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Found 12 results

  1. So I have been tinkering with several different options for the OKC Thunder this coming season. These are based off of the city & statement collections, as if they brought them into their regular rotation. Sorry for the crudeness of the drawing. Let me know what you all think.
  2. Here we go again..... It's been awhile since I dabbled with the Thunder's look. I'm starting off slow this time with a concept board. It shows several different configurations of bison/cloud looks. The key ideas/thoughts/buzz words here are; power - maleficent - foreboding. Let me know what you think.
  3. So, now that I got the Miami Marlins off my chest, I figured I should tweak the other teams that have been bothering me too. Nothing bothered me as much as the Marlins, but it doesn't take much to aggravate me...sadly. The next team I wanted to put a paint brush to was San Diego. Like most, I feel they should be going back to the brown and yellow colors. I on the other hand want to put more emphasis on the brown and keep the yellow to a minimum. I have no issue with their current word scripts and uniform style, I just feel the brown and yellow would look better. So with that in mind, here is my version of the Padres. The away has a grey that has very slight orange tint to it, just to give it some warmth with the brown and yellow. Then there is the Home alternate. The big trend of having the logo over the heart/left side is not missed on the Padres. I'm currently working on a brown top alternate for the road as well as a new main logo that will combine a few era's logos with the swinging friar as the center piece. How does that look? C+C appreciated.
  4. Anybody else think that the Oklahoma City Thunder have a bit of an identity crisis going on right now? I mean it is one thing to have a 'throw-back' or alternate uniform but its also another to have a three totally different home uniforms. Am I crazy in thinking this?
  5. What's Up My Hulkamaniacs! I had some time to kill, and I made a Final Four poster. C&C is appreciated!
  6. With the Final Four this weekend I'm sure these will become common, but I will give it my shot. Oklahoma vs Villanova Simple designs based off current uniforms. Sooners in white and 'Nova in blue. UNC vs Syracuse UNC is simple with argyle on sides. Syracuse uses the 44 to rememeber Jim Brown, so kinda a combination of past unis and current unis.
  7. Quick and dirty paint concept for the Oklahoma City Thunder. I retained their current colors (minus navy, I feel it's totally unneeded. The current baby blue and orange/red are beautiful, and yellow acts as nice trim.) I tried for something very simple, with an even distribution of colors, while keeping their general look intact. I think I succeeded, but let me know what you think. I may go back and make some changes, so C&C is much appreciated. (P.S. the shorts logo is just a placeholder, but I kind of like the general idea. Just "OKC" italicized with bolts coming out from the "K")
  8. So it's happening again. I saw the Thunder playing over the weekend and their logo still makes me cringe and wonder why they haven't upgraded. I know that many people have "become ok with it" but I cannot. This seems to happen every 2 years (2009, 2011)or so for me and I'm a little over due. I've drawn up three logos. One re-hashes an old concept (see 2009 link), the other 2 are new ideas. Check-out the sketches and tell me what you think (it's much easier for me to change things at this point). UPDATE: Colored versions below
  9. I've been playing around with some Oklahoma Football concepts recently since a discussion about the team's uniform history arose on another board. Most of these are faux-backs but one shows off a concept for a possible evolution of their current look. I included a link to an old photo of each set's inspiration where applicable. Click each image to view larger. First, the current uniforms for reference: A fauxback to our first ever uniform set. 1899 was also the year of the Oklahoma Land Run, which is where the "Sooners" name came from. On the home collar I have "Boomer" and the away collar "Sooner" as a nod to that historic date. Then an out-there 1904–inspired fauxback. This was the year that Oklahoma played Oklahoma State (then, Oklahoma A&M) for the first time and won 75-0. Thus, "75-0" is on the inside collar. One of these would be cool to break out for a Bedlam one-off one year. A 1938 fauxback. I'd like the see these IRL. "There's only one" is on the inside collar. And lastly a concept on what a uniform evolution could look like for the next uniform set. "Sooner Magic" is on the inside collar. I took some liberties with details here and there, but mostly looked to preserve the aura of the original uniforms. C&C appreciated.
  10. Inspired by Iowa St's new Jack Trice throwbacks. OU fans tend to be traditionalists but this has been largley well-receieved so I'd thought I'd share for my first post.
  11. Here is a design for the fictional team the Oklahoma Dusters of the Federal League. Obviously I wanted to name the team something that would make sense regionally. My first choice was to go the Native American/Indian route but considering the current climate in sports regarding Native cultures as mascots I decided against it. Plus, I thought that was just too easy. I eventually decided on the Dusters for two reasons. One, this is Oklahoma after all and one thing Oklahoma is known for is the Dust Bowl during the Depression. The other reason is because my dad played on a team called the Dusters when he was in little league and I've always liked that name.