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  1. Seems as if we don’t have an MLB playoff thread. NL Wild Card game currently in progress, 1-0 Rockies in the 6th.
  2. I've been having a hard time finding the NFL playoffs logos from '96-'99, but I've found some sources to start recreating them the best I can. I was able to get the divisional playoffs logos from these game programs: Here is my best recreation of these The Wild Card and Conference championship logos have some similar properties, but are quite different. If anyone has some higher quality versions of these logos, I'd certainly want to see them. Either way, I'll do my best to recreate these so I can recreate some old playoffs fields.
  3. Not sure if these are the correct color versions. Maybe @ColorWerx can be of some assistance on this? The team orders all out of order so bear with me on this. All of these files are in CMYK format so the colors are going to be very different.
  4. Hello all! I've been a pretty busy commentator here on the boards, but I've never done an actual concept series. I started one, but I was ill prepared to continue it. Now here I am with a concept series that we've kind of seen before. Much like the Bowl Game Wallpapers from Forbes, here is an NFL Playoff series of wallpapers starting wiht the AFC and NFC Wildcard Rounds. The concept is pretty simple, helmets facing each other, on a colored background of the team colors. The goal was to use three team colors if possible, but with the Packers and Giants and such, I had to use only two. C&C much appreciated as always, let's go ahead and get to it.
  5. I should start off by saying I'm new here. I found this site a few years ago and fell in love with it instantly. This looks like a pretty fun forum here. About a month ago, I thought: "If these teams are tying to reach the mountain top, why don't we make it look like it. So I'm testing it with this year's MLB Playoffs. The 10 teams start at the bottom with the Commissioner's Trophy waiting for the champion at the top. This is another unique look at a bracket as well as the circle and the court/rink layouts. What do you guys thing?
  6. So the 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs begins on Wednesday. I had an idea to include all game scores, but couldn’t get the right look and feel, so decided to use lasy year’s template and it’s much simpler. I plan on using the same/similar template for the NBA playoffs wallpaper once the matchups are finalized. Here’s this year’s field: Stanley Cup Final - Game 3 Stanley Cup Final - Game 2 Stanley Cup Final - Game 1 Round 1 (mostly Daily Results) Round 1 - Day 10 Round 1- Day 8 Round 1 - Day 7 Round 1 - Day 5 Round 1 - Day 4 Round 1 - Day 3 Round 1 - Day 2 Round 1 Round 2 (Results) Round 2 - Day 16 Round 2 - Day 15 Round 2 - Day 12 Round 2 - Day 10 Round 2 - Day 3 Round 2 - Day 1 Round 3 (Results) Round 3 Conference Finals Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 13 Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 12 Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 11 Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 10 Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 9Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 8Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 6 Round 3 Conference Finals - Day 4 ************* had Florida logo in blue circle, but the Panthers I always thought of blue as a secondary color considering their “back in red” campaign a few years ago. Anaheim I had in an orange background for orange county and I considered it this year, but black is their primary color and I though it was less of an eye strain with Nashville’s bubble in gold. I also though about putting the Penguins logo with the throwback gold, but wasn’t sure. if majority says go for one of the following, I’ll change it. Here’s the Anaheim Orange/Gold bubbles and Pittsburgh Throwback gold bubble: Tomorrow night after the first day of games, I may release a spreadsheet file with teams and game scores, we’ll see how it looks.
  7. I started a series of concepts giving soccer jerseys to NHL teams. I will be giving each team a primary and secondary kit. I realize this type of thing has been done before so I am not going to claim this was an original idea or anything like that. I did my best to make sure the concepts I made were not too similar to other concepts under the same premise. I tried to make them realistic concepts and not just a short sleeved version of the jerseys that team currently wear. Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1 Match-ups Round 2 Match-ups Round 3 Match-ups Finals Match-up Anaheim Ducks Phoenix Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames Carolina Hurricanes Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers Florida Panthers LA Kings Minnesota Wild (or just scroll down, its the second post) Montreal Canadiens Nashville Predators New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins St. Louis Blues San Jose Sharks Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks Washington Capitals Winnipeg Jets Extras Quebec Nordiques NHL All-Star Game Pittsburgh Pirates (NHL) Atlanta Thrashers Like I said in the beginning I tried to make realistic concepts, this means realistic soccer jerseys. So if you comment that a certain jersey looks a lot like Arsenal, or that it is just a recolored version of Barcelona I will just take that as a compliment since you think it looks like an actual soccer jersey. I have already finished a good chunk of these so I will gradually roll them out instead of post them all at once. I will be doing all of the NHL teams eventually so please don't ask to do the oilers or where is the caps, just be patient they'll be posted eventually. I will be using the Nike brand logo just because it is easiest to work with. I know adidas should be the most realistic choice because of the NHL's new deal with them but I don't want to have the same adidas 3-stripes on every jersey because that would just look awful (cough cough MLS cough cough) I'm open to creative criticism so if you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to share.
  8. The next NBA season is just a few months away and it is sure to be a very exciting one. With key free agents like LaMarcus Aldrige, DeMarre Carrol, and Greg Monroe changing teams, there is sure to be a large difference in the standings for this year. The following are my predictions for how I think next season will go down as well as how the postseason will look. I have devised my predictions through taking into account the movement of free agents and the records that the teams had last year. So, here they are. LPPG: James Harden HOU LFG%: DeAndre Jordan LAC MVP Candidates: 1. LeBron James CLE ROTY: Jahlil Okafor PHI LAPG: Chris Paul LAC LFT%: Stephen Curry GSW 2. James Harden HOU 6MOY: Gerald Green MIA LRPG: DeAndre Jordan LAC L3Pt%: Kyle Korver ATL 3. Kevin Durant OKC DPOY: Anthony Davis NOP LSPG: Stephen Curry GSW 4. Blake Griffin LAC MIP: Lance Stephenson LAC LBPG: Anthony Davis NOP 5. LaMarcus Aldridge SAS 6. Anthony Davis NOP If anything needs explaining or if you think otherwise please feel free to leave a reply. 7. Chris Paul LAC 8. Stephen Curry GSW Now here are my predictions for the post season. 9. Kyrie Irving CLE 10. John Wall WAS If there is something that you feel needs explanation or you disagree with something, please do not hesitate to say something.
  9. Alright folks, it's that special time of year for fans of lower division college football. Divisions 2 and 3 are wrapping up their seasons today, and tournament selection is tomorrow. Division 1 FCS tournament selection comes next week (11/22/2015). I don't follow JuCo or NAIA football, but I'm sure someone amongst us does and could provide further info on their respective postseasons. Best of luck to all the teams! Let the games (and trash talk) begin!
  10. I've noticed that they have made Playoff Logos for each team, what do you guys think?
  11. The first ever Super Bowl was not called that. It was "The First AFL-NFL World Championship Game" before being called the Super Bowl. So I was thinking that, with this first playoff title game for College Football having a name like that, let's think of a better name for it. My suggestions: - The National Bowl - The Collegiate Bowl - The Letterman Bowl - The American Bowl Or, if they're desperate: - The [insert sponsor name here] Championship Bowl and they change it when the contract is up. Thoughts?
  12. OK - so word came down from the NFL meetings today that expansion of the playoffs for 2014 was tabled for more discussion. That most likely means it will be here in 2015. So, that being said, we all know that if teams want to improve (i.e., and win the Super Bowl), they go out there and change either their logo, or color scheme, or uniforms, etc. So, other than the rumored changes already coming for the Browns and Rams, does anyone else know of anything on tap? More Rams info: and
  13. So,with the Pacers winning the No.1 seed in the East,and playoffs creeping,I have decided to make a NBA Playoffs thread from the first tip to the final whistle in the Finals. Are you ready? Let's Go!
  14. Is anyone else thinking of doing's Bracket challenge? I was thinking it would be fun for the boards to all get together and create a group--see who's the best playoff predictor in the CCSLC. Thoughts? Would any be interested?
  15. I noticed something, NBA still uses this But teams are using a different looking playoffs logo, similar to the one below Does this mean that the standard playoff logo will look similar to the one in the bottom starting 2015?
  16. The MLB is an interesting league, to say the least. This is a thread to talk about predictions, playoffs, standings, future seasons etc. Everything except A-Rod. So go wild I can't wait so see what you think!
  17. This discussion was on a Husker BBS I frequent and I thought it was an interesting water cooler hypothetical: ====================================================== Assuming the FBS playoffs started THIS season instead of 2014, who are the four teams chosen? Assume that the season ended this last week (for now) and it's time for the selection committee to decide. It seems obvious that our 3 undefeated teams make the cut - Alabama, Florida State and Ohio State. But who is #4? There are 6 teams in power conferences with only a single loss: Auburn & Mizzou (SEC), Clemson (ACC), Oklahoma State & Baylor (Big 12) and Michigan State (Big Ten). Plus, there are also two mid-major undefeated teams out there - Northern Illinois and Fresno State. So who is #4?
  18. Didn't see a thread for the baseball playoffs, so here it is. Included is my bracket similar to the NHL playoffs I used last season, with a few additions. Updated 10/28/2013: Sorry been lacking on the updates, then was out of town. Anyway, bracket now updated. Red Sox one win away from being World Series Champions. Link
  19. Okay so here are my picks for the 2013 NBA Playoffs. Now I am sure many are going to say these picks are ridiculous, how can anyone who follows the NBA possible predict that OKC, Miami, the Knicks, and most top seeds be out in the first round. But to that I say hay the fun in all of this is to be provocative, what better way to spur debate then to make bold statements. So yes I am saying that Memphis and Brooklyn will be in the finals. Let me also make this prediction, I will predict that both LA teams will be knocked out in 4 games, and that coming from a Lakers fan.