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  1. Before we get started, here's some quick guidelines and background: The one helmet rule carries over to an extent. One helmet is used for the home and road uniform. However, an alternate helmet may only be paired with an alternate, throwback, or League-event uniform. I'll show examples later on in the series. Alternate, Throwback, and League-event (such as Color Rush) uniforms will be posted after all teams have been posted. Up to three pairs of pants may be used by each team. Some teams will be using different templates. It's mainly because I created my new Nike Vapor Untouchable template with about 5 teams remaining in my series. Afterwards, I began moving some teams over to the NVU template, but it became such a hassle, so I said screw it. Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Tennessee, Washington, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and San Diego all have this template. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Without further ado, let us begin with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Notes: The biggest changes are the helmet and the numbers. The helmet is a return to the old one that that the team wore before the rebrand because the current is hot garbage. Other than that, a simple switch to a more classic striping pattern replaces... whatever it is they call striping now. Teal is the home color. White and black pants are the main options with teal making an appearance once or twice a year. The pants stripe is the same as the jersey striping and is cut similarly to the current pants striping.
  2. Here is a design I did sometime last year for a redesigned Oakland Raider logo. The design is not a complete departure from the current logo. It still keeps the main elements (shield, swords, old style helmet). The main difference is the smiley face being replaced with a skull. I replaced the Raiders name with a thinner more spaced out font. I always thought the type in the current logo seemed way too heavy. There is also a simple secondary logo using the sword which I think could work well on apparel and various other branded materials...
  3. Raiders RB Mike Woodson posted this to instagram.
  4. This story's been getting a lot of press ever since Jerry Rice threw his hat in the ring of conspirators. I have no idea if there's any further meat on the bones, since it's been so long since this particular game has crossed anyone's minds. Tim Brown was the first and Jerry followed suit in accusing Callahan of sabotaging the original run-heavy gameplan in favor of an out aerial assault. Both Rice and Brown implied that this sudden change likely led to Barrett Robbins infamously abandoning the squad. Everyone was apparently aware of Robbins' emotional instability. Discuss.