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Found 4 results

  1. AHcreative

    AH! Creative

    As you can probably tell by my new username, I've decided it was time for a personal brand. I actually had been working on this monogram logo for a while. My initials are AH. So, I thought that I could do something neat with the interjection, "ah!" that my initials naturally produce. I juggled ideas between AH! Design, AH! Graphics, and AH! Creative. I decided on the latter, simply because it opens up many different avenues. My username, I wanted to be AH! Creative, but since the '!' isn't allowed, I settled on AHcreative. Nevertheless, here is the logo that I finished a couple months ago. I would appreciate any and all suggestions to improve it. Thanks! EDIT: I am also very open to color suggestions. I do like cooler colors: shades of minty green to shades of electric blue, mixed with silvers, grays, blacks, etc.
  2. I've been using this logo for quite a bit but never really shared it. At first it was supposed to be a pyramid of sorts but I stylized it. Thoughts? I kinda think it's a little basic but I like the simplicity. OLD: CURRENT
  3. Hi everyone. Despite I'm not a great designer (I make 99% of my designs on MS Paint, and this is not an exception), I would like to have a personal design/identity, to use in design-related sites, like this (the profile pic I'm currently using is the logo of my blog). So, for the design I wanted to use the initials of my name: VMR, putting them all together in a good looking design/shape. And this is what I came up with: Let me know what you think about the design and how would you improve it!
  4. All, I've created a monogram and word mark for me to use as I work toward my graphic design major this fall. I don't really have an audience, clients, or an overwhelming portfolio, but I thought a strong and fairly unique identity would be a great place to start. View the full project on Behance The slash in the DS makes a cross in the negative space, which represents my Christian faith and how I show that to others through my attitude and service. I tried to convey it in an appropriate way--not in your face or blatantly obvious, because that's not the kind of way I want to present myself. Hopefully this doesn't pose an issue here, and I hope I executed it well. Thanks for taking a look!