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  1. A new logo I designed for the Washington DC Metrorail System. I took inspiration from this old thread I found while looking at raysox's sports work, and realized that my beloved home city's subway system needed some color to the logo, so this is what i came up with in photoshop. c&c is always welcome and appreciated, if you want to see more than tell me, there is more from where this came from.
  2. Before we start off on teaching about using Photoshop you need to learn something about design. These principles will guide you when technology fails you. Learning Photoshop without knowing these is like taking the wheel of a Ferrari without knowing how to drive. Art and design is about communication. These principles of design are universal across all forms of communication. Art, music, speech, you will find elements of these throughout all of them. We're going to use three very different pieces of art to illustrate how these work. It's also going to require you to do some googling. The pictures are by Norman Rockwell, Rembrandt van Rijn (looking very cheeky) and Homer Winslow. Elements of Art Line Line is the divsion between spaces. How areas are divided can greatly effect how someone feels. The line can be angry or calm, Rembrandt's line has a lot of action. It's not very static and that's good because he's catching (himself) being very alive. Shape The general shape of an image. If you squint, you should see a strong outline between the dark and light shapes of the work. If the shape of an image is strong, you'll be able to make sense of it even when it is far away or small. Color Has to do with the overwhelming hue of an image. The Rockwell is almost completely brown except for the father. Winslow's painting is evenly divided between blues and browns. Value The overall light and dark of an image. It's what gives Shape from above. Some paintings have very harshly black and white, others are more of a gray, with little difference between the light and dark part of the image. Texture This has to do with the tactile feel of the image. Patrick Nagel's paintings have a very smooth, crisp texture to them. The Rockwell painting uses a number of textures, from the smooth suitcase to the silky fur of the Collie to the rough feel of the car. Space Space refers to the area in which art is organized. Does it feel as though it has depth? The Rockwell image takes place within a small, intimate area but the Homer Winslow is very open. Another artist who makes very good use of space is Thomas Moran. Principles of art Repetition Repeating design elements, exact or varied, which establishes a visual beat. It's a way of reinforcing the Center of Interest. It can be repeating shapes, textures or colors or whatever. It doesn't have to be exact which brings us to Rhythm Rhythm is using that repetition but bring in variation. For example, in the Homer Winslow painting there are three painters but they are all different. The red in the Kid's tie (in the Rockwell) is repeated in the cloth, the lantern, in his shoes and in the banner on his suitcase. Thematically the use of a repeat color (or other element) can give separate elements a connection that tells a story. Proportion Proportion is the size relationship of parts to a whole and to one another. How much of your design is used for an element? If you have a ton of area devoted to something trivial, it's going to make for a weaker design, but open space with a purpose can be powerful. Balance Balance is the impression of equilibrium in a pictorial or sculptural composition. Balance is often referred to as symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial. Pathways Pathways determine how and where your eyes go. You want to keep directing people back to the center of the piece but you also want to show them the whole thing. In the Rockwell painting, he's set a path for your eyes to follow. It keeps the viewer from trying to see everything at once and gives them reason to keep looking at it. In the Homer Winslow painting the shape and color of the clouds guide the viewer from one side of the painting to the other, providing a visual "highway" for the eyes to travel. Center of interest The place in an artwork where your eye first lands and where it goes back to. It's usually the area of strongest contrast and detail. Note: I'm going to fill these as time goes on. Next is some general Photoshop tips and then we're going to have fun with this fellow below. If anyone else wants to contribute go ahead, in fact I'm hoping that more people join in.
  3. Hey new member here I'm a full time designer that puts together Portland Trail Blazers edits, concepts, and more in my spare time. I recently put together a uniform concept for the Blazers right before they were officially unveiled and thought I'd share the template I made with you all. Details: - 1920 x 1080 - Fully customizable - PSD (CS6+) Download Link:
  4. Hello Forum Community, This crazy year has many of us with some down time, and I was wondering if anyone here might have this rev psd file in the photo below that they can share with me, or point me to a website or link to possibly download etc. I like it and it would be some good down time killer to play around with it in PS. Please feel free to post or DM me, and i am including my email if anyone has it and it can be zipped and emailed. Appreciate the help in advance. Don
  5. Just wanted to put this out there for anyone looking for an alternative to photoshop to use for concepts... (Mods if you feel this should be in General Design please move it) Affinity Photo -Only $50, no subscription -Can open .PSD files and save them -Takes some getting used to if you usually use photoshop, but not that different -$20 iPad app (for newer iPads only) Affinity Designer -Only $50, no subscription -Like Illustrator but I don't believe it can open .AI files There are free 7-day trials for both. (Photo, Designer). FYI the trials are strict on their days, unlike photoshop which gives you one extra session after the trial. I hope this doesn't seem like an ad but should provide you with another option for graphic design.
  6. A good deal for the credit for this method has to go to Frazier Davison, who first started showing people how to make realistic templates in Photoshop. There's been a great deal of interest in the Vicis Zero1 football helmet. I'm going to show you how to make your own unique template using their website. To make a template you need two things, a copy of the helmet or uniform as if it was totally white, and a copy that looks like it if it was totally black. What I mean by this isn't a completely white or black object. Most items that you look at will have shadows and reflected light. Take this Soccer ball for example. Even though it's a white ball, it's not a perfect white. The shadows and reflections give the ball it's shape. Same with a football helmet. Lighter objects are defined by their shadows, darker ones by light reflecting off of them. If you try to just use either Multiply or darken or any single tool, you're not going to get a good image. Let's go with Multiply. We have a black set up for highlights (reflected light) and a white set up for shadows. Just using multiply white is ok but dull and the black is awful What about Screen (which we saw above is a better way to lighten a subject)? This time around the black is, well, it's there. Neither image is dark enough. Let's combine techniques. Now we have a nice solid looking image that runs the gamut of values from light to dark. It comes out feeling real rather than that puzzling "I know something's wrong but I can't figure it out" feeling. What has this to do with the Zero1 helmet? Vicis is nice enough to put up images that will work for the black and white on their website. Go to They have quite the selection of finishes, facemask designs, whether a strap is in black or white and angles. You get to pick what you want AND YOU AREN'T GIVING SOMEBODY THIRTY BUCKS TO GET SOMETHING YOUR HAPPY WITH. Once you have an angle/design you like get a copy with an all white finish and a copy with an all black finish. The white is there to provide the shadows, the black is there to provide the highlights. (it sounds backwards but it's not.) Save the images and then place them as layers in a Photoshop document. They are 1000 x1000 so it's nice and big. Set it up as follows: The top two are masked off to keep stuff like bolts and straps from changing color. The next folder (and it's helpful to lock this away once it's done.) is where the work is done. White image set to Multiply. Black image set to Screen. A copy of the black image set to overlay. Then you have a masked off layer for the Facemask followed by the helmet colors. You're going to want to have the decals stripes, whatever, on top of the base color of the helmet. You'll need to make a mask for the helmet so that the whole background isn't the same color as the helmet. An example copy can be found at:
  7. I haven't posted on this site in over 8 years... but I came across this video on youtube: It's put out by these guys: I can't find out a thing about them, no critiques, articles, evaluations, nothing! Can anybody post experience with this template? How flexible? How customizable is it? I've never worked on photoshop, but I'm so impressed by what I see so far I'm actually considering taking the plunge and joining the photoshop cult. Any feedback or advice would be most appreciative.
  8. Just finished an 8 team fantasy hockey league using head to head scoring and wanted to share some of the work that I did to bring realism to fantasy sports. All of the work done was with photoshop. I think it turned out nicely. I will use this to promote an expansion to 10 teams instead of 8. Click here to view the slideshow of the Hardware that was won this season. The name of the league is "Ice Breakers FHL"
  9. I was bored. Can you guys leave some feedback?
  10. I'm self taught in photoshop I've been going at it for two and a half years or so. I make posters for Leafs games and post them on my Facebook just as something to do for my friends and family to see. Over the last 3-4 days I've felt unmotivated. Ive started things and then delete them cause I couldn't make what saw in my head or I just didn't like what I made. I'm looking for some inspiration/help for what to do. I've done jersey concepts But I prefer doing stuff like these Leafs posters cause they have more texture and depth to them and a jersey concept. Any help, tips or inspiration would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
  11. I'm slowly learning the ropes to photoshop. After what took over two hours I managed to make a personal logo for myself. It's nothing special, just black and white with a hidden "TC" like the old Hartford Whalers logo.
  12. This is my first jersey swap and I think it came out well. I figured I'd share it with you all and hopefully receive feedback and areas of focus to make the necessary improvements in future Jersey swaps and photo edits. I will also take a few request so that I can continue to gain experience. Logo credit: Conrad.
  13. I decided to have a little fun with a cool bowling ball design and place it inside a Grateful Dead Logo, I thought the swirl on the bowling ball fit well. tell me what you all think. And yes I know St.Louis is LA, but I got what they had.
  14. The Website is up and now you can get The Most Realistic Football Uniform Photoshop Template Super Editable, Fully Built in 3D, with Reflections, Shadows, Cleanly Separated,To Give you Total Control over the final look of your Design, so if you need a matt finish Unifrom, You can lower the Opacity of The Reflections, or even hide them all together.. Or if you need more intense Shadows to fit your scene,.. you can do it in one click.. Here is a tutorial i made using this template, on to create the Broncos jersey side/Frond/Back in under 10 minutes For sports Logos members, you can Use the Coupon Code Below to get 20% off.. Valid till Feb 23rd Get this Template From Here :
  15. I've been working on some artwork for my mancave area that is going to have a geek/jock theme going on and I thought I would share it with you all. Some of these I'm happier with than others but I'm pretty happy with them all overall. Admittedly there is more manipulating of images than from-scratch drawing but it took a good deal of effort to get these images to where they are now. Hope you enjoy! Captain America Helmet in front of Avengers Complex Iron Man Helmet in the Armory Thor's Helmet in Asgard TARDIS Helmet in Gallifrey For a podcast I am a fan of, Welcome to Nightvale And finally what it could be like if Football were to be combined with Portal (which incidentally would be an AMAZING video game I think, haha).
  16. Hello, There.. Been a long time lurker around here, but just decided to get my own account today.. and thought I'd ask you guys .. What Photoshop Sports templates do you need the most ? I've made this Photoshop Riddler 360 Helmet template last year, where you can easily edit colors in one click, and add images/logos...etc and i've seen it used several times by users on this forum... So I'm currently looking forward to make more sports templates, so if you prefer specific angles, equipment, resolutions, or sports.. just let me know and i'd love to work on them.. Regards
  17. I'm trying to open Photoshop files on my computers and I'm getting two dialogue boxes: The first says "This document contains Adobe Photoshop data which appears to be damaged. Continue and ignore the Photoshop data?" I click continue on that one and it then says "Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop." The problem is I opened this file just yesterday with CS5 on the same computer, so I don't know what's happening. I tried to open it on Creative Cloud on my other computer and I got the same message. I also downloaded a Photoshop recovery program and that didn't help either. I don't want to have to go through and recreate the file, so is there any way to solve this?
  18. Hey gang! It's been awhile since I made a thread like this, but lately, I've been getting really big into Madden's Ultimate Team. Specifically, the Custom Card community. I thought I'd share some of the work I've done/will be doing (I have about 12 requests in from Twitter already) I was also able to do a time lapse of the Jersey Swapping on the Jimmy Graham - since he's only been a Seahawk for a few weeks at this point. EDIT: Turns out, Jimmy Graham switched to #88.
  19. Hey guys, I'm sure over the years you've seen some of my projects. For the last six or seven years, I have been working almost exclusively with vector graphics- the kind you see most members working with on here... Illustrator and Inkscape files. Back a number of years ago (before I got into vector art), I was heavily into raster graphics. I started on Gimp and eventually worked my way up to Photoshop. Over the past week or so, I downloaded Gimp and have been extremely surprised with how usable it is. I don't know that I see myself needing Photoshop because the current Gimp release is very equipped. Anyways, I've tried my hand on two projects to see where I'm at and if I've lost much of my touch. The first project was a jersey swap. I took a photo of an Ohio State Pro Combat set because I always loved the brushed metal finish on the helmet and made it into a fantasy Georgia Bulldogs set. The next is a signature...I used to make these all the time! I had to find the image of the player I wanted and cut the background out...pretty sure we called these renders back in the day. I have been very pleased and surprised with how they turned out considering I haven't used these types of programs in a very long time...probably since the mid to last 2000s? Original photo: Fantasy Georgia swap- silver helmet with red/white/black stripe: Render: Sig:
  20. This is my first shot at making a template on Photoshop and it's based of a Alabama football promo by Nike. This is what it looks like... You can download it here... Feel free to give me any suggestions and I will try to make the necessary updates.
  21. Hey guys! I've been seeing a lot of amazing works come through my Twitter feed, and it really struck me that I need to always be refining my techniques. So I put this together this weekend in probably a couple hours time. What do you think?
  22. After a few months of trolling around for a Nike Basketball Template, I have decided to make my first attempt at developing a template. This comes with a front, back, left and right side views - the side views are situated in the same spot but hidden to reduce clutter. I also added the mesh pattern. Lastly, I was hoping for some more tips and tricks from the pros here. What can I add to make the Template more realistic? Is there anyone that can help clean it up? Without further adieu, after numerous Google searches for tips and tricks, here is the finished product: I do want to give credit to vnardella5 ( for inspiring the template from the Nike catalog.
  23. Saw this linked on another site and got a few laughs out of it. I'm sure many of you have seen it or similar, but I'm always amused by people who hack up their own photos to look more muscular or sexy.
  24. I'm not even sure where to post this article, but apparently this man is very lonely so he concocted a fake internet girlfriend and journaled their relationship on Facebook. Bonus twist - it involved a Rangers-Senators game!
  25. I'm currently working on a photoshop template for baseball uniforms. I am struggling putting pinstripes on these jerseys so I was wondering if some great minds could lend me some help. Thanks!