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  1. So whilst I was doing fun concepts in the main thread I was doing, I got an idea on how would non-NFL franchises cope if some of those faced each other... if I took the 32 team league ((possibly extend this to 64 if the idea works)) and split it into 8 of each of East, North, South and West then I wonder who would even take part.... in the other thread I got 8 concepts made and I didn't do any detail onto why they would exist... because they would be further explained here... so pretend the traditional NFL doesn't exist in this thread because in the US and Canada... I will be showing you who will face each other. Thanks to @mjrbaseball for this map as it is vastly detail and gives me a blueprint of where shall I put these teams down. East will be divided between Ontario/Quebec and as far as Northern Florida, North will be between Kansas/Nebraska and Ohio, South will consist of Texas to Southern Florida and West will have what's left of the states ((The line is split between Orlando with Jacksonville being in the East and Tampa Bay where Miami will be in the South.)) Now for the exceptions: The AAF won't be available as they are a recent league and I won't be doing the XFL either... too complicated and I don't fancy them to show up. No CFL teams... yeah no CFL sides so no Argos, no Tiger Cats, no BC and no Allouttes. So let's take a look at this map now as I insert the first team... Let's zoom in shall we? The first team of the Eastern Conference... HARTFORD WHALERS Now then... WHY DID I CHOOSE THE WHALERS AND NOT THE HURRICANES? Out of all the teams in the NHL, the Whalers have one of the best histories out there as well as a dedicated fanbase that love to see Pucky the Whale return someday. WHY IN THE EASTERN DIVISION? I wanted to create a classic Toronto/Quebec/Boston/New England NHL rivalry style that benefits these mostly east coast teams. IS THE RETRO KIT A REFERENCE TO NEW ENGLAND? Correct. ------- CC is always welcome, gotta know if I made the correct decision or not.