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  1. I searched through threads for the past year and couldn't find anything like this, so I figured I would post it. The idea behind this thread is to post interesting facts or statistics that a lot of people don't know. It'll essentially be the answers to trivia questions. I've got two interesting ones to start this thread off. The Minnesota Vikings were the first team to kick an extra point from the 15-yard line. Tom Brady has played two games at University of Phoenix Stadium, but he has never played the Cardinals there. The Pats have played two Super Bowls there, but only played the Cardinals at home since the stadium was built.
  2. The NFL is trying to get Flag Football into the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, 2028 Olympics: NFL pushing for flag football to be included - Sports Illustrated, I decided to take a stab at what uniforms for different nations could look like. Each team will have a primary and alternate jersey and color vs color matchups will be encouraged. The uniforms will be made up a sleeveless jersey and shorts, similar to that worn by the American Flag Football League on NFL Network. The uniform will adopt the large jersey numbers of American football and limited use of chest wordmarks. Each team will wear neon colored flags that provide high contrast with their uniforms. Let's get started... Canada The Canadians will wear a maple leaf forward uniforms. The two tone jersey is split with a chevron that comes from the shape of the maple leaf on their flag, where the leaf meets the stem. The chevron is also a reference to the Toronto Raptors "We the North" motto and uniform motif. The shorts feature a maple leaf on each leg and a matching hem stripe creating a head to toe red-white-red /white-red-white look as a nod to the nation's flag.
  3. Nothing like waiting till the last second right? Well, I was very much looking forward to seeing NHLers back at the Olympic Games again. And well that isn't gonna happen. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't super offended by the jerseys. Not all of them at least, and having sat on some international designs for too long, the forthcoming Olympiad gives me a good enough chance to get some of them out there. For the creators of the game, you don't need anything frivolous or outlandish. Just a simple and classic approach will work for the Canadians. A little bit of the previous sets of uniforms come into play here. Double stripes come from the 2010 Vancouver uniforms/100th anniversary uniforms. Chest stripes come from the 2014 Sochi uniforms, this time continuing the double stripe. 2018 gets skipped right over for good reasons. I brought pants stripe back to the uniforms and left the equipment black, just to separate things out from the other red wearing countries. The logo this go around combines the iconic Maple Leaf, with the rounded font from recent uniforms. I don't know if Matty B will be the captain for Team USA. I just haven't seen who the captain will be and wanted to represent the captains' C on there. Anyways. I wanted to combine the uniforms of the two Miracles as best as I could into a new uniform. From the Forgotten Miracle, we get the diagonal USA, as well as a redesigned shield logo up on the chest, which would move the captain's C up higher on the shoulder. From the Miracle on ice, we get the stars on the shoulders and now that I'm taking a second look at it, that's really about it in all honesty. I did import the NW stripe from this years uniforms (which I think are better than people give them credit for, but they needed to pick between navy or royal blue on those). I can't explain why, but Germany felt like sash team. Idk if it was soccer-inspired or what it was but I felt a sash would work well with the colors and the coat of arms. Went down the Sweden route here with two color jerseys. Both uniforms have the large stripes down the chest and on the upper sleeves and smaller stripes around the hem of the jersey and the sleeves. Also felt that a blocky and thick font would work well for the Germans, along with a serifed nameplate font. I know China's inclusion in the Olympics has been questioned due to their team's lack of international experience, but I have to say that they at least came ready to play dressed to the nines. I really didn't have any complaints with their uniforms. So I really just kept things the same for them. I wasn't huge on a Nike font for any team, but surprisingly, I think it works really well for team China. C&C welcome!
  4. The second I heard about the NHL players returning to the winter Olympics, I immediately became super excited for it again. Not that I didn't watch the 2018 olympics, but it was way less exciting. With my excitement came an idea to redesign all the olympic country designs. I think most of us are getting a little tired of Nike's one design fits all template they used for international hockey. At least I'm pretty done with it. I'm guessing Nike will have the contract for international uniforms for awhile, but I wanted to come up with some actual original ideas that make sense for each country. No more wing designs on every uniform sleeve. No more overpowering amount of black on team Canada. Up first, my home country and the team that WILL win the gold medal, you heard it here first, Team Canada. These images were designed for instagram, and I'll admit, I'm a little lazy to change it, so they won't all seamlessly line up like they will on instagram. I really wanted to incorporate aspects from Canada hockey history in these uniforms. I did take heavy inspiration from the heritage uniforms that Nike released a year ago. I used that idea, combined with the look from the 1928, 1932, 1936 Olympics and 2002 Olympic alternate with the maple leaf and arched "Canada" below it. I love using the maple leaf as a sort of arm stripe that adds just enough to the uniform to keep it from being boring, but doesn't add too much crazy detail. I hope Nike doesn't go back to the sleeve wings. The white uniform is just a reversed version, while keeping the red shoulders. Finally, the Heritage uniform pays homage to the 1982 world junior uniforms. The shoulder striping comes from a uniform I found online, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what year it came from, but I liked the extra detail. It's nothing crazy, and I'm sure there are some better concepts out there, but I love a simplistic uniform for the Olympics. It brings history in, but feels modern at the same time. I used and NHL adidas style template, so I didn't add a Nike or Adidas logo for that matter. Since it wouldn't fit Nike's template, but they also won't be made by Adidas I'm guessing.
  5. Hey, hello again! Some of you will remind of my previous topics about my NationStates nation, Lisander. Resuming the story in four sentences, to avoid being hit by Banhammer (as Sports Fan Fiction years ago): NationStates is a role-playing game where each user creates (and controls) one (or more nations). My nation there is named Lisander. I'm active in the NS Sports forum, where people simulate and roleplay sports events between nations. I'm a graphic designer and a long time member of this forum, and I love to design stuff to the teams of my nation. Enough talk about the basic idea, let me explain the concept on this topic: We're having Olympics right now, also in NationStates. Some users (myself included) are writing lots of stuff about hundred of athletes and various sports, like Association Football, Basketball, Judo or Sailing. Being myself a graphic designer for the last 10 years in my life, I went to design a lot of stuff, but I've never participated in Olympics before, so there's a lot of stuff I could design this time. Now, to some concepts: Firstly, I bring the National Olympic Committee Logo. It's simple, coat-of-arms-esque and includes the Olympic Star, the NationStates equivalent to the Olympic Rings (that does not exist in that forum). I also designed a version of this logo with the Real Olympic Rings, just for fun.
  6. 2020 USA Olympic Basketball Uniforms Revealed by Nike February 5, 2020 - 20:30 PM Nike today revealed many of the uniforms that U.S. athletes will wear when they compete at the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. The highlight of the whole set (which you can see here) is what the men’s and […] Read More...
  7. Everybody is free to love hockey again, and curling. Get your culture on with some figure skating. Reach for some huge air bro at the half pipe with snowboarding. Or just enjoy the greatest winter athletes and athletics in the world. I would say, let the games begin, but they already have so have fun!
  8. I’ve been in the Olympic spirit big time lately, and I’ve decided to take on a series where I’ll pick the host from 2026 on and design logos accordingly. I’m not sure how far out I’ll go yet, but we’ll see as I go! Each case is my best guess based on who’s been in the running for games and who I think has a good shot to get the games in a certain year. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously, I’m just having fun dreaming up what logos in different cities could look like. As you’ll see, there is one exception coming up where I’ll post a “bonus” concept for 2030, where a city that’s never been in the running (to my knowledge) but that I think would make for an interesting candidate will get a concept. Anyways, let’s start it off! First up is 2026, which I pick to be Sion, Switzerland: The logo is a simple one, based off of the city’s coat of arms with snowflakes instead of stars. It’s meant to be simple, effective, straight to the point, and representative of the city. Here’s the coat of arms for reference: Let me know what you think! Plenty more to come!
  9. Over the past year or so, I've been working on concepts for IIHF teams. I think I got a little bit carried away. I've completed uniform designs for every single IIHF national team, including some other teams that haven't received IIHF recognition. 93 teams in all, 199 uniforms total. With Nike releasing the uniforms for this year's Olympics this week - and many not getting a good response - this felt like the right time to post these. All the designs can be found via this imgur link. https://imgur.com/a/KUXEJ Just to save you a click, here's what the teams taking part in this year's Olympics should (for me) look like.
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