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  1. Hey everyone. I have a YouTube channel where I post fan recap videos (think Steve Dangle) for the Chicago Blackhawks. I have two types of videos: Hawks Recap - game recaps Hawkie Talkie - where I recap Blackhawks/NHL news and other hockey stuff I'm pretty happy with the logo I created for the Hawks Recap videos but the logo I created for Hawkie Talkie seems lacking. I'm a developer, not a designer, so I'd love to get feedback from you guys. Thanks!
  2. I'm slowly learning the ropes to photoshop. After what took over two hours I managed to make a personal logo for myself. It's nothing special, just black and white with a hidden "TC" like the old Hartford Whalers logo.
  3. Preview before the whole set What does everyone think?
  4. Hello once again forums, I'm having troubles with deciding which logo to use as a new logo, so please help. Option 1: Option 2:
  5. With all of us making personal logos now, I thought I'd throw a hat into the ring with mine I've been having photo bucket problems so it's a miracle this one turned out half decent
  6. I have been making very basic, 2-letter logos for people in my class here are my first 2- DG, and MG Logos done- DG MG LR- buffsfan SR JCL JR- jaker52 and jake3.roo DC24- biscuit faces of them ZS- zigzag MH- MCH925 TV- TVIXX JH- jordyhazy SLU- Elmos World 17 AS- thecargeek GS- zigzag('s sister) ST23-SydniT23 JM9- JMTexan09 JG- MGoblue98 JG15- MGoblue98 JG98- MGoblue98 ME D91- Dolphins91 AMS- Garren LLFH- llfhockey SL1- SpartanLover CF2015- Cubsfan2015 MB- Skinny39 CR81- NYCdog TC- NYCdog KM- K-Mac SM2- sneakerwhiz KMAC- K-Mac TG- OnShoreGold TG55- OnShoreGold
  7. Ok guys...last time I posted a personal brand project II was massively restricted by my strict old-school design professor that went to retirement this year, so now that I'm completely free from high school chains and entering rough seas of university, I thought that it would be fun to finally brand myself with something I can associate with. I'm originally from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the color blue derived from town's coat of arms. Center hexagon is filled with the coat of arms blue and the darker navy-ish blue is just a darkened version of the original blue. Also I want to see how visible are my initials in this logo O and P. Note: Its not the final version and if you give me some good critics I can improve upon it.
  8. Ok, I said I'm going to make a personal brand but this came up in my head. Its a made up design firm for my graduation project in high school. Tell me should I use it as a personal brand or do something new that actually contains my name in it. View the whole project on Behance. [EDIT:presentation with no blur crap on it]
  9. Every now and then you gotta show off your own work... recently re-designed my portfolio site. New: Old: I'd had my old one for a few years. Over the past couple I've experimented with creating a new one using WordPress or Drupal but always bailed before I could finish. But last week I got some motivation and decided there was no real need to use a CMS for what I wanted, so I got after it and got it done in a few days. I'm pretty happy with it. One thing I'll probably do is create a portfolio page that functions separately from the homepage and uses square (or rectangular) thumbnails. It's a little odd from a usability standpoint to have the portfolio link go back to the homepage. Might get to that this weekend. Also, while I really like using Helvetica Neue (those of you who are not designers and are on PCs probably just get Arial) for the headers, I'm not entirely satisfied with the typography on the site, so I might give that some tweaking. Oh, one thing to note: it's responsive. There's a few specific breakpoints based on your browser width. Stretch it, view it on your phone, take a look. I look at that as just a nice touch. Anyways, just thought I'd share. Appreciate any feedback.