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Found 4 results

  1. Hey folks....just as an exercise in creativity, thought I would whip up a batch of wallpapers that literally anyone can use for anything - your phone, pc, tablet, etc. Without giving away HOW I get them to look like they do...I am willing to design custom ones in my free time (which might not be every day, but I can check when I have the time). If you are looking for the "Series 2" designs, look here: If you are looking for the "Series 3" designs, look here: If you are looking for the "Series 4" designs, look here: The series of 3 you will see below are the progression of how I get to the final product, any of which are suitable for use. I will use the Pittsburgh Steelers as an example.... If you are interested, drop a line on this post. They can be made with the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary colors of a given team. In the case of a team like the NY Jets which only has 2, I would use BLACK as the third color. Yes, they look quite large at 3200x3200. But I designed them to be that way on purpose and they look best when centered. The nice side effect is that on a PC monitor, the "shrink to fit" option results in actual elongated diamonds, which are very classic, in terms of argyle design in general. I can also work with your own colors if you have the RGB values and a specific logo you want used.
  2. Well, apparently my original designs were enough to branch off into a separate topic for my series 3 designs. If you are looking for the original topic, it's here: And here is the series 2 topic: And here is the series 4 topic: Below are a few "not-so-random" color designs for the Series 3 pattern: Yes, that's might recognize them as my "generic" patterns for America, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Military Camo.
  3. For those looking for the original series, look here: Series 3 designs here: Series 4 designs here: For my first design in series 2, I found a rather unusual logo right here on CCSL....the texas Wild of World Team Tennis. I thought it fit the motif perfectly:
  4. If you are looking for the original topic with the series 1 designs, look here: If you are looking for the topic with the series 2 designs, look here: If you are looking for the topic with the series 3 designs, look here: Decided I would start out a little "crazy" with my first post in this I went with a TV show (don't worry, I'm gonna post sports ones). Many of you will recognize it in America - starring Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Bernadette, and Raj....yes, the Big Bang Theory (or BBT, for short):