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  1. Hi everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy during this strange, uncertain time. Since I've had more time on my hands than usual, I decided to revisit an extensive MLB project I began a while back. The premise is simple: What if each MLB team (except, of course, the Yankees) began adopting alternate uniforms starting in the 1960s? Rather than just choose an arbitrary year, I decided on 1963 as my specific starting point as that was the year the Kansas City Athletics introduced their solid green and gold uniforms. Some designs will be inspired by teams' era-appropriate batting practice jerseys, while others will be completely original. Also, teams with co-dominant colors (such as the Pirates and their black and gold) will get multiple alternates, one for each color. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but if I neglect to include a particular look from any team's post-1963 history--no matter how brief--please do not hesitate to point it out. I briefly considered posting teams by era, but given how convoluted that would become (some teams might introduce an alternate in the '70s and wear it for 20 years, while others might have one for only two or three seasons in the '60s, for instance) I ultimately decided to just go team by team in alphabetical order. Since the D-Backs were born in the era of alternates, we'll start instead with the Braves. C&C appreciated! BRAVES HOME ALT (1966-71) BRAVES ROAD ALT (1966-71) BRAVES HOME/ROAD ALT (1972-75) BRAVES HOME ALT (1976-86) BRAVES ROAD ALT (1976-86) BRAVES HOME ALT (2000s)* *The Braves introduce a gold home alt in the 2000/2010s because why not? I think it looks cool. I didn't do any late '80s-early 2000s alternates as they would look more or less the same as their current alternates. C&C appreciated!
  2. Welcome, everybody, to this brand new series! I can't wait to get going on this thing, and I just think it's super cool y'all are checking this out. Since I first posted my very first few concepts on here on a few months ago, I feel I've learned a lot, and hopefully you all see that improvement as this series unfolds. I'll try my very best to keep updates daily. Below is the order in which I will be posting all 30 MLB teams: AL West - - Seattle Mariners (Ver. 2) - Oakland Athletics - Houston Astros (Houston Colt .45s) - Los Angeles Angels (Revamped Alts) - Texas Rangers NL West - - Los Angeles Dodgers - San Francisco Giants (San Francisco Seals) - Arizona Diamondbacks - San Diego Padres - Colorado Rockies AL Central - - Cleveland Indians - Kansas City Royals - Chicago White Sox - Detroit Tigers - Minnesota Twins NL Central - - Pittsburgh Pirates - Cincinnati Reds - St. Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers - Chicago Cubs AL East - - Boston Red Sox - New York Yankees - Baltimore Orioles - Tampa Bay Rays (Expos/Montreal rebrand) - Toronto Blue Jays NL East - - Philadelphia Phillies - New York Mets - Atlanta Braves - Washington Nationals (Senators rebrand) - Miami Marlins Each team will get four uniform options, including a home, road, and two alternate jerseys. For most teams, I will be avoiding adding throwbacks as their alts, but teams with classic looks like the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Yanks might end up with one as a fourth uniform option. some changes will be very small, others will be complete overhauls of team identities. And hopefully you'll like what I do to your favorite team's look. Anyway, that's enough talking. Let's get this thing started! As always, constructive criticism is encouraged. Enjoy!
  3. Hey all. Coaching a little league baseball team this spring and need some help picking out some options. We are the Pirates so we are rocking a black and yellow color scheme. Our hats and jerseys are already decided and can't be changed which is a black hat and a yellow jersey with a black side panel and Pirates across the chest in a weird black and yellow checkered font with a white outline (posted below) Right now we prefer the classic white pants with a black belt but were not sure if we want to go black or yellow socks. Or we can go with the throwback look the real Pirates are donning now with a black hat, yellow jersey, black pants look. Opinions appreciated, thanks.
  4. In my opinion, one of the best looks in baseball is an off-white home uniform. Because of this, I really liked the Cool Base Ivory fashion jerseys that were introduced a few years ago, despite not being a fan of every design. I recently stumbled upon '47 Brand's Two Tone Clean Up caps which were also off-white and featured retro team logos. I figured these caps would look good paired with uniform designs inspired by the Cool Base jerseys, which gave me the idea for this series. I took some creative liberty here and there (for instance, I was definitely not going to use the "cracked out" Tiger logo) and ended up pretty happy with the results. This will be a quick series, so I'll be positing each division at once. Let's start with the AL East! ORIOLES: RED SOX: YANKEES: RAYS: BLUE JAYS: C&C appreciated. AL Central is up next!
  5. So, now that I got the Miami Marlins off my chest, I figured I should tweak the other teams that have been bothering me too. Nothing bothered me as much as the Marlins, but it doesn't take much to aggravate me...sadly. The next team I wanted to put a paint brush to was San Diego. Like most, I feel they should be going back to the brown and yellow colors. I on the other hand want to put more emphasis on the brown and keep the yellow to a minimum. I have no issue with their current word scripts and uniform style, I just feel the brown and yellow would look better. So with that in mind, here is my version of the Padres. The away has a grey that has very slight orange tint to it, just to give it some warmth with the brown and yellow. Then there is the Home alternate. The big trend of having the logo over the heart/left side is not missed on the Padres. I'm currently working on a brown top alternate for the road as well as a new main logo that will combine a few era's logos with the swinging friar as the center piece. How does that look? C+C appreciated.
  6. Hey everyone, For a while I've enjoyed to think about what kind of changes I would make to uniforms across MLB, just being into design as I am. I've always wanted to make a thread of my own here after seeing so many great ones, but never thought I had the computer skills, nor did I really think hand-drawns would show up great online. After my Twins concept though, I got to thinking and decided to at least try to flesh it out into an entire MLB-wide series. Things are probably gonna slow down quite a bit from me once school starts back up, but at least this is worth starting. This series is just gonna be my fixes to things across each of the uniforms, I'm gonna save major redesigns for maybe a future series... So here it goes starting off, naturally, with the Arizona Diamondbacks: Logos -Brick red, Black, and Teal are now the main colors. It's a good time for Arizona to move on to a more modern scheme. -The teal has been adjusted a bit, it's a little greener to look more like a color inspired by Native Navajo jewelry rather than Tron electric blue. -Caps are both the A logo, just because I'm personally not a fan of the D snake. -Both caps have the diamond snakeskin pattern on the brim to still achieve the two-tone look. -Sand-ish colors are still present in the identity, as the home is now cream, and the away is full-on the sand color. Uniforms -I like the way the 'D-backs' wordmark looks, besides the fact that it says 'D-backs'. I had to compromise and put the 'A' on the home. -The diamond pattern is on the back of all jerseys, which makes sense for a team named the Diamondbacks. -No pattern on the pants. It isn't really necessary. -I decided to keep the cut piping, but cut it at an angle on the jerseys, like the pants. The colors are also now teal/red/teal on the jerseys because I feel that looks more Arizona and less Tron. -As said before, the away is now sand. I didn't hate the concept of dark gray, just didn't think it fit the team, especially with teal. -Snake patch is on all jerseys. -Both alternates can be home and road. -Some may not like this, but all accessory elements are interchangeable. Things like hats, belts, and socks can be worn in different combinations with different jerseys. So, of course, let me know what you all think! All comments/criticisms welcome!
  7. Good morning! I'm back with the second installment in my short MLB Rivalry Face-off series, inspired by @Discrimihater's series. Today I tackle the Detroit Tigers & Pittsburgh Pirates. Compared to my Padres & Mariners concepts, I got a lot crazier with these designs, at least for the road sets. Let's start with the Tigers: The Tigers home is based on the current uniform of the Erie Seawolves, the Double-A affiliate of the Tigers who for ten years were an affiliate of the Pirates. Ironically, they've kept their pirated-themed identity with a Jolly Roger flag and a wolf with an eye patch for logos. I considered putting the Tigers in pinstripes as that was what the Seawolves wore for about eight seasons after becoming Detroit's affiliate, but I was worried it would end up looking too much like the Yankees. I was reading that part of the Detroit/Pittsburgh rivalry stems from the rivalry between their NHL teams, so Detroit's road set is loosely based on the 1926 Detroit Red Wings uniform, which featured a "D" similar to the Tigers' Old English 'D' logo. Next up are the Pirates: As Q would say, "Now this, I'm particularly proud of." The Pirates and Tigers met once in the World Series in 1909, so the Pirates home set is based on their uniform from that year, updated with their classic color scheme. The road set is based on the Pittsburgh Penguins road uniform from the 1980s, back when they still wore Pirates colors, as opposed to the drab black and Vegas gold they use now. As always, C&C appreciated!
  8. If you weren't at East Carolina's Purple-Gold Spring game (with free barbecue before the game) about midway through halftime, or don't regularly look at their website, you may have missed a very important announcement in the world of stadium designs. East Carolina is renovating the Southside (original) part of Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium and it will be done by the time we play North Carolina A&T on Sep.1 2018. Watch the video: Read the article
  9. If you go to their site ( under promotions for june 26th it says " Kids Andrew McCutchen New Replica Alternate Jersey " Any ideas?
  10. I was bored on my computer and decided to create a team called the Atlanta Pirates. Before I release the uniforms, I wanted to release the primary, alternate, and wordmark logos.
  11. Jvelleu

    ECU Redesign

    Ive always thought ECU had a terrible logo with a lot of potential, so I thought Id take a stab at it. Let me know what you think Full project HERE Thanks!
  12. This is, barring insanity, gonna be the only set in the series featuring two teams from the same league. That they play in different divisions despite sharing a state, and thus only play each other a handful of times a year, also helped in my decision. It's kinda like a faux interleague home and home nowadays, now that I think about it. Anyway, here go the Phillies Maroon and powder blue...the cap has the Liberty Bell, and the road blues are basically the 70s roads with a modified version of the current P. The home set, meanwhile, I decided to make it a baseball version of the 70s Eagles, which is my reason for the extra wide pants stripe. And now the Pirates The home whites took inspiration from three different decades, even if it only looks like two. In 1913 and '14, the Pirates' jerseys had a P on either side of the uppermost button, something that hadn't been used before and hasn't been seen since...In 1940 and '41, the Bucs, rather than use Pirates, Pittsburgh, or P on their fronts, featured a pirate on the left chest...and from 1977 to 1979, another rare bird made its lone appearance on a big league uniform when the Pirates introduced two-colored pinstripes. Combine all that, and you have this set's home whites, though instead of the 40s/80s-early 90s pirate, I decided to go with the 70s smiling pirate. The roads are gold vests with black pants, and the vests use pillbox stripes across the chest, over which I placed the 90s Pittsburgh script. Of course, both caps are a modified version of the 70s pillbox caps.
  13. So this is something I have been working on for a while just because I thought it would be fun to do. Astoria High School no longer has its own athletics teams. The last time the Astoria Pirates took the court or field was in 1998, I believe. A while back I began messing around with an new identity for the now defunct AHS Athletics. I created a new primary logo based on the old, line drawing of a pirate the school used for years. I also developed a secondary logo, custom text based on IFC Hardball which has a very "Piratey" feel and number font heavily based on Bradley University's custom for the Pirates. Click for full size image So what does everyone think about the new logos? I am open to any and all C&C on both the logos and presentation (which is where I really struggle). Thanks for taking the time to look and I'm looking forward to everyone's thoughts.
  14. i usually dont get into the "fixing the latest uniform release" thing but i couldnt resist taking a stab at the Bucs. they had one of my favorite logos and uniforms in NFL history and i was very disappointed with the Nike-trash they got. i felt like they went overboard (pirate pun!) with the primary logo, adding in some unnecessary details and worst of all killed the waving, curling action of the flag. i probably drew around 20 different swords before landing on this design and i think i finally got it where it needs to be. For the word mark i just wanted a better font that still had a pirate personality. i went with a white-on-black mark to reflect the skull and swords in the flag. the red is about the same, its 200 C (think Ohio State) and the pewter is 10398 C, which is a metallic swatch that is brighter and with more silver than their current. it's hard to replicate exactly in RGB color space, but i think i've done a decent job here. favorite final sword designs it just happened that the word mark filled the end zones really well and i liked the big bold look of this. usually i'll experiment with 4 or 5 field designs but this was the first i came up with and decided thats cool enough. this template dosent show exactly what i imagine the helmet looking like. i really want a satin finish on the helmet with a silver (NOT chrome) face mask. but i love the idea of a big red flag on the side screaming into battle. its a logo that needs to be oversized. this shows the helmet more to my liking. my first idea for the jersey was to do stripes that looked like the rips in the flag of the logo, not too different from the Texans design, but then got the idea to do a ship's sail (a much simpler version of the pirate ship) on the sleeves. i wanted nothing to do with that tangerine orange and left it out of the identity completely except in the football of the logo. the numbers on the home jersey are silver (NOT chrome). the road jersey would feature a silver outlined number. the number font i felt didnt have to be anything special, because of how i had treated it with the silver. i just wanted a bold badass football font. the pants stripe just comes from the idea of a sword blade, the red carefully placed to resemble blood on the edge. not sure if the NFL would go for that or not, but i think its pretty cool. there is quite a bit going on in the uniform from helmet to pants so when it came to the socks i just wanted to try something very simple, yet do something new that the NFL has never seen before.
  15. These were unveiled in January but I hadn't seen anything posted about it so here they are... Logo Style Guide PDF: (Above: New on left, Old on right)
  16. The latin jerseys have only been used by the Brewers and the Giants, but here are two personally created for the Pirates (Piratas) and Orioles (Los Orioles). I'll be posting more soon. Pirates Orioles
  17. I don't know what section this is supposed to go in, but I figured before I put these jerseys up on eBay, I'd at least give you guys a crack at them because you'd appreciate them more. Both are authentic, both are size 44: 1994 Pittsburgh Pirates home jersey w/ All-Star patch on it. No player on front or back. The All-Star patch was applied over the "R" for Russell Athletic, and I can't decide if the TES in Pirates is a bit low or if they're always like that. Seems that way in other pics, but that always confused me. Anyways, I got it from a guy in Pittsburgh who has a huge collection. I'm sure with a seam ripper that can be adjusted easily. 1990 Chicago Cubs home jersey by Rawlings. No player name on it. That's pretty much it. Let me know if you're interested, and we can discuss a fair price.