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  1. BradyIvie

    AAF Concepts

    Now that the AAF has unveiled their eight teams' logos, I've started working on some concepts for uniforms and fields for the teams. With Starter coming in so late in the game, I figured using an old Nike template with switched-out logos would make sense, as they would be playing catch-up with the big boys of the uniform world. Each field, however, is identical, minus team branding and colors. First up are the Orlando Apollos. The stripe on the pants and helmet comes to a point from the bottom like the arrow in the team logo. The helmet, sleeve caps, pant stripe, and gloves all follow a gradient between the two oranges the team uses in the logo. Next team up are the San Antonio Commanders. With the unique color scheme of maroon, red, and silver, the Commanders' uniforms feature silver helmets and pants that match because that's something you should be able to do as professionals (here's looking at you, Cowboys). Maroon is the featured color with red used as an accent, and the home uniform features the wordmark and maker's mark reflective in silver. With such a bold color scheme, I didn't want to busy up the uniforms, so there's no striping to be found, although the numbers have a double outline to keep from feeling boring. The Memphis Express are the last team I have ready right now. The team's split wordmark and logo inspire the jersey, as the numbers are split with differently-colored tops and bottoms. To make sure the numbers are legible, they are outlined. The outlines don't match the same half between home and road uniforms to give the team a little extra quirk. Comments and criticism welcome.
  2. I’ve been away from the boards for a while, but I’ve still been looking at other soccer concepts for ideas. In about late-July I decided to revive it, but instead of building off of what I already had, I decided to go back to square one. I made the league brand new and doubled the teams to a whopping 48. So this is the biggest project design related I have ever done, and like I said before, I’ve been working on it (drawing up ideas, writing backstories, designing kits and crests) since about late-July. I hope you all enjoy this mammoth of a project and please don’t shy from C&C. I can take it. League Backstory: The Floridian Premier League was founded in 1940 to give an southern counterpart to the thriving American soccer leagues in states like California, Texas, and New York. It’s immediate success brought it to the same level as these other leagues and it has been a farm for successful play domestically with other state league sides. It is composed of 48 teams, the most sides of any league in America. 8 of those teams get relegated, and 7 of them go to the American Champions League. Its most successful club domestically is International Gardens, and its most successful club nationally is Lauderdale Athletic. Team List: Athletic Club Boca Biscayne Athletic Soccer Club Brevard Brevard Rockets Soccer Club Buena Vista United Cascades Soccer Club Clearwater Soccer Club Daytona Racing Club Soccer Club Deerfield Deportivo Miami Fort Brooke Soccer Club Soccer Club Fort Myers Freedom Tower Soccer Club Gateway Soccer Club Gold Coast Diamonds Gulf Shore Athletic Harbor City Soccer Club Hillsborough City Soccer Club Homestead City Soccer Club International Gardens Soccer Club Islanders Soccer Club Keys United Soccer Club Lakeland Swans Soccer Club Lauderdale Athletic Club Lighthouse United Soccer Club Locomotive Gainesville Menéndez Club de Futbol Miramar Club Deportivo Nautica Soccer Club Ocala Riders Soccer Club Orange County Soccer Club Palm Beach Maritime Panama City Soccer Club Paradise Soccer Club Pembroke Rovers Soccer Club Progress United Real Palmas Club de Futbol Reeves Soccer Club River City Soccer Club San Agustín 1565 Sporting Pensacola Springs United Soccer Club St. Johns Brigade St. Lucie Union Sunshine City Soccer Club Tampa Bay United Volucres Soccer Club Ybor City Soccer Club I’m gonna do a similar thing to TheGiantsFan where he has a famous person from that city represent the name on the shirt, and you have to guess it. In this concept I’ll post a league table, and at the end I’ll group the crests and home and away kits together to get a big idea of what the league looks like altogether. I’ll be posting the teams alphabetically and about one per day, maybe more. Anyways here's the first club...
  3. So while watching a NASA commercial, I suddenly got an idea about a team that I had been tossing around in my head for a while: the Orlando Astros. Before long, I had sketched up this logo, which would most likely be used as a secondary. EDIT: I can't show you the logo now, because my phone is deciding to act up. This is the error message Hopefully it works soon. I've tried multiple times to no avail.
  4. The sunny state of Florida is home to numerous athletic clubs. They have nine professional clubs in the Big Four leagues of North America. I noticed that every team has a crappy uniform component. Breaking it down further; In the NFL, we have three teams from different parts of the state. The Miami Dolphins have questionable colour choices (navy?) and a bland uniform for a team called the Dolphins. The Buccaneers have awful numbers, weird colour choices, and an odd combo of stripes and piping. The Jaguars have a strong colour combo but terrible uniforms. In the NBA, we have the Heat and the Magic. The Heat aren't that bad but a couple tweaks could be greatly beneficial. The Magic have gone in the opposite direction of where they should be headed. The NHL provides some of the best uniforms out of the bunch. The Florida redesign was so much better than their last set, but a few tweaks could knock it out of the park. The Lightning have another boring set, despite another inspiring name. The MLB fields two of the last teams. The Marlins have such a great colour combo (minus black) and have so much potential, but it has been wasted. The Rays are close to a homer of a set, but tweaks should fix the problems. My last project ended eight months ago. I haven't made a concept of any kind in over half a year, so bear with me. Let's begin with the Dolphins. I love the throwbacks that the Dolphins have. I think it's a consensus that they should go back to those full time. Here's the full set. The home set features a teal top and white pants with their old logo, because it's great. The road set is a whiteout because I thought it looked good and the colours really stand out. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I loved the Colour Rush jerseys from this year. I used white pants and socks to balance the colours a little better. I have returned at last. Leave C and C!
  5. Hello, I play real-world Quidditch, a version of the magical sport from the Harry Potter universe. Real-life Quidditch is a full-contact, co-ed sport that involves four balls and a mix of basketball, rugby, handball, dodgeball, et cetera, all with a broom between your legs. If you haven't seen it played, this is what it looks like at the collegiate level. Now that you've finished laughing... Two years ago Major League Quidditch was founded as a "professional" league in the US. Professional in quotations as the players aren't paid, it mostly functions as an off-season league for the top collegiate and club players. There are currently 16 teams, and there is talk of further expansion, especially in Florida (The nearest teams are in DC and Louisiana). I've talked with MLQ people and I'm determined to be a part of this team, at least on the organizational level. This is my concept for a possible Orlando team, design-wise. I recently learned that "Juice" was one of the possible names for the Orlando Magic, and I really liked the citrus imagery for a Central Florida team. It's a bit out of the ordinary but given the other unique team names (Cleveland Riff, New Orleans Curse) I think it will fit in with the league. I also included "Squeeze" as a possible team name. If you'd like to see some current MLQ jerseys and designs, click here and here. Quidditch uniform designs are somewhere between soccer and baseball. My design concept is attached, it's mostly a rough sketch of a team identity. I'm not an expert in Illustrator so I'd prefer a professional to do the final design, but I wanted to see what y'all think of my idea. Thanks!
  6. Well, ok - have to admit there is a lot of junk you can find out on the web. And then there are some gems. I finally found a credible, decent-sized picture of the Orlando Thunder helmet logo. I noticed CCSL didn't have it, so I am linking to it/posting here. Also on the host site, there is a ton of reference material for placement, etc. Hopefully, this can be added to CCSL. I'm not 100% worried about the colors as we can have someone clean it up to be accurate. But at least this is close.
  7. I don't know quite where I going with the concept but I like the story thus far. If anybody has any ideas for me graphic wise or story wise please let me know... I am still very green when it comes to this, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Don't rake me over the coal to bad please! Pro football comes to Orlando! By Rich Garrett Orlando Tribune 4:24 p.m. EDT, March 13, 2014 ORLANDO — It's been announced that current Luchtvaart Aerospace Software © and Aero Barrage Magazine © founder, Michael Myers, has been awarded a pro football franchise. The former Northrop Grumman Vice President said Tuesday, "This has been a dream of mine for quite sometime! I grew up a vivid football fan, and now I think I've reached the ultimate moment in fandom." Myers stated that the team has already reached a deal with City of Orlando and Orlando Venues to have the team play at the newly renovated Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium. Myers stated that they still need to make some renovations to the adjacent Tinker Field. "We plan on demolishing the current Tinker Field press box and stands and build an all new team facility where we will house our coaching staff, and support staff offices, as well as, a state of the art training and weight room for the players. We will convert the current Tinker field playing surface into a practice field for the team" Said Myers, on Tuesday. As for logos and team colors, Myers stated that they would play homage to the "first pro football team in Orlando" the Orlando Breakers, of the hit 1989-1997 TV show "Coach." As for logos, Myers was undecided as of yet. "We're reaching out to various design firms to see what comes about, as of now." One thing is for sure football is back in "The City Beautiful"! E-mail Rich Garrett at ---------- Break out the champagne! By Rich Garrett Orlando Tribune 2:21 p.m. EDT, April 10, 2014 ORLANDO — "Bring in" was more like "Break in" on Thursday afternoon at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium. As new team owner Micheal Myers announced that the new team would indeed be named the Orlando Breakers! Myers, reached out to Barry Kemp the creator and producer the hit ABC series "Coach" about using "Orlando's first football team" as the identity for well...Orlando's first football team. Myers, the current Luchtvaart Aerospace Software © CEO stated, "Mr. Kemp has been wonderful and generous throughout this whole process, and we appreciate his cooperation with us". Not long after that Myers contacted New Orleans real estate mogul Joseph Canizaro. Canizaro was taken aback by Myers call, but entertained him nonetheless. It was then that Myers informed him of the reasoning for contacting him. " I informed him that as young kid, the first football game I attended was a Boston Breakers game. By that time Mr. Canizaro immediately knew what I wanted to do". What Myers wanted to do was get the blessing to purchase the trademarks to the former USFL Breakers franchise. And Canizaro gave him just that. "I was thrilled he asked for my permission" Canizaro said on Thursday via phone. The Breakers will use the "Coach" TV Series colors as their primary and use the USFL team colors for throwbacks and other special occasions. You can visit the Citrus Bowl stadium on Friday at 8PM for the special public unveiling. There you can purchase items with both the new, and throwback Breakers logo. E-mail Rich Garrett at ---------------------------------------------
  8. As you may or many not have heard, the Orlando Citrus Bowl is being renovated for the incoming MLS team (and hopefully to look more presentable at the bowl games). Basically everything minus the upper bowl and it's support are being torn down and rebuilt. Unfortunately rainy days make this video not the best, but it's still worth your 3 minutes.
  9. meh, looks like the Arena Football League is trying to standardize their logos as well