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  1. This concept was started a few years ago here: . And I just went back and cleaned it up. Let me know what you think of the updates. Here is the image: And a GIF for comparison:
  2. I made this a while back since I like looking at college football logos. I always wanted to make a good cougar logo. One that would say yeah we know tons of ways to show our ferocity. Cougars have the perfect size and agility to kill. I want to build a detailed website of this university I created for a school project. This is their sports team logo I created. The Southern Ohio University Cougars. I didn't copy any logos, but Houston cougars looks a bit similar. I made a lot of different changes to make it my own. Near the bottom of the state there are hills so I was thinking of cougars being in that area. I used a gold and navy although their 3rd color is brown. The third color helps separate from looking like PITT or Navy. I like to think of tension with being close to Marshall so I picked Huntington as the nearby town. I would make the school 20 minutes away on the Ohio side. An explanation say for the made up future Huntington is much bigger and needs a university to keep fostering growth. School Name: Southern Ohio University Nickname: SOU (not zou) Mascot: Cougars Colors: Dark Navy Blue, Gold-like, light Brown, White Location: 20 Minutes north of Huntington Division: I (when good) Conference: ACC(when able to compete lol) Rival: Marshall Tell me what you think. I am trying to design other logos for the school to add to my website I'm making.
  3. Hello! Please don't be frustrated with all my recent concepts. I have started a series that I think is my favorite that I've done so far. College football rivalries. All jerseys will be sponsored by adidas and all uniforms are to be worn only against the other team. Yes, if a team has multiple rivalries such as ohio state, they will get two separate uniforms. I wanted to make these a colorful as possible, and make the two colors clash enough. Some will be tacky, but others will be very simple. I hope you enjoy! If you have any rivalries you want me to create, please tell me! I am a die-hard Penn State fan, so I don't know what schools hate others. I just browse the web for historic rivalries. Well please give requests! Thanks! YES: Most teams are not Adidas, but this is a "what if" concept. Imagine Adidas put in a ton of money so the to series were all Adidas. They had so much that they were practically buying out games individually Numbers are the ones found on the teams unis, this can help serve as a guide so that you know where to find your team! enjoy!!! 1) Penn State - Ohio State 2) Arkansas - LSU PENN STATE - OHIO STATE
  4. Read this story on a Husker site I frequent. "...Jay Paterno, who coached as an assistant at his father's side for 17 years, has joined forces with Upper St. Clair lawyer Mark Dudash, a 14-year veteran of the brewing industry, to start the Paterno Legacy Series of beer. The brew, a premium American lager available in 12-ounce cans, is set to roll off the production lines at Latrobe's City Brewing Co. in cases and 12-packs in time for tailgating season."
  5. I've been taking a break from my soccer concepts, and I've been searching for a concept series I could do that I could put together in the limited time that I currently have. As some of you are likely aware, I like to do concept series that aren't overly conventional, so I was looking for something to do that I don't remember ever seeing on these boards. My inspiration hit a few weeks back while watching a women's volleyball game. I figured that it would be perfect because (1) I love the sport and (2) it's a rather untapped topic. Obviously, because this isn't common, there really aren't many (or any) templates, so I created one myself (as shown with a nike cut) This series will look to cover most of the Top 25 teams in the nation, and will complete every team in the B1G and Pac 12 conferences (since they are the two overwhelmingly dominant conferences). First up, the defending national champion Penn State Nittany Lions.
  6. Well, it seems I've been eliminated by Alabama due to 25 tasteless pieces of sh-- Only joking! Congrats and good luck to dbroalexander and his phenomenal design in the Elite Eight. It was a great choice to advance, and teaches me the lesson to never again make jokes about Nick Saban, because it will always come back to bite me in the ass somehow. Unfortunately though, those correct choices mean I'm out, so I wanted to post my design for some C+C by you voters. Logos: Nothing particularly special here, just the normal Oval Lion Head, and S logos that are common at Penn State. The word mark was the biggest deviation, as it strays from our current wordmark. I'm in no way a fan of the mark, and I didn't use it anywhere, so I stuck with the Athletic Block used on the uniforms. Field: The field was tougher than I expected, particularly which arena to have the team play in. Our basketball teams play in the Bryce Jordan Center, but I'm rather fond of Rec Hall, where I spend much of my time and where Volleyball plays games. In the end, I went with the BJC for logo purposes. Center court features the Lion Head, and mid court features the B1G logo and the BJC logo. The crease is blue with the secondary mark. Uniforms: First note, I loved when Nike used quotes on their uniforms, so for this I used the first three words of our Alma Mater, For The Glory. Clash The clash was actually the first uniform I created. It originally was strictly based on the football and hockey uniforms, featuring white striped sleeves. I added the wordmark and numbers to the front featuring silver outlines, which are common amongst most PSU and gives a nice collegiate feel. Then I started noticing lots of PSU T-shirts with the white stripe across the front, and I thought I'd try it out. I thought the look screamed Penn State, so I kept it. The shorts and socks are Navy, and feature white stripes. The Lion Head logo can be found on the shorts and above the nameplate. The uniform features Junior center Salvatore De Costa. Home Originally I had a matching uniform to the blue one, and didn't like it. Instead, I decided to look for inspiration from other sports, and I decided to loosely base the home design on a sport that I absolutely love, Women's Volleyball (Hell yes I am serious). I used shoulder stripes similar to their uniforms, and instead of the modern stripes, that curl under the sides (I tried it, couldn't make it work), so I went with a more traditional under arm stripe. Shorts and socks are white and feature Navy stripes, and the logos, like on the clash feature the primary logo. The uniform features First-Team All-American Sophomore Matt Robida, wearing #8. Incidentally, I felt that this had more of a primary uniform feel, so it got promoted to primary status. That's about it, send me some feedback!