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  1. Rebrand of NPSL's Virginia Beach City FC. Link to current mark:
  2. Kind of short notice on this, but I suspect there are a few of you who would like to take a crack at it. FC Columbus, the new NPSL club, is having a contest to design their logo. They definitely need the help. Check out more information here:
  3. Yesterday I saw that the Sioux Falls Thunder FC's logo was put on the mothership. I immediatly thought "that needs to go!" So I thought I'd try my hand at making a soccer crest for them. I had several ideas in my head and whittled them all down to what I have so far. I'm thinking of scrapping that bolt all together and trying to give image to the city name Sioux (arrowhead) Falls (directional stripes that appear to waterfall over an edge). What I need help with is knowing if I'm going in a good direction for this crest or do I need to scrap this and look in another direction? Please add your thoughts. Current: Concept:
  4. Here is my rebranded Buxmont Torch FC, an NPSL team located in Bucks County, southeastern Pennsylvania. Very simple design, focusing on the substance. I simplified the color scheme, so yellow is history. As far as I know, they (still) wear orange/white uniforms, so a third color (yellow) seemed superfluous to me. The current logo looks like that:
  5. This is a rebrand of the NPSL Dallas City FC. Their current logo is from 2014. I ditched those two superfluous colors (gold and black) as well as those two lions – or whatever they are supposed to be. The shield is gone while a stylized lone star has become the centerpiece of my mark. Link to the current logo:
  6. Another NPSL identity rebrand. I've tried to improve their current mark, also a roundel, which is from 2015. Here is their current logo:
  7. Here is my latest rebrand of a North American soccer team, the NPSL Georgia Revolution FC, an organization that actually updated its logo back in January this year – in my opinion they took a couple of steps backward. I discarded the eagle as their current centerpiece of the logo and took a totally different, more historical approach; also used rather muted colors, at least partly. Current logo
  8. Back again with another little soccer/football club rebrand – this time it's the NPSL's Detroit City FC. No color scheme changes here, but a completely different design. Gone is the unique, but for a soccer club rather odd Adonis-like and very unathlectic look. My logo includes a shield divided into thirteen stars on the left and thirteen stripes on the right half underneath a ribbon, standing for the thirteen original colonies. These stars and stripes, as well as the classic fleur-de-lis, are derived from the Flag of Detroit. Current Detroit City FC logo Detroit City FC crest on burgundy (uniform) background Logo detail
  9. Hi guys. Here is another football club rebrand. It's a team from the NPSL again, the National Premier Soccer League: Miami United FC. Their current logo is, at least in my view, a complete mess. I guess they intended to avoid a run-of-the-mill look, but almost everything about this logo is eventually wrong, more or less. The only positive and mentionable fact is the color palette which therefore remains untouched: Aqua, pink (rather fuchsia, as described on the club's website), black and sand. I decided to completely discard the Miami skyline. Also gone is the terribly unfitting serif-typeface that neither screams Miami, nor soccer, but which one could easily find on a 1960's movie poster. My intention was to design a very simple logo that is easy to associate with what Miami is so very much recognizable for, besides its beaches or flamingos, namely its buildings or landmarks. So I integrated simple but typical Art Deco elements into the mark, like round-edged facade lines or the shape of era-typical neon signs. The typeface is also very Art Deco-heavy. It's a sans-serif Bauhaus-oriented, Futura-like and easy readable font which best suits the typical look of Miami. The amount of black is reduced while aqua has become the main color of the logo. The supporting color sand is exclusively used on the logo's soccer ball. The logo has white outlines on a black or differently colored soccer jersey. Current Miami United FC primary mark Miami United FC primary mark on a black (uniform) background Logo detail
  10. I've decided to put all my soccer concepts into one thread. For starters, I'll repost the few concepts I've already done, and then put any new ones I make here as well. REAL SALT LAKE Home Change Third VIRGINIA CAVALRY FC Home Change Third EDIT I'm going to organize these concepts more by turning it into a project, a vision of what MLS should look like in the future. A few others have tried this, and now I will. The year is 20XX. MLS now controls the top two divisions of the American Soccer Pyramid, taking the NASL name. Each division will have 24 teams, making a total of 48. The top three of the D2 teams, called the Beta League, will be promoted to the top division, or the Alpha League. The last three of the Alpha League will be relegated to Beta status. Here's the team list. Teams with a * are ones I've already done. NASL Alpha West Division Los Angeles Aztecs* Los Angeles Galaxy* San Jose Earthquakes* Portland Timbers* Seattle Sounders FC* Vancouver Whitecaps FC* Real Salt Lake* Colorado Rapids* Dallas Cowboys SC Houston Dynamo* Minnesota Stars Sporting Kansas City* East Division Chicago Fire* Gateway Athletic (St. Louis)* Columbus Crew* DC United* Toronto FC* Montréal Impact* New England Revolution* New York Red Bulls* New York Cosmos* Philadelphia Union* Fort Lauderdale Strikers Atlanta Silverbacks NASL Beta West Division Edmonton Drillers Chicago Sting Alleghenny Athletic Assn. (Pittsburgh) Tulsa Roughnecks Pearl of Honolulu FC Arizona Las Vegas Eleven Deportivo San Diego* Calgary Aurora Bavarian SC (Milwaukee) San Antonio Scorpions Saskatoon Gold East Division Tampa Bay Rowdies Puerto Rico Islanders Ottawa Dominion Carolina Flight Crossroads FC* (Indianapolis) Rochester Lancers Cleveland Wanderers Terra Nova FC (St. John's, NF) The City Beautiful (Orlando) Brooklyn Italians* Spirit of Detroit Virginia Cavalry FC*
  11. Well I was browsing around as I do from time to time and came to the NPSL. I saw that there was a team in Rhode Island and got all excited until I saw what they had for a logo. Knowing that there is a soccer team wearing a crest like this in my backyard made me sad, angry, and then motivated. I then decided to try and improve on the concept and make it, well, better. Here is the current crest because you likely haven't seen it. So with that in mind here is my concept. I wanted to simplify it by reducing the colors by 2 or 30. Its essentially self explanatory. So let me know what you all think. I'd really like to improve upon this and make it a look that will last and be less horrible.