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  1. Hi, I've been reading around many forums about people expecting the team return. Many believe that the iconic logo should stay as a primary, so I've decided to work on this and propose an other version of the this logo. Watch the video of the logo reveal before (No music) & check the rest under the video. C&C are appreciated!
  2. Bonjour, everyone! It is I, your concept maker FC Macbeth. I thought I share with you a logo concept. You see, I'm trying to design an alternative logo for the Quebec Nordiques. My idea goes like this: The main basis of the logo is combine the elements of both Quebec teams: the Nordiques and the Remparts (a QMJHL team). The letters 'Q' and 'N' are well meshed together in harmony, with a hockey stick thrown in. A fleur-de-lis is feature predominately. So, here are 8 possible logo designs: Variant 1 has a Rempart on top of the logo and a white line through the middle of it, forming an 'N'. The 'Q' part comes in as the hockey stick acts as the tail of the 'Q'. On the center is the white fleur-de-lis on a blue background with a subtle cross-hatch pattern resembling a hockey goal net. Variant 2 is the same as Variant 1 except the stick is pointing downwards instead of to the right side. Variant 3 and 4 also the same except they are display on the blue background with the white outline. Variant 5-8 utilises the unused Nordiques colour scheme of navy, teal and white. So, tell me what you think is the best variant out of the 8. Oh, and C&C recommended!
  3. I personally think that some of the extinct hockey teams looked the best. The Whalers, Nordiques, Rockies, Jets, etc. had some of my favorite hockey designs ever, and instead now we get to feast our eyes on the Hurricanes and Avalanche. Sad. So, This is basically my attempt to rewrite history, if the new franchises continued the look of their formers, Starting out with the Whaler-Hurricanes. The whalers had one of the best logos in all of sports history, and awesome uniforms and color scheme to boot, which helps to make the Hurricanes design more unique. C&C appreciated, and although I have some more on tap, let me know what you'd like to see next! Thanks!
  4. Here is my new concept idea for the Nordiques... Maybe its more of a AHL looking logo rather then a NHL logo but I think its a fun idea that would represent the Nords return to any league. The igloo is the primary and the polar bear is the shoulder patch logo. Comments and critiques are welcomed!
  5. This is a Nordiques logo that came to me in a day dream, I personally love it. I have lots of hope that the Nordiques return and this is what they should look like when they hit the ice at the Centre Videotron in beautiful Quebec City. rouge bleu et blanc are the Canadiens color's as far as I'm concerned. So I went with bleus et blanc. Original draw'n by hand, this version was created on sketchbookexpress. Please Please come back Nordiques, this logo is for you IMG_8080.TIF
  6. What up everybody, this is my first post and I'm a huge hockey fan so I'll be posting a lot of hockey concepts, including this one, which is my idea for a new nordiques set. Looking for some cc, thanks!
  7. Living in Colorado, almost everyone knows the Avalanche. But I have always loved their previous brand as the Quebec Nordiques. I am thinking of starting a new series, but I just wanted to get something out there. I have started using Inkscape, and I enjoy it! It is so much more flexible than paint. So, this is my first posted Inkscape concept. This concept utilizes more red in the uniform, to add some color to it. The yolk is also a new addition. The fleur-de-lis still appear around the waist, and are also the shoulder patches. A new stripe style appears around the uniform, and there is blue pants for both the home and the road, as well as a blue home helmet and a white road one.
  8. Hello, A while back I did a nordiques concept I posted here, id thought id update the logo according to the comments, so let me know what you think.
  9. I create my logo concepts just for fun... Here's a fun idea I created for the Nordiques, I went more cartoonish with this logo style.
  10. I posted this in another thread but got rid of the puck because it looked out of place. I also added it to a jersey which I'm actually having made from a jersey website in Canada called I recommend if anyone wants a custom jersey made you check it out. You can order 1 jersey as well which is good because most sites require 12 minimum. They are great and very professional, Great customer service and quick replies to your emails you send them. (once I get the jersey in the mail in a few weeks I will post it on here)
  11. So I'm kind of taking my 90's remix jerseys and going to the next level. I'm taking defunct NHL teams and continuing there jersey history like they never left. I'm going to do the Atlanta Flames, Colorado Rockies, Minnesota North Stars, Atlanta Thrashers, Kansas City Scouts, Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets and Cleveland Barons. Here's the first team I've done The Rockies, from its 76-77 debut threw the 90's Non traditional in to the 2000's edge and the transformation from yellow gold to "golden Colorado" Vegas style gold.
  12. Hey guys. For my first post on the boards, I will be sharing some concepts with you guys. Now almost a month ago, I was hearing stuff about the NHL's possible expansion to Quebec. And I wondered, "what would those uniforms look like?". So here you go. Let's start with the home uniform. We've got a mix of vintage and modern in this concept, so here you go.
  13. My goal for 2016 is to do a total of 12 logo sets. I started sketching around a Quebec Nordiques concept to finish for January's design but then I couldn't stop and now here we are. Logos and wordmarks first. Uniforms next. When the unused concepts make their way on to this post it'll be easier to see the evolution of this logo. My original idea was to have a Fleur-De-Lis point to a lower case n with a river running in the roundel to create a letter Q and compass (since Nordiques just means Northners) however the river made the Q look too much like a fancy O and I didn't want to do a compass point north because I felt it cribbed from Winnipeg too much. The river was shortened to better imply a Q and the fleur was moved to the top of the lower case n. The n was kept lowercase to refer to the original Quebec logo without outright copying it. Red was dropped as a color (it just didn't look good anywhere on the logo or uniforms) and the Blues are both slight modifications from the blue Quebec used to use. As with the old Nordiques, the alt logo is Quebec's styled Fleur-de-lis. On all three uniforms the fluer is white with blue outlines so no other color versions of this exist. Ironically the font I used for this is called "American Captain". The same fonts are used on the uniforms. Uniforms will be up later today/early tomorrow but how do you like the new look Quebec Nordiques?
  14. With my newest NHL Expansion concept, I remade the Quebec Nordiques. I feel if Quebec is awarded an NHL team, the name Nordiques should return. With that, I don't think the logo should change much either. It's already a good looking logo. So, I decided the best way to not anger Nordiques fans, but still change the logo a bit, I simply put it in a roundel and added a darker blue to the colour scheme. I attempted to add an updated husky as an alternate but it just doesn't work, plus the fleur de lis works well as a shoulder logo. The alternate jersey is basically the old Nordiques uniform with a shoulder yoke (I think thats what its called). The logo on the alternate is also the regular logo, just with my darker blue added in. I feel that there isn't much to change with the Nordiques besides the plain uniforms, and maybe adding a bit to the logo. Hope Quebec fans like my concept. C&C appreciated.
  15. Hey Guys! Since Quebec is getting a NHL team again I have decided to make a concept. This logo is very similar to the shoulder patch that they previously wore. Once agin, a simplistic jersey that nods to the Nordiques past. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome
  16. Thoughts?
  17. It's a concept for if the Phoenix Coyotes become the Quebec Nordiques.
  18. Hello everybody! With the recent rumors going around that Quebec City, either by relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes or by expansion, will have a hockey team next year, I decided to pull out and post a concept that I made for the Nordiques a while back (it was actually part of my "What If?: NHL Style" project, that was a train wreck). I attempted to take pieces from the old Nords logo, and make a logo that would be acceptable in todays NHL. Please leave some C&C! This is not just my thread, though. If you would like to post your Nordiques concepts, go ahead! I plan on making jerseys sooner or later with this logo, but if you would like to make jerseys with the logo, be my guest! I would love to see how some of you think this logo should look on a jersey! All and all, please leave some C&C on my logo, and I can't wait to see what some of you have come up with for the Nords! Thanks for reading!