script looks better and stands out more IMO. The alternate orange is unchanged except the addition of the black piping. The black alternate's script is changed Baltimore in Orange with white trim. The caps I got rid of the white and promote the away hat to the primary home and the away caps go to all black including the script O hat. UPDATE: I changed the Orioles script on the black ALT to Baltimore in orange with white trim.
  5. After the success of my New York Mets concept, and Inkscape going back to normal, I decided to try another team. Behold, the Arizona Diamondbacks (No, not D-Backs) All right, so I showed the logo first because, as you can see, it's quite a bit changed. The color scheme is now green, brown, and sand. Since the Diamondbacks have used another color scheme - purple, green, and sand - with the same logo, I did some looking around for other ideas for the logo. I came across a green, brown, and sand logo made by Tim E O'Brien. Credit goes to him for thinking up the color scheme. Now, of course, the uniforms I think the Diamondbacks are a swing and miss with their uniforms. Their cap logo is bad, and they call themselves the D-Backs. My response is to eliminate all logo except for the A and the road wordmark. Brown and green is split evenly, right down the middle. Since sand is officially a color, I made the home set sand. It's also an accent color. I also recolored the logo on the green jersey to make it more visible. This was a fun one. Enjoy!
  6. I found a baseball template on these boards, so I threw together a Mets concept. It's a very easy template to use, I might add. The Mets have a nice look, but with a couple tweeks it could become one of the league's best. The home is pretty good, but cream doesn't make sense. The Mets have used 4 road wordmarks over their 52 year history. One is a match for a wordmark they used for a couple years (with the underline, ICYDK), one that is basically a recoloring of the Yankees road wordmark, the current one that matches the Red Sox wordmark font, and one that matches the current home wordmark, which is what I used. I also made the one and only cap orange-billed, but with the regular cap logo, and all unnecessary gray is removed. This is also my first baseball concept in Inkscape, so I'm not sure how well it came out, but I decided I would go ahead and come out with it. Enjoy!
  7. I got a wild idea to tinker with the MLB logos a bit, just for fun, to create a consistent look that's nevertheless personalized to each team. So far I've gotten the AL East + Nationals + Rockies done, and I'll update this post as I finish the others. Here's an album of the first seven. They're definitely a tad rough around the edges, but overall I'm happy with how they came out. C and C is welcome!
  8. Not sure if this is the topic to upload concepts that are not sports-related. But here is a logo I designed by hand: It's about a gaming community I support called newLEGACYinc. You can check them out at: They specify on playing wrestling games, but sometimes they play sports games; and all in a parody-like comedy manner. P.S.: The logo is based on one of the L.A. Kings' alternate logos, with the alphabet based on the FSU Glades Bold font.
  9. I don't like how MLB/Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA) chooses their MVPs, Cy Youngs, Golden Gloves, etc. and having winners in both the AL and NL. I think that MLB/BBWAA should choose only 1 winner for the MVP, 1 winner for the Cy Young, and 1 winner for each position for the Golden Golves for the entire Major League. I'm fine with each league having their own players of the week or month because no one really cares about those. But I think that it's more of an accomplishment if you win the MVP of the entire Major League(30 teams) than winning the AL or NL MVP(15 teams). I known baseball is all about tradition and unwillingness to change but now baseball is expanding instant replay, possibly banning home plate collisions, etc. so why not just add this to the list to change. So how do you think MLB/BBWAA should choose the award winners?