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  1. Mod Edit - Concept removed as OP does not have logo useage rights.
  2. I am working on an athletic logo and branding for my high school alma mater. The school asked me to come up with a new logo (or logos) for the sports teams; in the past they have used the school's academic logo for the sports teams. It has an odd gradient, so it is really difficult to reproduce on clothing (and the students don't like it so they tend to not wear any school gear). The school has always been blue and white, but the principal and athletic director want to add orange as a new color. Their mascot is the flames, and their initials are SCS (or just SC), so I am trying to work an SC(S) into a flame design. Now I would like some feedback. Which of these options does the best to make both the flame and the SC most recognizable (or is the entire idea not working)? Please note: These are still somewhat rough; I skewed and rotated them. After I pick a final design, I will go back through and rework some curves, reapply the outlines, and add the sharper outlines on the top and bottom of the flame like what is shown in #3. So please don't base your opinion of which logo is best to which one is currently cleanest; please let me know which one has the shape that best shows a flame and an SC concurrently. I know the differences are subtle, so I also made a gif that helps see the differences. I also wanted to come up with an idea that was a bit more adventurous and stretched the idea of the name Flames. I proposed working on a phoenix-bursting-into-flames logo, and somewhat surprisingly to me, the AD and principal both liked the idea. I think I am almost finished with it and thought I would share it here. I'd be happy for C&C on it as well.
  3. Rygi13

    Phoenix SC

    My concept for a Phoenix Soccer Club based off of the flags of Arizona and Phoenix, the badge also features an arrowhead shape.
  4. Years ago, I was member of the Major League Hockey fantasy league. One member had a team that i designed the logo and the uniforms for the team when he was coming up with a name for the team. He decided to call them the 66ers for the fact Route 66 goes through Flagstaff. With all of the talk of the NHL expanding also it would be a safe bet that the AHL would also expand. Plus, having this year the AHL moving several teams out west to be closer to their parent clubs and a other NHL clubs moving their affiliates to them such as Columbus moving to Lake Erie Monsters. I thought of this old concept for a possible new AHL team to become the affiliate of the Arizona Coyotes. The Colors are to resemble the state flag of Arizona with the red being the Coyotes brick red and on the alternate jersey the sand from the Coyotes logo. The design pattern on the alternate is to pay homage to the Coyotes original uniforms when they moved but with a Navajo design influence which is also in the Inaugural Season patch on the jersey. The Secondary logo is of a meteor with the puck inside for the crater that is near Flagstaff that a meteor caused long ago. The Inaugural Season patch design as mentioned has a Navajo inspired shape with the moon representing the Coyotes from their logos, the road representing Route 66 with the team logo being the route sign, the mountain in the background is the San Francisco Peak nearby Flagstaff. I intend to post these on HJC in the future. Any and all input welcome. (the set on the ice background is my initial design in made. I posted the other jerseys as options to what i first made as possible replacements or additions)
  5. I was planning to do an all roundel NBA concept thread since that's where we're headed anyways. With that in mind I lead trying to roundel the Phoenix Suns. I quickly ran into issues trying to keep the sunburst and roundel without making it look spiky and silly. So I abandoned the full roundel and went with an implied one and from there we have: The sunburst extending longer on the P X and Ss is a carry from when this whole thing fit inside a purple circle but I didn't like any of the contrasts I was getting. Above is a full logosheet that 100% stole from the Clippers leaks. As you can see Purple hasn't been eliminated, it's just not not featured in the Primary logos. Thoughts? Comments? Need higher resolution images?
  6. It's been awhile, but I'm back with a concept! This is actually a revision of a previous Suns concept I did, which can be seen here. Looking back at that concept, I don't really like the style of the sun. I was going for a southwestern blanket vibe, but it looks too much like a CD to me now (ha). I also wanted to go back and change up the uniforms and make the colors a little brighter. For the primary logo, I went with more of a classic, triangular look inside the sun, and incorporated a basketball in the center of it. The secondary is the same, but with "PHX" replacing "Phoenix Suns", and the tertiary is a ball/sun combo. As for the uniforms, I arched the wordmarks, centered the numbers, and put the sun on the shorts. The court features a "SUNS" ambigram at center court (as they have now) and half-suns at mid court along each sideline.
  7. Hey guys! This is my first post on the forums. I've been making concepts for about four years and thought it was time to throw myself to the sharks! lol... Here, I tried mixing the original Coyotes uniforms with their current set.
  8. Like most Suns fans I was disappointed by the new uniforms unveiled on Thursday. There are some stylish elements of the new set but I feel they came off sloppy and inconsistent. So, last night I was bored and a little drunk and slapped these together, I'm still working on the shorts but heres what I got so far.
  9. With all this going on with the Suns, I thought I'd try to solve the problem with a different but familiar route. Edit: Unis up
  10. As I've been working on these leaked renders, I've been doodling around with the elements to make a "fix" to the elements available. I like the updated sunburst, typography, purple and orange colors, and the fixed PHX logo, so I went about putting those together here: I attempted an orange alternate uniform, but didn't like the color balance with the streaking sun and the wordmark altogether, so i left it out. I suppose I could do a BFBS alternate with the PHX on it, but that seems like too much of a brand departure. What ya guys think of these?
  11. It's a concept for if the Phoenix Coyotes become the Quebec Nordiques.
  12. So...that title was a bad attempt at parodying "Island in the Sun," but obviously it caught your attention! It does have something to do with this Phoenix Suns concept, though. While sitting through a marketing ethics symposium today (ugh) I came up with the idea of the Suns having shorts like the recent USF alternates (which are board short themed...island in the sun...yeah?) and a sun-based logo to match it. I thought it would look cool, obviously, but it also has a very southwestern feel to it, like the Hispanic striped blankets you see a lot in those countries and the southwestern states. For the font I expanded the custom font I made for my recent Vikings concept (shameless plug) and added some notches to the sides. This isn't supposed to be any sort of prediction or anything for next year, just a rebrand that makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain (Alright, enough Weezer, here's the concept.) Logos Home Road Alternate