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  1. So not exactly a logo or uni design, but I enjoy making FSU wallpapers for big games, big moments or just general cool designs. I went ahead and made this for the upcoming Florida State-Alabama game this September. I tried to use a vintage fight poster theme, thus why it's a little over the top and cheesy. Enjoy!
  2. A couple years ago, a website called used to send out computer wallpapers after every single Florida State game, recapping the weekend. My dad used to save them and put them in a rotation is his desktop background. I thought this was a great idea and it inspired me to put my own spin on it. I try to make wallpapers for every big FSU event (and some just general Noles ones). With a kind-of big game against Miami coming up this weekend, here's what I came up with! P.S. Not sure if I should post this here because it's not a concept but what the hell. For more, check out the comments! Or the link to my album here --->
  3. I was bored today after class & I decided to make a Florida State hockey concept. Unfortunately FSU doesn't have an NCAA sponsored hockey team but we can dream right? Thought it turned out alright. And yes I know they are similar to the football uniforms. I like the idea of an over-arching identity for schools. DISCLAIMER: I don't pay much attention to hockey so I'm not totally sure how people usually view uniforms and what looks good/bad. I just thought these looked nice and figured I'd share. Edits 1/17/15: Shifted sleeve pattern & number down the sleeve, no more shoulder numbers changed logo on black jersey changed pattern colors on white & black jersey added captain's C moved Nike logo to the appropriate side swapped white & garnet jersey (I was informed wearing white at home was common for NCAA teams) debated adding shoudler logo, seemed too busy to me. Home (can't decide between these two): OR Away: Alternate:
  4. With the whole country following Oregon's lead, I thought "what if the Noles did that?" And here it is... P.S. I do not want this to be the case, I prefer the basic Garnet/Gold & White/Gold. Just thought it was interesting. Garnet/Black/Black - Garnet/Black/Garnet - Gold/Black/Black - Garnet/Garnet/Garnet - Gold/Garnet/Garnet - Gold/Garnet/Garnet (Current) - Garnet/Gold/Garnet - Stormtrooper - Gold/White/Gold - Garnet/White/Garnet - Gold/White/Garnet - White/White/Garnet - Gold Rush - Gold/White/White - Garnet/Black/Black -
  5. The Noles are tweaking their logo a bit, and here is my guess as to what it might look like. Feedback? ***taken from an mcrosby concept, just tweaked it a bit and added color*** For original mcrosby logo, -->