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  1. The National Lacrosse League announced this morning that they will be expanding to San Diego for the 2018-19 season. The team will play out of the Valley View Casino Center (home to the AHL's Gulls). This will bring the league up to 10 teams for the first time since 2011. My 2 cents: I'm usually pretty opinionated about where this league expands to but I'm taking a wait and see approach on this one. The owner has deep pockets (worth almost 5 billion) and apparently has aspirations to get into the NBA as well so you'd think he'd want to put his best foot forward with this.
  2. One of the NLL's new expansion teams for the 2018-19 season has revealed their identity today, including a repurposed nickname from a different sport within the same state. My first reaction to the logo: An interesting concept (a seal wearing an anchor-shaped crown) but poorly executed (with a black head on a black hexagonal shield, it looks as much like a domestic cat as a seal).
  3. When will lacrosse become mainstream? Either the MLL or NLL, I personally prefer watching Field, but Box isn't that bad, I just can't stand the goalie uniforms. Currently the MLL has 9 teams, all along the east coast except Denver. During the 2016 offseason i specifically remember Gross explaining the expansion plan, which was to get around 14-16 teams by 2022, which included expansion in 2017 to even the field at 10 teams. Most rumors have Dallas or Houston getting a team (or even the Rochester Rattlers relocating to one of those cities) but the MLL has dismissed any rumors and Gross is stepping down this season so I doubt they'll be anything major this season. The NLL has 9 teams but they announced an expansion team to San Diego this season, and potentially Philadelphia as well. The last 4-5 seasons in the NLL have been rather stable (besides a butt load of relocation). And more and more MLL players have started playing in the NLL during the MLL offseason. But I wouldn't be surprised if the San Diego team folds in a few seasons if the owner doesn't get his desired NBA team. I could see both leagues becoming mainstream, but there's only room for one, since there's already 5 mainstream sports leagues in the US and Canada (6 if you count the CFL). I think the MLL has the greatest chance due to their growth and slow approach to 16 teams, at least compared to the MLS which started only a few seasons before it and is already pushing 24 teams.
  4. This is a rebrand concept for a Canadian National Lacrosse League team, the Toronto Rock. As far as I know, plenty of people, fans or haters, have been unhappy with the team's brand identity. People don't like the name "Rock" – same goes for the logo package. So, here are the revamped Rock: The Toronto Brave Hearts! Firstly, I think that "Brave Hearts" sounds great, heroic, bold and energetic. Since Canada is a member state of the Commonwealth of Nations, "Brave Hearts" as the team's new name is even more fitting. Plus the fact that a "Brave Heart" is also a Lacrosse slang term: two players from each team take the field, a goalkeeper and a middie. The two middies face off and go one-on-one full field until one scores! The logos (primary, secondary and word mark) should be self-explaining. Link to the current logo:
  5. I've long thought the NLL was overdue for a logo revamp, and now at long last it seems they agree with me. The new logo will be revealed two weeks from tomorrow, at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut (where the New England Black Wolves play).
  6. With the exception of 2012, at least one National Lacrosse League franchise has moved or folded after every season since 1993, when the league was known as the Major Indoor Lacrosse League. This year is no different, as not one but two of the league's nine teams have a foot out the door - in both cases, with their owners citing leasing issues at the arenas where they play. Sadly, one of those two teams is my beloved Minnesota Swarm. It is unknown where they will end up, though Nashville, of all places, seems to be the early favorite. The other is the Edmonton Rush, whose relocation threats come as the team itself is making a deep run in the NLL playoffs. Their owner has had some rather ugly, public spats with city of Edmonton over their being shut out of the Oilers' under-construction new digs. His preferred destination - Saskatoon - seems even more far-fetched, though there is already a Facebook page calling for the Rush (who have several ex-Swarm players on their roster) to take the Swarm's place in Minnesota instead. It's also possible that the Rush franchise could just fold if neither of those markets work out for them. If both teams move, that will leave only five NLL teams (Buffalo, Toronto, Rochester, Colorado and Calgary) who have survived in their current markets since the 2006 season when the Rush franchise began play.
  7. As you may be aware by now, the NLL's Minnesota Swarm, with whom I have held season tickets for the past eight years, have moved south to the Gwinnett Gladiators' arena in metro Atlanta. You'd think that, given such a long-distance relocation to a new market with a quite different local culture, the Swarm would change up their look a bit more than just slapping a different state's name on their pre-existing logo and uniform set. And, naturally, you'd be wrong. (from the team's Facebook page)
  8. I recently just finished completing a new box lacrosse/ hockey template along with a new lacrosse glove template. Also, credits to Hockeyny13 on the Cascade R Helmet template. I modified the shape of the R by using Inkscape. Anyways, here is a rebrand I did for the Chicago Outlaws of the Continental Indoor Lacrosse League. CC is encouraged and I hope you all enjoy it. A closer look at the gloves.
  9. Haven't seen this posted yet. The Philly Wings, a franchise who has been around since basically the beginning of professional lacrosse, are moving after 28 years and 6 championships. The new ownership group is the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority who also own the Mohegan Sun casino, it's arena and, the WNBA's Connecticut Sun. This will be the 2nd ownership group in the NLL that is of a Native American decent, the first being the owner of the Rochester Knighthawks. More info here. Also, in what seems to be a trend that is happening more and more, the Philadelphia Wings name and logo will remain in Philly with the hopes of securing a new ownership group to "bring back the Wings". So we'll see a new name/logo in the coming weeks. Personally I think this is a bit of a weird location to move the team to. I guess the hope is to draw from Boston, New York and, Hartford but all are far enough away that I don't really see it being a hit. Wait and see I guess.
  10. Another year, another National Lacrosse League franchise goes bye-bye, either to another city or to oblivion. It's a ritual that indoor lacrosse fans are all too familiar with. Only this time, it's not just another NLL team biting the dust, but the only one left from its inaugural season in 1987 in its original market and under its original identity. Several markets in the U.S. and Canada have been speculated as the Wings' new home, but at this point the favorite appears to be Hartford, Connecticut.
  11. In the past four years the National Lacrosse League's Stealth franchise has moved up the Pacific coast from San Jose to Everett, WA and now to the Vancouver suburb of Langley, BC. Their visual identity has become increasingly bland the farther north they've gone. Here are the various logos of the San Jose Stealth... the Washington Stealth... and now, the newly unveiled logo of the Vancouver Stealth: Now, the Washington Stealth did have a sharp-looking secondary fox logo, but it's not yet known whether that will be kept on in Vancouver Langley. (That it seems to have completely vanished from the Internet is, however, not a good sign.)
  12. A common complaint about the Swarm's jersey designs since 2009 was that the sleeve stripes obscured the TV numbers (which were the same color as the stripes) on the sleeves. No more.
  13. The awesomeness, or awfulness, depending on your POV, of the Toronto Rock's original logo is returning in 2013 with their newly unveiled third jerseys. The logo is a slightly tweaked version of the team's original logo, which can be seen here, and which most people seemed to either really love or really hate.
  14. The National Lacrosse League is gearing up for its 2013 season, and one of its oldest franchises, the Buffalo Bandits, just rolled out a long-overdue redesign of their jerseys. Pros: I like the new number font (they used to have generic block letters/numbers), and that that they've minimized the use of purple in their color scheme, which just doesn't go well with their main colors of black and orange. Cons: Piping on the shoulders, the sleeves and down the sides. And what were they thinking with the zebra stripes? I guess with no NHL this winter, Reebok finally decided to start Edge-ifying the NLL instead.