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Found 4 results

  1. The Bucks haven't been good for a very long time and are irrelevant to some, but I still love this team and their old school logos and uniforms… I've always wondered what the logo on their shorts in old pictures actually looked like and recently found these. The white one's from '68-69, their inaugural year and the green shorts and shooting shirt are from '72-73.
  2. I was looking over all of the Golden Knights concepts and thinking about how far jersey's have come, so I decided to see what a potential old school early 1900's Vegas jersey could look like.
  3. I'm not making fun of the other thread. Just taking more of a reminiscent,sentimental history angle.
  4. The poor man's spin-off of Tank's Super Bowl trivia is back for another off Broadway run. Let's do a quick setup for the new folk. Since this is "old school" trivia, the most of the players will be from the 60's thru the 90's - note that it says "most players." Occasionally, I might throw in someone who played in the early 2000's. All players will have played in at least one Super Bowl. The easier the player, the tougher the clues and vice versa. EDIT: I'm not going to clog up SIG with multiple threads on this so if you enjoy playing "Who Am I", just check this thread regularly. Let's play our game. 1. I played with 3 Super Bowl winning Hall of Fame QBs. 2. I attended the same college as one of those 3 QBs. 3. When it comes to broken legs, Joe Theisman and I have two things in common. 4. I set a team record in 2000. 5. A teammate and I were the second players to accomplish something. 6. I have 3 Super Bowl rings. Who am I?